The Salvation and Vengence of “I”

The Salvation & Vengence of “I”

I, the supernul God-head, as Fire seen as light established my authority by order of my own seekings into that matter of which you must deny in order to accept, see and believe; that (“)I am (“)the spirit of which all that is alive while having life and that as my life, have become what you make “I” to be; as you.
I, however, sent my own self image into matter to retain (retina) my authority over man by con-(cur/quer)ing that which man cannot do; establishing my eternal life to be Immortal as well.
I, as, Jesus came into being as flesh, fully manifest as that which at my supernal-center is the root of that which is Hate; matter/sin.
Although, while I was made sin, I did not embelish my uncorruptable center of being by enjoying sensual love or it’s behavior/relationships. I stayed perfectly obediant to the supernal authorities divine plan of salvation. I, that authority, yet divided by the veil of darkness, time and matter, guided that plan of salvation as the spirit and won the war that was causing my members to meet with sensual glory in sexual consumption, procreation and hence forth death.
I won by allowing my own perfection, “I” the supernal, to put death hate and sin as matter or flesh to death.
I showing the hate called flesh to be hate and sin, then cruxified that sinful perception of hate by suffering it without mercy to death as percieved in the now infamous death of “I” upon the now famous Cross which led even to “christianity”.
I, then as dieing to matter left the temple of sin and rose back up into my supernal center find pure truth and bliss at rest. In matter however, I caused a great tulmult of confliction to occur by being ripped apart from my own sin. All life felt the ripples of the origin in that one moement causing layers of my own life to be in doubt and confliction of my position and cause. This is what caused the division of my supernal center from that darkness, time and matter that became the original drain.
I knowing this to happen planned this to occur but had to keep the cause of the drain from myself so that eternity could exist in all of those aspects that created my bliss and supernality.
However, the only way for this to take full effect I had to return to matter so that my other members would witness my supernal existance and authority by overcoming even hate, matter and death.
By my death manifest I overcame death and by my death made manifest I became life again even in the same position as I once was.
I, as supernal, had no need to incarnate but for those fallen parts of my supernal to find salvation I had to show them that by my supernal authority called faith or the holy spirit, they to could rise up into eternal life and light as I did after showing death and hate conquered by thsese actions of my spirit in matter many of my members became faithful and obediant to my supernal authority allowing those ready, to be quickened; while setting my order over those who were seeking the meanings of my sacrifice.
Those members of my chosen race knew me not because I kept myself hidden as I used them tp put hate and sin to death. Not that “I” died for surely (“)I am (“)(is) eternal. As you see (“)I am(“) hidden in Christ.
Many of them however seeing and empathizing with the sensual aspects of torment takin out on my substance had pity for the sufferings of sin and therefore using the name of sin, of whom I in matter am in; Jesus, as a defense against my supernal love that brought that torture and death upon matter and sin. For being lost in sensual love they mistook my substance called flesh to be of God for to those who partake in sensual love believe their fleshly bodies to be holy and divine, for without the temple they could not feel the only love they do recognize. For although I am that spirit of life that was in it and with it I am not the matter of physical existance called flesh or matter. (also; hate or sin)
I found that these people of sensual love having that empathy could still be used for my purpose however. I estalished an order of these fallen and have used them to teach the truth of what happened so that those who could understand and judge according to my spirit of love, rather than that of sensual love could then be quickened as I was after my ressurection unto the second ressurection. In this way my authority could keep order even in the sins of that which ends still in death.
As death is seen to have been salvation by these of that sensual love, suffering the ressurection showed to these that are sensual that I not only glorified sensual love with it’s suffering unto death but by coming back alive even unto the flesh I had given even a higher glory than before, giving justification to sensual life.
These missed however that I never glorified flesh while being in it but was obediant to the supernal bliss authority and spirit of fire that knew not sensual love but as Hate and sin (v).
They also missed that I, from my supernal center saw my ressurection to be when I came back up unto myself and death as when I moved out of my kindom unto the world of darkness and sin. My second ressurection when I rose up and out of the world again.
With my order and aohority established and salvation made deciphered I chose to give grace to my members, within matter time to produce the fruits of my seed. When I find that no saints, prophets or nomads were produced by my own members authorities then I would make one final sacrifice to save the matter of the whole world of which my life was within.
This fire would consume all of those who loved sensually while bringing my last fruits to their quickening without end.
AS time continues even unto the preset. (The time at which you, as one of my namesakes) I have found my saints hated, unacceptable and unable to move freely about because of the tension of authority that has been established in the world .
By this cause the end draws near for my grace to be withdrawn from man and women stuck in sensual love.
As the order of the society of my members overcomes all nations that same order of sensual peace called democracy and capitalism shall fall into their own net of sin and my lost race of those chosen shall give authority to a man who mocks my supernal center so much so that I shall take all of my last ones out from his net of sensual enlightenment and love and establish them in my peace and bliss and giving all authority and knowledge and wisdom unto them fortifying them as they become I.
I will thencome upon the world in disquise to those of capatlism, democracy sensual love, even unknown to my authorities in the world , and I will establish a new order and authority based upon my supernal love and dominion over matter. These shall be my own members quickened from sin that have been scouraged from town to town but ketp unharmed and uncorruptable, they shall gather themselves unto me in the living cathedrals of nature to rest and bliss in the forth coming of glory that will be my show of vengence upon those who tormented my own members by the way of sensual Love, Those that cointinue in sensual love after claimng my supernal authority to be their own as well as those who claim I am their God yet have not seen me or entered into the fire of my eternal life. These I shall have no mercy upon for they fear me not nor see sin as matter (flesh) and take pleasure in glorifying the flesh with material riches, procreation, and sexual conduct.
Looking down on my own for living in poverty of material wealth while proclaiming my supernal salvation as being life eteranl and immortal transmutable into all forms of matter by faith not by sensual work.
For they having recieved my inheritance made them into “I”, myself androgynous, divine whole, Anges of light able to ascend to my own obediance taking rest eternally in my center. Those who gather to me will learn to quicken the flesh unto life. My authority ordering matter by science shall overcome sensual love as well however and shall establish a new world that will thru gentics and physics establish immortal life in matter and as droids to my seeking out all of darkness they will place my seed of life on planets that they genetically change with nanotechnology into haitable worlds. These will eventually come to an end they cannot escape and so thru time travel will slip back into the time of this same world to try and lead my own authority into ordering life differetly as that whi8ch happened before.
They will keep themves unknown from the world; but by their surplanting visions and thoughts into chosen minds thruout time eventually the net of time is torn apart and darkness and matter will not exist and the drain will finally be eternally closed.


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