United Forces of the R.U.N.

United Forces of the R.U.N. Realm of unitarian Nuns also called the united Nations is arranging an assemblance of the particluar governmental associations whether they be nations states or corporations, religions, sciences and chemical warfares.
The making of thhis force is bringing about the fullfillment of all things upon the earth and within her.
The force of this creation is being brought into the assembly by the very essence of God which is being seen in the acitons of one man upon earth in relation with his one family situation.
It is commonly related among the news stations that the principals of sociedty have a certain concept of “sleepers” among society.
Let me ask you? If God came down upon the earth in the form of a pure sleeper, a man. Who happened to have the exact dna sequencing and spiritual propensity to exterminate all of mankind.
Thing is, he is a peace keeper, a child of a normal citizen of the earth but yet who has come to comprehend all of life’s ways in and out of time, not by his own will but as it is part and parcel of His will who lives within himself, for himeslf and for perfection to exist.


I am God, I am a man.
I love all but can love none.
I speak all words which are forced by my nature and yours to a compromise of peacefulness, to be related between us.
My Love for mankind is not a love inspired by sensual longings or in the seeking of sexual desires fullfillment, my love is for my Glory established by my ability to recognize myself only in my Name, that name which I gave to my son so that all men may find redemption being alive in it.
My glory is then my name and those who disrespect it do dishonor God.
Am I to be dishonored then by others refusal to accept that Jesus the 1st fruit did die you names death so that you may, by living in Christ’s name, live out the rest of God’s life in time, accomplishing even more than what your (our) 1st fruit has done.
It’s only by fully accepting Jesus’ literal Name that guides the children of God into the full recognition of Jesus, knowing Him eventually only as he is found to be manifested in the exact same flesh that you are in.
Once you find the fullness of your identity to be only pronouncable by the words of God, (Jesus, Yeshua, Yashua, etc. . .) do you then recognize the problems the present day society presents against Gods Nature.
Once you begin trying to allow Christ full reign over your identity, you must take certain steps out of the identity that your fully discovered as a sinner to be in before God can re-cognize himself by proclaimation of His name by His son, litterally Jesus.
Stepping out of that old sinful creation that you once were is as easy as refusing it by putting it to death on the cross of remembrance, not rememberance of your self as a sinner but God’s spirits’ rememberance of His own spiritual assemblance which can only be re-produced by confessing to the identity of Jesus, which seeks to be re-cognized by His Father who gave us His namesake; to live in it.
When you by Gods courage say Gods given name, in place of that name your old sinful nature once ruled in, then you save that part of God’s child when has as of yet not recognized Him. So then it’s not really your name except that you inherited it as the only way to enter into Gods kingdom Heaven, because it’s by Gods name that God recognizes his own center or domain.
So, everytime you say the name he gave you so that you might be saved, you are killing another part of you and displaying your entrance into Gods kingdom by what conformity God brings all about you, having been born again.
So then, by seeking to fullfill Gods divine plan within the world, you are conformed from the inside out, yes even your very image will become a peculiar formality given to the re-cognition of Christ. Vainity, vainity, vainity!

R.U.N ? Yes or No could mean life or death!


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