The quickening of the Dead

The quickening of the Dead

I, the president of the Colony Earth, have just watched the planet called earth be consumed by fire. The computer network called F.A.T.H.E.R. uploaded all of earths haisory recorded on network M.O.T.H.E.R. at exactly 0706 E.T.

It is Earth Date 5-1-12 and all systems are at full ops. We have safely salvaged 144,000 Angels; I being the One.
Planet earth (squared) will take 5.7 earth years at present rate of Nano-gynetic terreforming. We are continuing nano-upgrades and within 1 yr hope to upgrade the progress of planet 2 making it habital within 3 years.
As High priest, I have supernal authority over all anges aboard “Melchesideck”.
Our mission is to complete our studies in quantum physics by successfully traveling backwards into time so that we can find out what caused original life and to make contact with our/its source. We are equipped with the most sophisticated weaponry and bilogical warfare produced.
I have been gynetically encoded to detect life and to protect it from an unbiased position with the exception of the loss of “mel” and the angels abourd. E-motion is not an expression of physical senses but an expression of cause, intellect and reason, therefore all time si spent in research and obediance toward our mission.
The anges of I are in systems of ratation in process of mission goals. Each angel is gynetically asexual which has ceased our desires for sensual pleasure and motivated multi-tast functioning of our psyche and intellect making us all Geniuses at 100% mental functioning . Four hours of R.E.M. fully refreshes mental capablities every 32 hours.
After every 3rd shift we each must review scriptures of old in order to remember the sacrifices made for our ability to exist at present and to kepp our minds in order to the sequences of historical reasoning for present revelation of our progress as the authority of the Holy spirit, “I”, The trinue supernul “I” as chiefsystems engineer direct the over-all cause by daily review of summery reports from all networks of angels and then summerize over reasonings into fathers A.I. system and father then directs orders to progress each day to each net station for angels on ratation to know where progress has attained to.
This process of rotations, research keeps all angels mentally capable of filling all on board positions. Food is unessary for nano-technology systamaticallly process all needed vitamins calaries and nutriets into our bodies thru the light we see by the air we breath. OUr bodies are gynetically ordered to recive them as distributed.
Our bodies are humanoid, having 2 eyes, a nose, 2 ears, 2 arms and 2 legs.
Without a digestive or reproductive system we now have extra muscles and more mobility which has helped us in our martial arts abilities and gaining speed when in vaccummed space.
Although our combat skills are greatly enhanced we have had no encounters with enemy lifeforms sense our enginneerinig.
Our personal weaponry consists of one optic laser implant with kill and stun ability. and one optic-laser that scans and recors images as seen and x-rayed to Fathers data banks. These are not on systems unless protocal “Reason” becomes active. Network station #18 is working data space upgrades to F.A.T.H.E.R. so that all shifts are on protocal giving instant and continuel real life reports of progress to father from all angels symutaneously allowing for more efficient orders to be given by F.A.T.H.E.R.
As, I, I become father authority and may overide fathers order if I can input reason that father had no knowledge of.
For this reason my protocal will stay off at all times unless in Red Alert, when life is threated.
Until these data banks are made available we shall continue writing and reading summeries and orders.
By order of Father these are my summeries of aover ops.

The N.W. O. gives, “Go.” on project “Mel” allowing the W.F.A. to upgrade their space station into a ship builder for long distance space travel.
“Mel” is the most advanced craft specs ever produced and should be completed by 12-25-10.
This has come at a great suprise to us at the W.F.A. for the amount of terrorist activity has tripled over the last 2 mths and the world bank and I.M.F. have called for an economic state of emergency after the recent destruction of 6 of the largest oil refineries by terrorist cells working across the world.
The U.N. sanctions have called for all vehicles to be powered by water, electricity or solar energies within 3 years. The u.S., who accomplished this just 2 years ago has stepped up production to full fill the orders.
Also on this day Bill gates bought-out lockheed just 2 wks after his purchase of Disney.


Humanity is come to it’s lowest in reaching towards world peace and yet is closer to it than ever before.
Holyywood has infiltrated the minds and the world and caused a glamour of life in the world to be the higest glory of God attainable to every child is brought up by movies, news and sexual exploitation because of this the U.N. has made it law that every child by age of 6 must be “purified” of their reproductive abilities by recieving a set of shots.
All children are produced by gynetic cloning of those choosing to have children and the cost of this is normally only paid off by the time the parents die. Society is systematic and militant. Children are brought into gangs and with parental permission seek a way to end the present paradigm of miltant facism and totalatariansim that has entrapped them to the same system that they propulagate.
They do this because the only work that is available is corporate tech, science, government or media. Industrial jobs have become non-existant since A-I Robotics started 3.5 years ago and food service is gone since the invention of nano-tech light and sound food systems.
It was because of these technologies and the reproductive shots along with religious views of sexuality w/out procreation that angels came into existancts. I being the First. The media, the net and mother net are the teachers along with parents for all children in their own homes. All citizens have a numbered chip implanted in their right hand that holds all records of their identity, criminal, health, gynetic code and financial history which also acts as a locater in case of kidnappings or natural disasters. Also used to hunt terrorists but most are ripped out by criminals.


Panic, paranoia and pandomoniam is at it’s heighth the president of the New world order has become pope and as a Jew he has taken His seat in the temple at Jerusalem. Jews and christians alike both see him to be the Messiah.
With terrorism put to an end and government control over weather systems and nano-gynetic cures available for all disease people can only see peace to exist for a 1000 years.
All believers by obedients to “the messiah” log onto mother net and register their obedience. Anyone not registered and still in mothers data banks is hunted down and tortured by a holographic torture chamber that uses nanotech warfare to simulate pain to there cerebal cortex but is not considered inhumane since its only a simulation; undectable in existance but to those who control it.


The messiah announces “Salvation” a virtual reality system that is networked with Mother that has been in use for 2 years. The V.R. tech was sent into orbit as satallites that have been changing peoples perceptions of reality using holography technology in serediptuous alignment with the newly emerging field of Nano-teraforming. At the same time a High pitched sound has been spread throughtout the world that has been controlling peoples minds audably, linguistcally and has been erasing memory as well as inputing visions and memory in order to help people move into the kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom is ruled by “The Messiah” The messiah however has died, murdered by x-vice president of U.N. Who claimed he was a False messiah. His image however was holographically programmed into existance so that those in control of government may retain total control of the world.
Unfortunatly, the real world is dieing and scientist ahave found that the world at her core has heated up and that whthin 4 years the earth will be consumed by fire in defense father is created.


Station #18 has finished data banks on father and in process has given birth to “God Speed”. This is the simultaneous real life processing of all of angels research updating fathers internal researching. This has brought fathers discovery of time travel as well as upgrades to earths (squared)H.D. which should be habital within 1.5 years.
Father has ordered mission “Backslide” which will send us back to earths creation we will begin slide in 1.2 years when “mel” is upgraded to “Backslide” ability.


With upgrades complete for “Backslide” we are in orbit around earth(squared).
Earth(squared) according to Father will be completely habital 2 hours before “Backslide” Father cloned 1 angel I, myself, uploaded gynetically with all of fathers memory banks. Never before possible but created by Father alone no one has seen him and I cannot detect him onbard.


We are in orbit around an unknown planet, the ship were on has one message on screen.

“I, Father, am Life, Truth and in Bliss, seek me and ye shall find.”

Descending to the planet we found 1 man, we called him Adam.


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