Faggots: Gone All American! Blog 0428×10

Faggots: Gone All American!
Blog 0428×10
I think our country has gone to the faggots.. seriously.. I don’t think a man in our country can get a job or married without having to suck someone’s dick!  This is real.. I mean.. what facility of government do we have to protect us from secret services (sexually induced) that are being held as a common interest among our employers.. what happens when our government isn’t protecting our people from those who have started teaching that sucking dick is a common moral development of professional God fearing men..
With the overbearing threat that if you don’t want to join in, by coming out openly; then the authorities “that be”, are going to be used to put you into prison; so we can make sure we get “the Priss-in” (pronunciate: prison) you! So that we can whore our people into the work ethic of oppression we have built up for so many years here in America, while yet everyone who agrees to the whoring of the American (new Babylon) system, confidently declares their system to be Gods and everyone opposed to tolerating Gay pride and confidence (everyone Christian) will be caste as “Inhumane” or undignified.  (Though we Christians Know that anyone who accepts homosexuality has done so because they don’t know God; or they would uphold His will joyfully and contentedly!)
The whole “Priss-in” industrial system is run by whores who have accepted that being Gay isn’t a bad thing, if it gives me job stability and the availability to feed my kids without question, how can the fact that I sold my male or female identity in Christ out to get everything my family needs, ever be credited as being wrong?
This is the defeatist attitude that has allowed our Government to control us through psychological warfare instigated with fear, threats,  Police brutality, illegal arrest, false imprisonments and the personal terroristic threats that come through super secret intelligence agency programs that infiltrate our minds with unwarranted fears and emotionally terrorizing invasions of privacy through imposing telepathic questionings.
That government has used telepathic powers to control people is a foredrawn conclusion that is not given enough watchdog support because who can prove anyone with telepathic abilities is able to seduce us into questions and false impressions about our lives; that we can be saved from their terror?
Psychologists have been set up to use these terror plots against people by further disqualifying people from society who tend to speak about those things that the government agencies don’t want us to speak about. Such as how the government is denying our civil rights.
This is why we must speak up. Each and every one of us is a watchdog over the rights of every citizen and when and where we see these rights being denied we should stand up and be counted as people against those false principalities and powers that keep waging a war against those of us who simply seek to live our lives as religious identities of God’s perfect nature.
Let us hope there is time for people to repent!  Help us Lord to be saved from these occupations of thought and mind that lead us to be angry and upset without constructive (just) routes for  the hearing of our grievances.

Keshet Yashua Israel

My intellectual property right is the inheritance of Gods son; I give it by my acceptance of His new creation name. Isaiah 62:2 and Rev 3:12.


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