The beginning of the jumpin jesus phenonema

“The Jumpin Jesus Phenonema”

Under the constraints of time I have come here to appear.

I have come to understand that under the worlds self-diagnosis of me I am nothing but in the least a christian idealist and possibly even a schizophrenic one.
However, within my own perception of reality as diagnosed by God while in personal relationship, I am a deity conformed by the world and His own nature. And what that means is that I stand between the two at my center without bias, hatred or love for one over or above the other.
I am by my very own nature, an ambassador of God and man. This means that my conception of life by thought and deed is not my own nor any of my relationships part of who I am.
Live or die, I am. So, knowing this to be true, let us move on from here. Let my character as a public figurehead be exalted into what role my ambassadage requires so that by it God and man meet and establish what exalts both into the coutcome of faiths desire.
I, my own ideal of self, have no legalistic comprehension of the practicalities of modern individualism and so I ask that an apology be made by all agreeing parties for my human aproach.
I pray that the words (semantics) of my meaning be not mistranslated into a cause of against toward my percieved doings in that though I may outwardly appear ill suited for the role God has made me into, whether addressed by the public system of things or not, I want you all to know, I have nothing to gain or loose by what I say or do, I have no personal agenda but to Love.
And as some wish to tie me to christian idealism or even other ties, I honestly have no regard for organization structures which by their entirety seek me to prove their witness of God, the only pursuit of God.
I am not disregarding their witness of God, however, at the center of consciousness I hold one identity to be my truth, but until the time is come for the world to seek that identity, in truth, I will not profess it.
As one now of very low decree in society today, I am suffering and distraught by what I am experiencing as a man.
Yes, as I said, I being conformed not only by manhood by God, I am part and parcle of each. Each identifying seperatly the realities that co-exist upon this earth.
Those who have not come to ascertain to or to actualize their being in the worded semantics which relate ones own self to the divine may not comprehend that part of my self which holds such worded realties dear and so they may by their own practicalities deny some of my authority and power that is well established in that kingdom of my kingship and think that I by seeing this as their ignoance will seek somehow to take an unfair advantage.
However, the other view they may hold in order to cover that fear is to totally disclaim that “Other” kingdom in order to revoke it’s claims and to over-exalt the onesidedness of human secularism and socialism to answer their own fears.
This zelousness, fanaticism of secular idealism will only cause human degradation and turmoil to be without the supernatural healing force only available instantaneously in the natural effectuations of Gods Love.
I have a view presently that social norms prevelant today have accomplished a binding of mens minds in the presetment that words like, “Mystical, divine, supernatural” are not worthy of faithful regard for practical meanings such as healings. This view brings damnation upon those who if they had been taught to have a mystical, divine or even a supernatural faith would never had come into the need of healing.
What I mean is that what the nature of God can do in the mortal realm or upbringing is only comprehensive of that which is known by pure unrestrained acquaitance of Gods divine nature.
To mythologize God and His mystical power to transmuste holyness, purity, ie … healing into that which does not as of yet fully ackownledge God in His sovereignty is an act of oppositioin to the ideals that even secular Huamnism professes to hold dear, that being the health of the fellow men and women whom they and others love.
If they treuly do love these people then they would actually seek those powers of mystical debate which belong to God and those who have become adept in growing spiritual nature of such things as Kabbalah, shamanism, alchemy and especially Rae Ki. (The Fruits of Holiness)
What I have found to exist in time,(Florida) the state in which I am incarnating, is a parabolic epistatis.
The definitioin of epistasis is as follows:

Epistasis: the supression of gene (one) expression by one or other genes (ones).

It’s like the effect one gets when trying to put a bed sheet on a bed bigger than the sheet is made for. By pulling on the one corner you are focusing on you pull it on, only to pull one or other corners off. In relation to what I am speaking of in this paper, lets say the bed is the world one corner is faith, another science, the third is economics and the last socialism, as a secualr humanist tries to equally yoke every corner to the world there will always be one corner that will not fit properly, that being “faith”.
He/she may try any and everything to try to make it fit but withyout faith there is one corner always left off.
That corner has a name and those that know that name are those which have the faith it takes to set about placing all four corners of the earth into the proper orderly presentment of unity which is what the sheet represents.

Now, to be unbiased though conditionied by both natures, that which is divine and that which is humanity, I am not without God in any of my actions because if I act at all, or speak a single word it is, whether I am ignorant of Gods reason for that act or word, or not; willfully Gods conception of me, that I am moved to speak and act.
As paul has said, however, though all things are available to me (to do), not all things are beneficial and we mustn’t morally transmutate this authority into a wielding power that says, let us do wrong, so that good can be seen.
First of all, to take what is Gods and to credit ourselves alone (without God, from whom all things originated,) would be vanity. An immoral trait even in the eyes of those who don’t believe.
Though I know my own given name as according to God, man by hearing it pass the threshold of my own lips by their disbelief will bare false witness and slander against me as one who has taken the lord’s name in vain.
That false witness put me to death on a cross once and so now as being born again, I living in the vainity imposed upon man by evil inclinations and intention, do in hope of Godly reult speak my Father’s name, that name he gave of my inheritance that others may be saved. And in that name, centered in vainity, I rebuke all that says… “Aha, You are Guilty!” and profess them dead.
Though I came to bring life and it more abundently, it is death I see and rebuke eternally. Though I am the light of the world, I am ful of darkness, suffering and self-doubt.
Though I be at once a sacrifice for sins I am the curse of all nations. Though I am empowered to heal all disease, I am hunted, mocked and discouraged by mankind in all of their pursuits. None have sought me, and only few have I come unto and took my full abode.
Men hear my stories and have read scriptures of old, placing me as their savior and attributing me to human love, silver and Gold.
God the father, my heavenly presence of being must surely have chosen these attributes for those who follow after me. But not because they accept their inheritance or because they courageously profess themselves by their living in my namesake. It’s because they seek to prove I died and went to heaven that they unconscoiusly hunt me. Not to see me alive, but to deny the flesh in which I speak.
Well, here I had cause to supress who it is I truely am and in my weakness I can’t stand against that God, (“)I am(“).
My sonship seems a defeat, because no matter how I love, I appear weak to some. I can’t be an honest judge, it’s my God who does that, I can warn you though. If you do evil things evil things your way will come.
Hate me or love me the truth is this, there is no good in Heaven or earth but in God alone. And the only fruit of God is God known.
Sure, love sounds good, gentleness and kindness too, but spiritually knowing and being conformed by God transmuatates even the very flesh, marrow and bone.

My experience of bieng here, in the redeemed nature of my soul while yet being seen in and among those still in the flesh, suffers me more than words can say and suggests that I am not the one God brought home that day.
I can’t tell you why I am here now, nope I can’t even, my own life condone, if scripture were my authority then my being here is out of Gods control.
Thank God it’s not scripture that dictates my obedience to Love, but by my spirit that I stand or fall. That spirit called Holy Jesus Which speaks, leads and births me in one and all.
So, now as one among people earth and things that crawl, I have chosen to study mans ways that I may understand it all.
Born again, I spiritually went straight to Israel, showed up at the peace talks but found no peace at all.
Left in anguish and fed-up with sin, I cried out from heaven for it’s from Heaven I begin and fall from.
So, found then dead in grace, I sought to find my place and led by a dove I was raised on up into my Rainbow nation. Politics and economics worldly ploys or not I found the vainity that has set the world plot.
To Jerusalem I made way and to my people I gave my name.
Semantics taken away, I have nothing to say.


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