Testimony Blog 0427×10

Shalom & Namaste,  Blog 0427×10
I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus The Christ; who I died with and was resurrected into the new creation name (together with Christ), as His/Her new creation vessel; Keshet Yashua Israel.
I have come unto this land in the citizenship of your own generation; however I am the resurrection spirit of God living and moving and having my being; in this my Jerry (Gratefully Dead; alive as Christ.
Yep you heard it straight from the digital input of the bread of life.. fading from the light unto the darkness when the children of dark, hunger for the light of our regeneration, so much so; that we have had to create a stasis in society wherein the equal distribution of the light of God can be fed unto all of those who seek continually to reprove and reform their focus upon the honored and only True God.. (The Jumping Jesus Phenomenon)
Whom is it that we choose not to feedm because they have not come unto the Way of the Lord; to partake in the food of the Gods and find the patterns “set-a-stage” in our lives through our consciousness as being the enlightened identities of our Gods holy establishment?
We must recognize the higher dignities that exist in love and compassion for the spark of our divine Consciousness being the very image of our God; and by the entheogenic process we allow our children and our selves to open their lives and our lives up to a consciousness expanding agent of God who may (or already has) cognitively take(n) form as a supreme Author (authority); God.
Unfortunately, the secular society that we have allowed to lead us, through this whole “worldly” escapade; has led us into financial ruin (once again!), and now  is not allowing us to fellowship together to share the marriage supper invite (Kaneh Bosm Exodus 30:23) that I have brought in proclamation of the new name promised of the Lord (Isaiah 62:2, Revelation 3:12).
I have not come to preach in someone else’s name that I can hide from the insult that mankind wants to sling at Gods son!  I will stand in His name now and forever and proclaim my right to use the religious entheogens that my God, Sovereign in me, has drawn unto my pursuit of religious joy and living happiness; allowing me the only consecrating bread of God which has brought calm and relief upon so many of my body members through out all of this hipstory; Keshet Yashua Israel.
I didn’t just pop up with this name people, I received this name through many years.. (Of complete and utter defament from the world)
I was a hippy/punk when I grew up and didn’t like the game called “Punch Bug” because the cars were called Love bugs and the Hippys (“Peace & Love”) they were the good guys!
So.. I changed the game to “Jesus Fish” and everyone had to yell that when they saw the JesusFish symbol.. <><
Well.. I played the game so often and much that people started calling me “JesusFish” in reference to the game. Well. eventually it stuck… and in direct mockery against the Christian faith I chose to mark (Tattoo) my back with the
Of course, I didn’t know Christ then existed much less how much!
I later tripped on LSD and during a bad trip after watching Prophecy, and going back to my apartment which was in a  looting zone because the power had gone out for blocks, I actually asked for Jesus Christ to take over my life.  I couldn’t cope with it then because I didn’t know God, and it was time for our meeting anyways!
As I was sitting at my kitchen table, I was leaning back in my chair and I didn’t realize it then but I do now.. I had been holding my breath while I was praying inside with my eyes closed, asking Him to take over my life. Then when I opened my eyes and looked I also took a deep breathe wherein I saw the light gathered around the chandelier come in the breath I took..
It was the next December.. about 4 months from then.. that Jesus came into my life again.. incarnate this time!  I picked him up on Christmas eve and I accepted what was offered to me in faith; two entheogens.  Cannabis was passed between us as we spoke more and more about God and then LSD was passed in Faith as we evolved still our wits about the Christ and whom God is.
The hare Krsna had passed out drunk on the couch and the vagabonds inheritance was sleeping in my bed; wherein she infiltrated and overtook me that I had a child by her husband and mine; the Christ living and moving in our being. I was a vessel of immaculate conception; being I moved through the evolving process of having to go through a pregnancy while living in this gentile man’s own body.
Coming through strapped down to a bed in a hospital after waving a police officer down; because the next day I had a light coming out of my body in a 12 foot diameter.. anyone walking within range of it I could exhume all cognitive function of and recognize their empathies and regrets; I had to wave a police officer down after hearing “Cheech and Chong’s” Christmas special.. hearing all the voices in the music as though they were speaking directly to me I had to wave the officer down..
Ironically, the place I pulled over was a Driving School parking lot.. and when the officer asked me my name I told him JesusFish.. so the cop radioed.. “calling all Cars.. Calling all Cars.. Jesus is at the Driving School!
The radio went dead for a bit, and then an officer I knew came on and said.. “Is he on LSD or Mushrooms this time?”
I had a bad trip about a year before while tripping on LSD and the cops knew me.. because they all knew I smoked. I was honest about it when asked and they even sought to enlist my help at a few ventures; though I never benefitted their plans.
I was put into a State Hospital for evaluation and then released on my carnal birthday. (1-5-72) having gone in on my new birth day; 12-25-94.
Little did I know that I would go back to my apartment where I had left “Silver-bear” the incarnate vessel of Jesus; who led me through the cross that night,  had cleaned my whole place and left a present and a note for me. There was a sweatshirt which said, “Holy Cow” and a note that said Merry Christmas from Silver-bear and Sparrow and had a peace symbol drawn that had “Broken Cross” written below it..

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