For Your 4-11

Shalom and Namaste,

The vanity of God; the Lost prodigle King is the book I’m finishing of essays. I hope to put it on the website within the next 3 months. At which time I hope also to have my classes done again.  And within 2-3 weeks I hope to start meeting with people again as The Entheogenic Reformation Church.

Here’s a prayer I just wrote for the day..  Have a good one.. send your blog posts to The Google Groups “Entheogenic Reformation”!   –KYI <><

Please God, set me free from all sins daily!  Do not let me fall into sin at all; that I cause no sin nor the furtherance of your suffering!  I pray daily that I may stay consistent in your being Father. That I be no further in sight then the scene you create in my life that I may stand up in the unction of the Lord that you have placed upon me God.  I pray that you may show your son to all mankind to prove to all man that you did live and that you are our savior!  Show to all of those who have not yet found you within them, to recognize you in others.  That way when they recognize the times are abounding they will find you and recognize what apportioning of grace you are giving them in life.
Please God, don’t allow sexual misconceptions to exist.  Don’t allow rapes or violent emotional episodes come into existence because of the ignorance of man.  Let all mankind finally open up and see that Christ is a person and that there is a coming end and salvation to attest to!  Let all mankind see you come in Father; that all men may find a knee and revere your wisdom, power and authority over all of mankind.
Your will God; Keshet Israel

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