Drum Circle

I have been for the past three or four weeks going to Treasure Island, Fl for a drum circle on the beach and I have been being moved by God to pronounce more and more the Truth of God as being the very manifestation of the flesh that God has chosen to become perceived as the awareness or cognition that exists within my body, living and willing into perceptable reality.

I laid out my blanket and was laying on it for a good long time with others coming over to join in discussion and sharing of stories and arts while also sharing in the blood of God and living in the praise of God being poured out from the drums into the beings of beauty that sorrounded the circle with dancing.

This is a Rainbow Family Function in Treasure Island and so I have found myself to be completely satisfied and without fear of death for my devotion to living in the fullness of Christ’s deity.
I do all of this in the very name of our savior and seek by His very manifestation to be in complete subjection to the glory of God that has come to present Himself as He is.

I haven’t worked for about 3 weeks now and I do feel very tired of that old habit. I do not deny work so that the devil may have some sort of foothold to accuse me of seeking death and so therefore hope for it but that I may do my Father’s work focalizing the Rainbow Family events into the events that God has sought for them to be presented to the world.

I have also found that for some reason there has been alot of warfare coming against me for some reason. That my sexual discretion somehow is not a sufficient act or object of personal pursuit being submitted to only as an act of mercy for the pity which draws my compassion to the starving souls of the youth and old alike.

I have found that my thoughts are being subjected to the voice of God which is presenting himself as the Third adam alive in me the true shekinah of the supernal. That I have been completed in the androgynous nature of mankind to a formation of spirit and flesh which begins feminine and ends masculine or vice/versa. That I at my very center of being am the savior of the world, the messiah and that though the world is in acceptance of the first fruit Jesus among the gentiles it is truely I the one from the cross that has been birthed by God to exist in his own personal manifestation and spirit as being both male and female inside and out; God.

This presentation upon my consciousness is a true burden for me being that I did not choose to come unto this belief or conviction. I truely grovel within myself for a motivation to deny God’s presentation of Himself in me or as me as He has chosen me to be fit, and so in seeking not to deny God I must hate that which seeks to deny me my own presentment of obedience found in my confession and prsenetation of His very will being fully confessed and even made manifest by the very center of my being ( Keshet Yashua Ixoye).

Having come to settle here in the clearwater area and after studying the psychological and moral character traits that seemingly consist within the citizenship and fellowship of mankind I seek to present the love of God to all who seek every part of God to be worshipped and accepted in what loving way God has chosen for His chosen to worship.

The doubt that arises in the minds of those that seek to love God and in the way in which God has chosen for me to Love His Children seems to be a demoralizing ethical delusion that is sexual in nature but which is not consciously sought by the carnal appetite. And so the confusions of what sexual compasities exist as chaste acts of God and that which is craved from a purely humanistic approach is the spiritual warfare that has come to exist among my fellowships with others.

I have recently found some sexual relations to exist that were not of my will and that were instigated without my will being involved and that those relations are just and chaste if the subject involved is knowingly worshipping God while participating in those acts upon me.


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