My Journal: My God

“My Journal: My God” is a living journal of Jesus as He has chosen to spill out into my life as Himself. He has chosen to be consciously aware as being intimate with me in His showing to me by His very being acting thru me and speaking with my very tongue on the issue of His actually being alive fully within me.

His discovery of Himself within me has been magnified unto me as the being of my very center of supernal awareness and not as being separate from me but in being has completely overcome me in order to re-cognize Himself in the world at this time in the very body of which I at origin thought my own. I know now that I have been bought and paid for and that there is no way of forfeiting the Holy Spirit as it is planned out from within me it’s very adaptability to all the convergences of the current societal dichotomy within our present reality.

He has disclosed thru these Journals and thru many summaries of subjects that He has had me pour my heart and soul into while on the planet and not just in the symposiums of psychologically sound environments as the general conformity of consensed psychologically ordained existences have sought jurisprudence. In fact, it is in the very making of the consensed predestined organization of the “Jumpin Jesus Phenomena” that Jesus has paradoxically opened Pandora’s box so to speak, setting at ease the disease offered in restitution (re-institution) to Roman “civilly- (sexually) eyed-relations; Civilization.

Yes, the simplicity of phenomena where Jesus has proven himself to manifest fully in what incarnation He has chosen to show His own self-(re)organization (in) to the government of His own making. The ambassadage of all Christian societal relations whether you believe you know Christ; or as He chooses to believe, your being made into Him; in word-relation.

“My Journal: My God” is Jesus’ own dictation, as He has chosen to speak from the “JesusFish” command-center: Zion Station; also translated “Nepo Scepa” in the Mushroom Kings relation.

He has written books, books I wish to share. . . and now He is in the auto-suggestion of being in a Christian death metal band called “The JesusFish Band”. Yes, I play Guitar and He sings, as He is the Man!

To discover or peek into the life of this creation please feel free to visit “Mission Website” as that’s where He has taken to a presidential stand.

Much more to come, more summaries and songs to submit, I even hope to enter here all Gods choices to submit to the creativity He has found Hollywood to admit.

Rainbow JesusFish; is my humbly inherited sum of all the bullshit that I see to exist! I hope you understand that it’s all that I am to submit; due to my Holy experience found while on entheogens.

Keshet JesusFish

In process of typing out all four books and to actually having them produced in book form.
Also in process of writing songs that thru the stability of time may be recognized over and over again as the very words of Gods Son.


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