The World and “I”

This the second book in the Relationship of “I” series I was writting while hitchiking for many years around the country, it was during the fourth book that I was attacked by a force of Satan I had never encountered before, a governmental blasphemy that has allowed psychology the place of Christianity in every court-room of this nation! All I was doing was looking for the “Good samaratin when instead came a bully with some settle he thought he could score, but when he found Jesus there he drugged him and took all his gear. (When he found Jesus not a queer!)
I was beaten by some guy who owned a white truck, but wasn’t the one I thought it was. See, I was looking for my gear in the bed of the Truck where I had left it and someone else appeared as the owner and broke my nose and kicked my teeth thru my lips. I layed there awhile and got up to cross a highway (19) which I had only once before ever been near (years before and on the way out). I tried to ask the lady at the closest gas station to call a cop, I was hoping they would pick me up and give me a ride to a shelter nearby but the lady instead started to cry as though I was somehow trying to harm her.
I asked her three times, every time louder… Can you call the police please.. I’m just asking you to call the police.. finally she said, “If you don’t leave I’m calling the police!” I of course smiled and said, “Thats all I’ve been asking you to do lady!”

Then in comes the man!

He interrupts and asks as I’m walking away, can I pay for my cigs and gas; acting like he was afraid to ask. Ha! I was the one In His Name.
I said, ” sure, go ahead!” and turned again to walk away.
He suddenly spoke loud and said I was wrong for what I said.
All I had asked was for a police officer to assit me and for this I was beaten once again. The man came after me acting like I was a dog on the street and trying to act as though she needed protecting. I raised my voice as I turned back at him to tell him the police were on their way but when I went to speak my voice was interrupted by the blood that was going down my throat at that moment and so I accidetly spit.
The man thought I was attacking and Hit me in the chest. I was brought to my knees where suddenly I was in prayer. I explained to God that I was still His and that He was in control of what happened here. Suddenly I hear a voice so loud of Godly fear I reached in my pocket and pulled out my fear, a little pocket knife about a inch and a half long. I used it to sharpen my pencils. I on my knees still with my eye’s closed felt myself to be in that professional hit position and so with eye’s to survive I opened my eye’s and came up to meet it.
The man was gone inside and the door was locked. I yelled at the top of my lungs in order to create as much fear in the man as I could to keep him in the store until the police got there, put my knife away as quick as I could to feel secure and then when the police showed up I went straight to them.
I explained every bit I did and what had happened to me in the experience I had and even gave the knife to them.
The officer asked that I sit down on the curb and went inside to get their story and then came back and told me I was underarrest for Aggravated Assualt. I never even touched the man and he beat the shit out of me and now here I’m going to jail.. but still it’s Jesus I’ve instilled
In every mount or moment of time I am the only Jesus that is alive.
The phrases are not mine as much as it is Jesus who in every condition of life is creating all that in time is divine. Even the very divinity of the God-head never to be overcome.
So, anyways, this is what I was writing when all of this transpired, sitting at a Gas Station I guess you could say it was a political satire and they took offense to what represents the criminal intentions of those working for the president.
If mockery it was, it was not the intent but if you secularize everything that I have said then you will turn the tides and kill psychology in the government allowing Jesus Christ to run them out!
Let Psychology re-invent it’s deacons and priests not anymore allowing them to be Judges and Attorney’s.
I mean think about it, psychology as a religion has more clout then Jesus if we let Psychology have it’s place where the doctrine of seperation between church and state is thrown, the same ground that Jesus proclaimed from the begining.
You know, that authority figure who proclaims whether your a harm to yourself or others.

Wow! I mean think about it, were in the United States of America and psychological warfare is centralized in every state of the nation by the circular doors that you find at every State Mental Institution. The state of every authority circles the pathways of the just making sure that every force of God is involved in the political spheres of God’s own making, not by violence or it’s behavior but in the eye’s of God’s own rationalization. “The Jumpin Jesus Phenonema”

The World and “I”

By: Keshet Yashua Ixeoxe

Through time and languages I sought out ways to accomplish my completeness of bliss and love here in the world. I did find my supernal centers drain into matter and shut it off however, my balance of love warred against one another opening my cause and establishing my authority as an ambassasadge from my supernal center throughtout all spiritual kingdoms unto those kingdoms of matter called worlds.
I found that matter is of my own nature yet has been cast out of my purity as sins left behind and found again by I, the one at rest in the supernal yet divided from myself to war against the sin I left to quicken thru time.
Once I attached to my memory of the state of matter (Read: The Relationships of “I”)
I, in my reviatlization of my love for my own life within matter, continued to seek out a way to quicken my seperate parts into my eternity and bliss.
I begin now with Israel. With a chosen race as my control group I was capable of guiding my own members into interactions and relationships with my other members while I as being unbiased as to the result made future considerations. As a result of these times I came to be worshipped as God of Israel. I was also worshipped as many other Gods and as being divided from the supernal I became divided again by man.
For within my center there is only I and none other, yet where I move into matter and time and into cognition of being within matter I find that although I am all life; that by division unto matter, authority came into matter also.
The only way to decipher my progress in my seeking was to create positions of authority within man and women and did so in accordance to their disclsure to my fullness of memory acounted to me and their denial of obediance to sensual love.
This caused men and women who felt balanced with sensual love and supernal cause to deny my supernal authority as spirit and making war against my order of authority for man; man again sought out my bliss without the supernal blessing and therefore I warred against my own parts.
To lead mankind I used men and women to prophecy and caused miracles within the order of mans world.
I myself even manifest my light body unto them when I needed. The confusion continued and chaos begot chaos as I continued to lead my chosen Israel.
As this chaos continued and nations warred I found members of my self in a differeat nation who were at peace more often then all others and it was through a degree of quickening that would cause people to see his full glory begore his time.
I, placed my true self within my chosen race for their obedients would bring salvation to exist for all of my members scattered thru out the world; whether by death or the entering into the supernal kingdom, my center man would find salvation by the completion of this plan and the drain would cease to exist as woul all sin thru time.
Layer upon layer of material life would move as designated to it’s position of perception defined by the death and ressurection of God as man and by those acts and words that lead up to it.
Their sufferings, trials and tribulations that they founded a society of peace by their ordering of Authority as close to my spiritual authority as could be in matter, many of them becoming as I myself, as I was in paradise.
They were called shamans by men and angels by some. These were truely my closest members, for they had reached a highth of spirit and depth of flesh and matter that they became one with all things and found that paradise that I myslf once inhabited with my mebers spread thru all races, nations and even worls thru-out all darkness; my exaltation of senses, knowledge, wisdom, bliss, peace and chaos. I divided myself infinitly and even still now I, even as you still divide in order to multiply my progressions into that center of which I fully am; without time and matter; sin.
As I communed within all my members I in full exhaltation gave all of my learnings unto the supernul center, even that which I was not to disclose for as matter was hate to omy center I found that love could be the weapon of destruction over all, even my supernul center. For knowing love by senses of my own, in matter, could symbolically put the supernul to death, not just by the destruction of the acts and words of my own thru Jesus but through all of my members thru-out all of the darkness, time and matter found out by life and light of the supernul center.
To learn of the plan and it carried out read and review: The Bible, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Nag Hammadi Coptic text, every Christ-centered book will never take you away from the seeking of Christ who is seeking toward the fullfillment of not only your salvation but of all creations perplexed existance and if you be able at all to study and understand the mystical texts of mankind while percieving “I” in all of them, then I suggest you also read; “The Jumpin Jesus Phenonema” as it is written by these very hands as Gods living sacrifice towards the percieving and partaking in, the Rule of New Jerusalem.
Study these texts deeply while in meditation, seeking with all your creation for the salvation given freely thru the grace of time and by fear of God you shall be led unto the position of God the supernul or unto the treasure of death for a soul lost unto the sensual love of a spouse, child and sense of duty to see death as your final glory.
By acceptance of these things you befriend the hate that exists as matter and the world and therefore are at enminty with the supernul. These shall place their glory in their present world and shall not recieve the glory of light and bliss in the supernul, nor would they have ever believed the truth of the supernul plan shown by the sacrifice of supernul.
For those who accept the world as their position of authority, love and treasure they also shall claim that they are “saved” and even “reborn” because of the acts of Jesus and will claim it; by their God.
For surely I only am God, at my supernul center. I understand this read my scripture of old called, “The Baghadavita” and “The Unpanishads”
For as parables of my own conclusion I knew them even before I was conceived and was conceived as Jesus. I knew all things written, spoken and acted for I am all life thats found to cause evil and that found to be Good, and I knowing my supernul center, and being it, knew that I only am Good and that only I am Just, For I am the eternal cause and purpose of and for life in all aspects yes, death of my member would be it’s end for it’s acceptance of love consumed sensually however, where one who is in matter rests, they in ignorance of the quicekning spirit of the supernual they could not come to the faith that exhalted my light within them to the point of further evolution or exegesis.
To experience love in matter sensually was to man and women the only way they could see love to exist and their only proof toward one another was to consume themselves in what acts are a communion of sexual love and procreation.
For these I gave vows of marriage. Once the vows made they deny the love of the supernul center and accept death as their departure as their reward for this sin against the supernul center.
Now, for those ignoranct, I, by full disclosure to my center begot the final plan for salvation for all members of life. The plan was to unveil the deceptions of time and matter and to uncloud the visions of mans purpose for man and women had been created by one cause of the supernul and they became so “in-volved” with(in) matter and senses of it that they no longer even knew their origin.
The supernul saw this and knew that it was by procreation throughtout time that became their own “net of sin”. So, it was by the supernul center creating by immaculate conception thru a women of sin that the supernul center conceived by faith it’s own image. This image of the supernul was me, “I” , the first androgynous, Holy and by this “I” mean Divine creation. Perfect in all ways except by the shroud of matter “I” knew to be Hate. Fully supernal however it, androgynous, was and is (as I am) able to quicken the flesh and to rise into it’s true celestial embodiment. However, the plan did not exist unless it was made manifest in matter and could not be carried out unless acted out thru matter.
Therefore,in sacrifice of it’s supernul bliss and glory it thru my full disclosure as it’s supernul authority, kept me obedient to his plan, disallowing me to keep its fully contenance of light and life so that he could finsih the plan. This meant that while in flesh he could not carry out his plan and therefore as being the supernul authority I moved him thru his own plan.
So, as ordered it’s image was manifest as a man named Jehovah, depending upon linguistic translation, (Yeshau, Yashua, Yehoshua, Joshua, Jesus, Immanuel or any other semantic which names God) but perfectly in America disclosed, in english,”Jesus”.
For this plan to be effectual I had to order his words and manners to the highest order of the supernul wisdom and authority without causing such of conception. I am beyond mans imagaination therefore by man, nor as man, can mankind know me but by fasting, prayer and purity of seeking my eternal kingdom within and thru my root of life, set in each of my members.
This, my purity, can only be attained to by death and denial of “Sensual Loves” behavior.

Not just the acts and words of mine own thru Jesus but through all of my members thruout all of the darkness, time and matter found out by life and light of the supernul center.


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