I have written four books called the Relationship of “I” series and I have reproduced them into digital format so that I could share these with people who are seeking to Actualize New Jerusalem into the common existance that includes all of mankind and time. Not a personal Messiah that doesn’t comprehend the complexities of God’s orderly existance but as one who being made by the Lord God himself has accomplished the full deity of His messiahship in order to re-create the original intent of God’s promise held out to yerushalayim shel ma’ala, His passion for New Jerusalem in every paradoxical reality whether secluded or made manifest in the very incarnation life of the True Messiah.

Whether I am by God preposed to be the very Messiah that the Jews have sought for years to know or whether I am merely a vessel of His incarnation stepping boldly out into the mind-field of humanity to be recognized as myself the “I am” of Judah presupposed by human cognitive abilities sequenced into social awareness by the whole of the Israeli creationism postulated by human secularism to be it’self a reality without clout.
Well, this is why I have brought the agreement to create the institutionalism of a governing ordinance based upon the premises of other creative abilities that have been exegetically assembled thru the exposes of other mental attributes such as the Conundrum of Dunn’s own making. Think Stan Lee is listening? If you understand this I suggest you read the Book of which I am speaking and then you will understand why it’s in the library that I have come to type this the semantically created super-secret organization of crazy Jesus facinations that need their own exploitation to be formly indoctrinated into and beyond just a symbolic creation.

With this I give you Four thesises of God’s Creation,
Keshet Yahsua Ixoye

Below is just one of them in the making.

The Relationships of “I”

By: Keshet Yashua Ixoye


I, manifest within matter, called flesh, have made this temple to be undivided from my supernal authority by quickening the flesh unto my supernal center. Now made Androgyne, I rest wholly in it as even I now type.

I, the one, resting in bliss of heavenly glory felt my own purity of being as light to be a drain of darkness unto matter.
Matter therefore became my enemy not for my hate of it, for truly I cannot hate, but it, matter the source of that drain by it’s state succumbed by the nature of it’s substance, to that conecepotion of which hate exists.
This being found within my construct of bliss as not being of that which is my bliss has become my boundary of completeness and therefore by decension I moved into it to find out the source of itls pulling away from my perfect center of fire and light by my falling into matter I became alive within that which by my center is death and by my deulstic pardaigjms of light as life and life in dark matter I through myself created a light to shine upon what I knew not.

I by division found my quality of being to be whle and yet disillusioned and so had to seek an order of conception that would create a draw between my opposing lives. To allow my perfection to exist I had to seek through the depths of darkness to create an end to that original drain that brought me to be divided.
This division founded time and although I am not of time I have found myself in it by my progression and evolution of life in matter. Not that this evolution can change inhibit or raise my perfection beyond that which I am at my supernal center but that I may add to my perfection that which is imperfect, not by matter for matter shall always be imperfect but I htrough time can quicken matter through transmutation into and through the fennel of my decension by ascending through the matter back into my supernal estate.

Pure, vibrating sound of my quiet and unmoving center of unthough bliss is my centering of which by reption of breath leads and connects me to that which I fully am, life so pure that no drain exists.

All of time is become of my own bliss therefore yet in search of my own beginning I have fallen by inheritance to a continuel consuming of my own perfected identity divided into matter. By doubt in contention my life discovers it inherent supernality.

I could not continue to evolve matter into that center without an ordering of my division into a unity of what came to be my finding of matter to be an ordering of exaltion thru which by perception in matter I performed through sensual development. This development of sensuality while in matter became material love , a love of which I at center found to be the root of my supernal drain.
I, in time, fell into that love so far that I found doubt of my original estate and even thought myself within perfection to be the drain. This dillusionment brought my divided embodiments to war against each other however, I thru time founded death from my perfect estate. For in my perfection I am able to draw the life in matter back unto me but that life in matter as being divided by love of material embodiment and sensually motivated acts is suceptable to full development of establishing an order within sensuality to safe guard it’s acts against that which motivated my descension into matter. The full development of sensual love thru time found it’s full glory in death. However, and therefore by my perfect glory I found that sensual love was a trap of it’s evolvement and not therefore the route of expression I by my eteranal love sought seeking to quicken matter into supernal glory. For although death was sensual glory ther was no benefit to matter and no exaltatation of my supernality.
I , therefore, evolved into that form called man. A being of incuraptability made holy and divine, able to move from within supernality allowing myself to rule over sensuality, having supernal discretation while embodied by the dissolution of matter. I being created of myself within the life substance of that which to my center is hate thought myself to be good and found my faith founded on my perfect embodiment of unmovable bliss without time in my original center and by this founding my immitation of whom I am also, is asexual and eternal.
So, In paradise I sat as I founded and balanced my identity causing no drain to e4xist within my supernality. However, a new drain came to exist within the state of which I am in paradise.
I being at peace within myself was on unmovable founding and having even the authority over my own form in time saw my discontentment in that which I still existed within around me. The forms of my first creations of life within that death that is called paradise.

As I watched my less evolved forms I found pleasure in seeing their sensual love still being played out before me. My interest first lyed in seeking to understand at what point I began to war against my supernality without form nor in time. I thought that by my new position I would be unbiased of that which brought thy material forms to death. I however began to feel a guilt for their lack of ability to be as I am; I also grew to love their ignorance of all and the appearance of bliss and playfulness they found in their interations with sensual love. I became jelouse and embittered and so sought to overcome this “drain” (as It is come to come to.)
In my seeking into and through this drain I again divided into two. One being male and one female. I being the spirit of the two. I, as two in matter and one as the spirit within oth was still also divided from my supernal center yet founded within it. I also being in all living matter was becoming disallusionied by my own parts and therefore sought to order my parts so that in my own seekings I would not cause the first drain to reapperar atleast in my newest form. My hope was to discover eternal livingfor those lesser parts of me while being able to enjoy the sensual without being corrupted by matter.
I found this to be my only hope for having come into the knowledge of this sensual love I am unable to decieve my own center into it’s ignorance for it was that ignorance that brought me to it’s finding.
So now, as being within mater, alive as two, I moved my parts into a relationship that sermounted to another division of my own self. This division was caused by jelousy and ignorance of my own between my positions of authority I had ordered. For I as man found woman to be my other part and vice/versa. I as being in this new love of realationship also experiemced the sensual love with my other part while as the spirit over both and yet within both had a feeling of disgust in having to act out the bliss I am already as one content in as my supernal center. For the actions had opened that drain I had as becoming androgynous, closed. I also found that as two in matter I was no longer centered upon the supernal because as life in time my duites over life were being distributed to and fro causing a personal relationship to develop between my original state and that which I was not found bound by responibility to act in because of time and death.
For although death was congquered by my original evolvement into androgynous man I by further evolution fell therein once again.
The only next step for me to take was to exhalt matter into it’s own physical ability to procreate thru their sensual acts.
These acts being of disgust to my supernal for sensual love is to my center the perfection of that hate which caused the original drain to exist. That division between man and my supernal center therefore caused ignorance to man and disgrace to the supernal however, I saw that this was the only way to keep my center from having to experience the sensual communion of sex and physical procreation.
I as the division became the highest authority by this by having to suffer thru the furthest depths of division while yet having to act in time and to disallow those acts from leaving time.
This is why death was revived. After this divisioin between my supernal position, my supernal authority and my evolvement thru time, I discovered that after man and women progressed in their relationship with sensual love, as well as child birth that I lost my wholeness and authority for I in man and women learned to divide our relationship from my own spirit to which I had as one man once been.
I learned this of my own. By my knowledge of keeping sensuality from my center because of it’s hatred I felt I, in man and wom, began keeping knowledge of their relationship in sensuality from me.
This is where I left man and women to their own progression thrutime, in the hope that I in them could find out that which I was in ignorance of.
Unfortunatly, man and women did not find that and by decision of my supernal center and established by my authority, I flooded the world saving only those who swore obedients to the end which was to repress sensual love. Lesser forms of my awareness were saved as well for their ignorance and inability to understand as men and women were made capable.
By this men and women were shown that it is by my supernal center and it’s authority found in me that man may by this live by grace in time for my own pleasure in being centered with pure uncaused bliss of eternal life.
Revitalizing my authority over life I having learned by man and womens disanualment to my original fall into matter no longer found my acts in man to benefit my cause for man and women and so began again using that knowledge to establish a new order. Using divisions of tongues to create a control group while leaving some to their own ways.
Even those ways were of my own but divided from my chosen race of whom I set apart to fullfill my cause… which had become to live an immoratl life in the pleasure of sensual love without disputations of authority or position and to come to a perfection of bliss while in matter without causing a disruption or drain to exist within my supernal center allowing my authority to rest in the bliss of life and light eternal.

Please feel free to read the other three creations which I have written to actualize the Messiah into His own re-cognition and that which is Zion-[st]ation.

By my higher seekings of yerushalayim shel ma’ala I find my life to be in actualization and I pray that all of you who seek to the end recognize that it’s only in one name that this destination shall reap it’s vision placement to be unhidden. Actualize therefore The Messiah Jerusalem’s New vision.

Goto the Next one! 🙂


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