“The Little [that] Is-Real” (blog post)

A Blog post from (The) “Little [that] Is-Real”

“Little IsReal” is a monastic think tank I built into a duplex in Clearwater Florida as a platform to start fighting for our right to the protections our relatives died to protect!
I am an (Gentile) American son, named Jerry Michael Cofer who has been adopted unto the Jewish race through the faith I discovered upon ingestion of an entheogen in 1994 and that same spirit of faith that Jerusalem Kitchen received me in, sometime in July of 1999 at the New Millineum National Rainbow Gathering outside of Ridgeway, Pennsylvania.
I slipped between the rocks of all things, to find that the Mayans are not lost at all, but simply placed in the “heart-fire” of their own making. I discovered that life is not what many say it is. That fundamental beliefs about life are to be questioned as a re-searcher of mankind and God; in our part.
That all quests are worthy of the journey, but only one will draw the curtain away from our eyes that delivers us home; and this is the Way that we have learned to love and the way I have learned to walk.
After coming through the cross of our redemption, I was taken directly off into the heart of the city to be tested, now I am testing daily the cost I spent of all that “little [which] Is Real”;
Seeing the body of my God as that “being” which is the marriage mystery revealed, I (Shekinah) partake (Mary with Him) in the “being” (active body) of which I am one new creation of God giving this new name Keshet Yashua Ithycus.
Not wanting to pleasure it unto sin, simply for the reason of hoping to keep myself sober minded (in this war), by my keeping my focus upon the way of the Lord; which sacramentally keeps the anointing supper of our Father; which was given to us in the recipe of the Anointing oil & which is now being brought back unto the people as the “Plant of Renown”; for the healing of all the nations unto the Glory of God.
Why men have fallen so far away from morality to allow such a public disgrace to exist in the governing of such great a nation is beside me!  Everyone by now knows that Cannabis is not as harmful as the effects of Alcohol or tobacco on the body.
That the only real harms that surround the substance is the militant enforcement of the Draconian drug laws which are illegally being enforced against even the religious persons of We the People; many of whom are patriots of humanity have come to accept the anointing of our God as the active article of consumption drawn upon our Gods vessels (our bodies) to provide us with “The Way” which draws upon us the comforter; which is the anointing of our God.
Because of this conviction, I am prone to write about it daily.  The hate I feel for the degrading of our nation by the corporate greed and lies that our government has not fully been able to protect us from; can only find the therapeutic sentiments I need to live in the confidence of my God in the casual relief it apply’s upon my soul while I am in the world (Being borne here of God; completely regenerated!)
I have discovered this comfort not by the actions of others but by the delivery of our God and Father.  I was predestined to use the substances that have evolved my intellect and my belief systems within me. The accountability of God is not to be judged or led by the will of others, but “others” are to give up on their own will to allow the will of God to perfectly be seen worked out in our own lives
By the words and works that we see and do;  on the current axis of the “generation” of your existence; as an individual. God is Good! Bare witness!
Keshet Israel…
I was all apart on this one .. multi-tasking..lol
I’m trying to post daily to my Word Pess Blog.. which I’m connecting to my Entheogen Groups and Rainbow Yahoo Group.  More to come…

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