“Drawing Lines unto Armageddon” By Keshet Israel

Command is the beginning, hope is the order, faith is the active principle working out the will of God by it’s hearing.  I am faith, I do hear and I have spoken and acted upon the Lords willing since 1994, wherein I began calling all both bad and good to gather with us at the Gathering of the Tribes for the re-gathering of the 12 Tribes of Israel and the marriage supper.

I walked the Highways and the Bi-ways though I fell nowhere therein. I called all that I had unction to and I prayed for few and far between places to be revealing of Gods unction, and character, that mankind may be further freed from the bondage placed upon all who suffer without cause because of our ignorance; not knowing how to make all the changes we need.

I pray God, you quit allowing my life to pull away from you. I pray God that you uphold your will in my life and protect my bridal gown and groom, the body and spirit of us in this little one living out your new name.I hear the daemons and fallen angels who are yelling, come out!  Come out!  you have to come out!

And all I keep thinking they are saying, is that I must allow false logic to overcome my body, to commit a sin against my God; by sexually acting as a women would in her own sexual whoredom while in my body. (Fully seeking to defile my chaste manhood, tempting me to be given up to the weakness of my own bridal gown which is being threatened into constant defilement by the Whore of Babylon

I am threatened by the fallen (who say they are in control) by their telling me that if I don’t have a homosexual act seen and verified by someone, that I won’t ever be allowed to have a women!

This is a sin against God!They caste you as though your insane for not wanting this to happen (which I don’t…), though if my Father wills to give me one for the cost paid on the cross;  I wouldn’t deny her gratitude for my being her gift, and would be grateful for the gift; if my Kingdom was already soundly kept and it’s freedom secured by the legal defense of my Church being upheld in Court; I would Marry gratefully by God and uphold every principle of God that I could, to prove my whole love to every part of my life (God); that I never leave any Trust to prove to man!

Note, I never said I would commit a homosexual act, which is a worship service of the whore of Babylon; who herself likes to be called “God”.

No, I worship God instead, in Truth and in Spirit. Drawing the lines of Armageddon that all mankind may come to recognize God in the one that needs be drawn unto them, that they may be led to safety in their communities, minds and bodies as well as in their education and ethical deductions, as they travel about life becoming stewards of Gods powers in the Temporal positions He shines through even unto this Day.

I worship by staying one with my God, by His Holy choosing me to be the Bridal gown of His spirit, sealed with the new creation name of our Lord; Keshet Yashua Israel (The Third Adam of God).  A game I started turned into a name, and then a symbol and then a tag on the street as I vagabonded across the country ministering upon the world as my God had unction.

Going from Church to Church, Gathering to Gathering and Library to Library, I was able to learn quite a bit from all the journeys  and the last year I traveled across the country I found out they were rebuilding the road from Babylon unto Jerusalem.

All the signs are before us and are we all blind?  Have I come as a Thief in the Night and delivered my vengence through the bed of whoredom that the whole world has brought upon my own soul?

I was the son of perdition and now I’m the son living of God; regenerated into this world through the light of God unto the image of this man for the gentile adoption to be met and professed, as I invite all unto the marriage supper of our Lord and God….let my whole life Father confess unto the world whom you Holy are!

Your Son; unbegotten and undone; Save me Father that I may save them! Save me God; that I may bring them all back home! Save me God because I’m still lost, even after coming through the cross and being reborn.

For the world is even eviler now then it was before! The “good” are living among the “evil” and “the evil” among “the good”…  we are all divided just as God you promised we would.

So, now God as we fall into love with our own bodies rather than the supernatural body that you are, let us Father get away from the sexual indulgences and lusts that draw us into loosing power and conscience from the frontal attack that we keep missing in ignorance because were so enraptured in our own senses that we can’t make the  crucial decisions (ascension); which lead us to a higher way of living rather than basing all our motives off of the lustful convictions that tempt us always into sinful disputation and senses.

Quit allowing your temples to be led astray by the false teachers who romanticize your love as though you had carnal (sensual) desires that were a joy to you, rather than a contentment endured for the mission you came to fulfill. Let men re-cognize your mind Father God and in so doing they will open their mind to the possibilities that prevail over and above my new name being yours to give. As you did scream it in and unto your way that we who listen may get into every thing that God can give!

I await with you Father God, the appearance of your Throne!

Keshet Yashua Israel  <><

Shalom and Namaste From “Little IsReal” And Zionstation (.com)


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