Walking the Streets

Well, here I am in Clearwater Beach Florida broke financially but rich in spirit. I have once again been brought to the bottom of the financial caste system for some reason only God knows. I know that I am a eunech and I would hate to think that whether I have sex or not is of some importance to the world outside of me in Christ. I have never sought to be positioned in a way that would deserve any less than those who choose to have sex for whatever reasons they may choose to accept one another but to be persecuted for my God’s choosing me to be completely obedient to the chaste marriage for which I have been created and to which I am bound would totally enrage my God and cause his wrath to come upon those who dismiss me for a false prophet rather than that which my God has ascertained in me to be.

Though I don’t have sexual relations I of course have no judgment for those that do and I do believe that is their error which do persecute me for because they do not see me love in the flesh the fleshly realities that pursue my Father’s self interest, I cannot but hope that they do see and do hear my theology about christ and respect what God has brought me to surrender to in my dutifulness to His will.
False assumptions which say that because I cannot surrender my vows to God in order to have unchaste sexual relations and those false allowances which have persecuted me for my actually speaking the name of Jesus as part and parcle of whom it is I am in the world today; while serving in those positions of service toward humanity, are exactly that, FALSE!
There is NO CONDEMNATION in Christ and so I know that if any seeks to condemn me it is not Christ for Christ is my Lord and Savior and I know Him to be the very flesh and blood that constitutes me.

Robin has come back to Clearwater as I also have and now he is about probably looking for me at this very instance or looking to do a tarot reading for a little money. I have not found it right for me to serve in the old carnal identities name for financial gain and so I have not been able to find legitament work for awhile. I hope to find some way of gaining green energy which doesn’t disrupt the fullfillment of God’s service but which in actuality accomplishes a perfect witness that the words on the Dollar bills and coins may be fully met thru the “In God we Trust” by their being exacted to me for doing of God’s will.

Maybe more later….



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