Spiritual travelers

I have met a few travellers recently which have helped me in the anxiety department I believe, whether it is anxiety or not I don’t know. I have found a deeper meaning of my vow of chastity in the context of what in cuddling with a female personage led thru some systematic sexual behaviors of which were able to be carried out in the auspiciousness of friendship and even in a way that could be intrinsically viewed from the standpoint of conscious mediation between possibly even two flesh entombed polar opposites.
I had to at some point in my caring for dignity and for principle of nonviolence assemble every tool I had at my naked calling to not only reprove what evil lay against me while also loving my enemy whole-heartedly. I do not mean to impose the vision that this female impersonation of God which I was in fellowship with at the time was at all “The Enemy”, but that the consciousness which came into existance during our consensually choosing to in our patient embattlement work out our indifferences in our standing together in an exstatic episode of human ejaculation together.
What I am speaking of is the evil present that consistently sought to by accusation discontinue our stand together so that it could save those sin consumed entaglements which our fellowshipping “Chastly” was tearing away from our sin stained souls, bringing the both of us into a closer proximity to Christ’s center whether one of us was closer than the other in the begining of our relating or not.
All and all, it was the first sexual experience I have had with a partner in about 9 years and those being years I though under the same vow of chastity I am still bound under do not see (as of yet) as being in any way cause for me to feel as though I have fallen by the acts which have transpired. Though, the continuation of this sort of chaste communication may not find another environment for prosperity in a good amount of time so that I may by personal exegesis comprehend better the elements which have persuade me into the acceptance of this forum of ejaculating fellowship. lol
All of this is a suprise to me because I have been I guess oppressed by Satan to think that I by having sexual relations I would be failing in my vow to God to be chaste. And even the general “Christian” views which claim all sex before marriage is sin were pushing against me though I know that God’s marriage to all of His Children is only discovered in those to whom He has brought together in the chaste consensual involvements (Sexual intimacies included)he has predestined to take place in the world. In other words it is God who is carrying out all chaste intimacies within peoples lives whether those communications exist in a temporal authorities environment as being “Lawfully” instituted fellowships or not.
“In-Sane” is pronounced “IN HIS NAME”.

The guy that introduced me to this female “Tamara” is called Anthony or Robin is his street name and He is visiting from Mexico. Great brother come to share in some of the teonactle relationships of those who have him visiting and I must say he is a very very deep and open soul on the path of enlightenment and deserves to be met by everyone atleast once! As I hope Jesus is. šŸ™‚


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