Hell relinquishes

Well, being that most of what I am is, by the definition of everyone who has failed Jesus, insane (Did you know antinomically partners with In-His-Name), I have by my no longer being associated with anyone as a friend in this world (but a few); lost me what hold I had on my choices. Not that this is a wrong thing to be, obviously it is what Jesus has chosen and scripture proves it, but you’ll have to bare your own burden to find the Truth, I’m not quoting scripture in this paper. I will promise you though, it is only when you have found your “self” completely dead that you will see what it is I am speaking about when I said “lost what hold I had on my choices.
Unfortunatly semantics have so many plays on them that something is always going to be lost in the translation, unless Jesus situates everything in the exact manner of God so that God in you wakes Himself by His own Words and thru this process births Christ within you feeding Himself until full deification is produced. This is what I mean by self death. Your body is not your own, Jesus paid for it and so do not think that you must die in the sense of mortal death for certainly it is God’s body and not your own. And if you have experienced this rebirth then God has crucified the old sinner’s self-creation and you as God’s new creation have taken habitation of that old sinful selfs memorum. This might sound complex but if you think about the movie “Freaky Friday” for example you will see how easy it is for the consciousness of selves to leave the body. It is just as easy for Christ to come in and present His own consciousness (The mind of Christ).
Think about it, what choices do you have if your already dead and Christ is living in you. And don’t give me that crock about not having Christ fully in you if your dead! What do you think, that you could take control of Christ after He has overtaken you? If not then why do you disclaim Jesus who being fully alive in me pronounces His own name with what the world has considered my own lips. So, what do I have to be afraid of, if I am Christ I will live and if I am not then I will die. But if I die then I will know whether I be forsaken or not. I think also that if I am killed for claiming Jesus then I die a martyr’s death proclaiming the name of Jesus whether the world proclaims I am a liar,false-prophet or whatever rubbish they may say. I leave them a life of journals which proclaim only Jesus. I leave no sins unforgiven and cannot. Yes, I hear the devil bouncing thoughts off of me in answer to some of even God’s chosen but if they judge me whether I be true or a liar they defy God by destroying the temple of God which proclaims Jesus Lord of Lords and King of Kings with all his might and soul; Jesus. (<–is this my insanity or God speaking? Who am I to Judge? I am only a man.)

Moving on!

Scientifically, I (as one completely unbiased) can tell you that I have no feelings or suppositions about who Jerry M. Cofer is, whom Rainbow Jesus Fish is and whom it is that all the credit belongs to.
I do know that I have found the name and Identity of Jesus inside of every single part of life which is in me and everytime I seek to round him out, I am rewarded in some way and that could only happen if Evil were in control of this world or Jesus is evil.
So, what to do becomes the question. And the only choice is what God, the real and True Sovereign God can choose and what He/She or it, (Whatever) may do. Not who He or She may do, but what God will do to prove Love True.
As everyone knows I am Asexual and as you can see by my journal this must not mean that I am nonsexual only that sexual relations are of the world and not what relations God has with man. Jesus never had sex as the first fruit though He obviously did with eve in the beginning and now I have again as proof to what I have taught all along. It is neither a sin against God nor a glory to God it is an act of pity and fear carried out in the emotional trauma of two individuals that are lost in themselves and scared of their not understanding what life is about.
I do know that God is able to overtake your life and that with God having done this you will never feel and so you will always be secure and you can never fail or fall or be confused about who God is and what God is doing. Therefore you will never be led to sex accept that by mercy or pity for man; which is not God.
You know whats sad, as I look around me now and after looking at many many movies on my home dvd player, I have discovered that man is all around the most disgusting creature I have come to know. The good does not outway the bad and in fact, if God were my best friend and Man my lover I would ask my friend to kill my lover so that He didn't get spoiled by rotteness of that love which has been expressed against me in Jesus name.
Yes, I live in Jesus' name and no man can take me from it. I have always and always will live in that name because it is the name it's self that is alive and that which leads the body to "do". The Ten commandments are the paradox which keeps me enraptured in the consciousness of Jesus as this name is what the center without bias actually is, and it is unto that name in whatever form it is written,read,spoken,or heard that all the Glory is presented. Again, it is all Jesus.
So, who am I if all the glory is to goto Jesus? You best say Jesus! Because if you don't then you disclaim that all the glory goes to Jesus and you deny Jesus that position in that person's life you called "whatever". Therefore denying Jesus a formal presence in that mans life.
Let me remind you sir, that you are suppose to exhalt your brother into Christ not leave Jesus out of any part of any mans life even your own.
But really, people say. What would we do with everyone called Jesus? I mean come on guy get off it! Your not Jesus!
Well, now we hear the devil speaking! How absurd shall this confrontation get? How courageous are you to stand up for Jesus namesake. Are you willing to cross the borders of what psychologists and secular humanists call sanity? Are you willing to cross over into complete deification of Christ so that He can rule you? The world will do everything in it's power to stop you and you if you are, Christ will prevail not because you believed you are Christ but because Christ believes He is.
Yes, I have lost it. I have lost the ability to harbor preconceived notions as to what Christ will do or say next and that is what God is seeking to have you as. He wants you to be a poured out weapon that he can use as he chooses to use His own very flesh and blood.
So what can we do but put ourselves to the test, exposing every part of our lives not to the servicability that we feel other's require so that we can somehow break even and be rewarded with the same amount of servicability that we have put out toward society. No, God is beyond what servicability the world can aspire to and so this being said, my words fail to be a service and so I walk on.


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