Shalom and Namaste!

Keshet Israel here.. I am living in “Little Israel” in Clearwater Florida fighting for my right to be an entheogenist by natural born right of God!  I have vagabonded for years going from church to church, rainbow gathering to rainbow gathering evangelizing the nation as I called all both bad and good to gather together for the preperation of the marriage supper of the Lord.  We have gathered many by the spirit of our Gods own personal invite, who have come across “welcomehome” either in person or on the internet!

I have come unto a new name, as His new creation. Keshet Yashua Israel

I met with Israel in Pennsylvania at the new millennium, and then again in montana and idaho the next two years and have planted seeds among them that they may come back unto their Father and God one last time, by their acceptance of their savior.

The Psychological Grandiosity of this proposition is up for debate between the vatican and the CIA.  “Can a man come. . .   that i s  God?”

What if I majored in Psychology and have as a vagabond studied as a sociological engineer, being driven of my God and Father after the cross?

I have a long story and its only one story.. it’s the story I know of Christ that leads to me and thru me, as I now no longer live but He now lives thru me; it is His church that He builds; calling it the Entheogenic Reformation Church.

I have come as only the Good doctor would, to draw mankind unto the full redemption process of our Father and God. ( This being called “The Entheogenic Process”)

I have come unto this land as one regenerated through the apple of our Gods eye, into this new gentile adoption of Christ, by the words of our God speaking throughout time unto the re-unfolding of His mind in the temple of my life.

I speak as not just any Christed individual but as the author of life does speak, I have found my life to speak also and I cannot sense that Christ is apart from me in any of the paths our God has led me as He did raise me a vagabond across this nation.  Now I hope to calm the fears of those in this nation and all the others as I build the Entheogenic Reformation Church as one among “we the people” drawing men to recognize the Heaven of our God in all that we carry out; being His vessels from and unto our full celestial ascension.

I have written a new book called, “The Vanity of God: The Lost Prodigal King” and I’m hoping to put most of it up onto Googel Docs (awesome utensil!) where I also have the Church Charter & By Laws as well as the Church Articles of Incorporation filed in March of 2009.

I do also hope to have a book out that I can send to people for donations to the Church as we do need the funds to get out of debt!  We right now as a church are 216 dollars in debt to wachovia.  Anyone wanting to help please donate to thru PayPal.  We had a commercial insurance on a church vehicle before I went to jail for possesing our sacrament, and when I got in I couldn’t stop the direct debit that was set up for the Truck insurance to be paid.  My bank paid it, and now I owe them the money plus some..  Anyone ??  anyone??  lol



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