Shalom and Namaste!

Hello!  My name is Keshet Yashua Israel, and this is my blog. I began with Shalom and Namaste, because those two words convey my respect and dignity for mankind like no other words can.  I hope your comfortable with them both so first things first:  “Shalom” is a commen greeting in Hebrew meaning Peace or “Peace Be unto you” and “Namaste” is sanskrit for “God in me honors God in You”.

Another few words that you may see over and over again in some of my writings are the words “Entheogen” or “Entheogenic”.  An Entheogen is a sacred substance in that it is used to initiate people into divine worship, prayer, service and thanksgiving and for enlightening us unto our religious roles among those living in association with our own aportioning of Heaven upon earth and Gods role upon us.

I don’t want to get to involved with “Loose Associations” and so please correct me or make comment to any observations you may see in my writings that you are convicted to express unto me.  I love to listen as much as write, though I’m tired of all the depressing stories that our society is forcing people to live out in these harsh American times.  I hope that we can hold it all together and deny the facist regard that our government has been promoting against our rights as “We the People”, and that we may truly see the rationalities that have led us to the logistics we find principly expressed by our legislations.

I welcome all of you who have chosen to read this, and invite all of you to follow the inspiration of my God and Society which is spelled out thru the words of my heart song, being played out everytime my fingers find the Keyboard; as much as any other time.  Lord be with you and “Inshalah” (The Lords will; will be done!)    Keshet Israel


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