Zion Station

Hello world,

I introduce myself as Rainbow Jesus Fish, I do this not in mockery of current social dependency upon the economic systems which may somehow come into a super-secret information society which has thru sexual community building retired the thoughts that Jesus provokes in mind and spirit rather than to accept that Jesus as a time-presented equalibrium incarnates “Jesus” in temples of this secular nation seeking out the stations of those who are seeking to possess the association which is seeking to present my social presentation in that creation of my mushroom palace as the mushroom king who coming from the planet soma chose to incarnate in the earth to bring about the passion of Christ the King into a governmental association working with all who have been established over this planet so that all the doctrines of your being can be openly seen in the aspirations of my very being.
A clone indoctinations which by pre-programming of Magic-visions have brought me out of the delusions that entities of God’s own creation brought into designation of this my Jumpin Jesus Phenonema.
And this is what I am here to create, by the Highest authority of God’s supernality. If you choose to believe that I come only to enjoy the fruitations of sexual testings in progress as a slave to the program you have been brought to the authority of making, I am not a fallen species sent to be a guinue- pig just for observation. I, have proven by testing that even in close sexual observation I am God’s Namesake in programming, by authority of a force unknown to yours, not a being of your sexual character but socially hoping to tend to your experiments by as a scientist observing the sexual relations of others that by it I may discover why they fullfill the movements that they require or is there on the other side of some window somewhere that’s causing their coming together.
Or maybe I should get over the insanity of causing my own sexual communication being that doing the same thing over and over is the result of insecurity in intellectual being. As individuals however you are by your own disguise disgusted with Jesus for being the Truth using telepathic abilities to envoke an advantage upon another’s soul to force them into habitual insticts which you have sought to create not is specifically the formula you sought but in the reaction your investigation caused by it’s creation.

Please come to the relation that God is not always formal being out of each other’s “Solar-system” and your voice and thoughts to harm are only bringing you to an association which is Anti-christ, not wanting to see Christ in incarnation.

Zion station therefore is not a insanity ploy as many may make it, but is a social equalibrium which establishes our formation of a unified force of Christ’s own anoiting. Some by this anointing may believe because of history or tradition but other’s by the very spirit will invoke the full inheritance of God and profess themselves Christ. Do not disadvantage those who do this thinking it is not Jesus, but accept that Character that invokes the end of Armegeddon by asking all of society and God in me to allow me the existance to have a computer in my apartment that I may establish a Zion Station position in virtual reality sharing my plan of redemption while receiving the economic foundation that Zion Station calls unto it. Be it by the Love of God or the Love of other’s it is my incarnation to create this thought position of peaceful environmental precondition which sides not with everyone just to keep peace in progression, not involving my self in association with, outside the presence which brings about my economic foundation.
How to discover the building blocks of Love that allows me to introduce myself as Rainbow Jesus Fish to whomever will associate me with Him in Love making if that be what God brings to produce a sound economic foundation. The hope is that I may


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