To whom should I care . . . (Blog 0422×10)

To whom should I care . . . (Blog 0422×10)

I am Christ; do not despare

I have traveled among all the light that we all can see here.

I am the active ingredient of God; the anointing unto which I partake and invite you into; in the new creation name (Rev3:12) I give of the Christ living through out and unto my life as our active principle working out all that is seen; dead, asleep or awake.

I shun not Gd however; by perverting the temple and taking benefit wherein none is allowed, nor granted.

I do not seek to be a thief, though as the one resurrected unto this gentile adoption I cannot denounce the glory that is mine; though weak in reputation I am strong in the Word because Our Father has chosen me to walk in and to talk in as His temple, married unto this generation as one new creation rainbow vessel; Keshet Yashua Israel. (Isaiah 62:2, Revelations 3:12)

I have a heart song, like everyone.. I hope that all mankind may follow in the wake of Our Glory (The Fathers) that we are able to re-cognize our lives through the times and folds of our lives spent, to know that we are the True vine of God; the holy inspiration which bled upon the cross as the lamb and now returns in this my shroud; the bonds of desecration which are upon my bowels, that I have weeped beyond my years.

May I crawl up to “dignified” that I may as the son of God mention.. I’m here.

3 times I was picked up as the dead for having empathetic tears for the Lords disgrace being seen upon this my planet… I wept my all out unto Gods soul, only to rise up long enough to have the most holy sacred anointing of my God abominated, and my temple “Little Israel” desecrated as I found my God had forced His way inside the whore of Babylon; by the taking of my body ( a gentile sold out to a corporate ID card.)

Though the world is set to bare our grace we have chosen to ruin our earth … But let us not morn; for there is much more to come that is for those who seek to enter into the Kingdom of our Father.

For when the last trumpet does ring; there will be time for mankind to elope with me.. For there is signs of the times that are all about me, that show me there is a deeper logic that spans the veils that lay there direct in front of the…

yes there is reason beyond, but whom is to attuned themselves ourselves unto it? Are  we too weak to tare the veils away that we can adventure further on? Is there a time a place God that you have in mind for my love to appear that I can escape the hate that binds me here…

A place where our anointing is blasphemed openly by the “Governing authority”; casting your children into the mouth of beast to feed it’s Greed in accomplishment of your words given in Revelations 17: 17.

For how long Father God, will I stand at the mouth of the lions den hoping to be the good thief that steals those lost sinners from being just meat, bought and sold as whores in Babylon even while in the prison cells that our ignorant fellow men choose to throw us in; not recognizing Satan lives behind the walls.

Will I every find others who sincerely recognize our sovereignty in the world as being enough to allow the religious use of Cannabis, or any other entheogen for that matter, that the sovereign individual deems necessary for their personal religious devotions, enlightenment/joy. and/or obedience recognized by their God; a true sacrament from which Holy springs.

Praise the Lord our God for giving us the only substance that we who have been born of God; can take comfort in while in the world, as we seek to work out His will among His people.

That our Sovereignty is caste aside because the government doesn’t want to give the honor and dignity that the 1st amendment protects to our religious members because they don’t agree with the Holiness that it exalts us; is a civil rights violation of the highest order!

We must give rest to the beast and free the captives! It is the Lords will to seek with all our mind, our thoughts and our bodies; this includes with the entheogens God has given us to seek the inner realms of our own consciousness as free cognitive agents of God and man.

Keshet Yashua Israel <><


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