The Informal State is your Church Community Blog 0430×10

We the People, are the people that agreed together, in our majority, to provide a secure procedure for protecting every individuals Sovereignty; that they may act in their person without being cognitively coerced into religious environments nor hindered (or coerced) from inacting their Gods will; which incorporates and Leads our religious initiatives and exercises personally per each of our individual minds.
The State, which you live within is Gods State because God we know; exists within each of us.
“Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Lord?”
We know that we are to fan the flame of God into each of our God’s own vessels; our temple of the Lord. That we may all evolve in our dialect with God that we may all gather together the right ways about ourselves while we are in our Gods state.
It is obvious to us that, being born of God, we are not born here of our own will, nor was it the will of “The State governed authority” that regenerated us into the identities held by the government social security projects, which we find ourselves bound unto, upon our regenerating (re-entering earths time-line) upon Gods will into our “new creation” vessels. We are those who live as one in the resurrection life. Many of us will live unto the second resurrection; being neither married nor given into marriage but made unto the angels of God.
I’m a citizen only by the regeneration of my Gods will being produced consistently in my life by His will. My life is not my own; I am not a “naturalized” citizen by “true definition”, because I was born again in 1994, not by any earthly (naturalized) way; nor any will or human decision by mankind.
Does this mean I don’t have all the rights of God?  Do we have rights, only if we continue to uphold secular tithes and worship (economic and political fervor) or are we as citizens of Heaven to be protected in our Gods choice to will in our lives, upon our giving up our will, that He may be fully consecrated unto His own serviceability?
And if we are allowed to “act-out”, our Gods will (without being hindered) then why is the continuance of the War on Drugs still violating the rights of individuals (Our Gods vessels) by their being coercively threatened and targeted by Government agencies that disqualify individuals religious sincereity from the religious protections that our ancestors died to keep!
All this while the Courts hold in Default that there is no Religious use Defense!? How can we default to a system that automatically disqualifies all individuals from their religious rights because they have a substance they use in their sincere worship.
This atrocity is to be stopped immediately!  We are casting our children into sin; wherein there is no sin actually committed!  We are punishing our children (our citizens) for doing nothing wrong! Seriously.. Alcohol and tobacco are much worse in effect upon the temple of God then Cannabis or other entheogens that have been used in religious rituals since time began!
For our States and our Nation to attack (“out-right”!) God; that so many serve is to draw our whole country into the wrath of God!  Not to tell our Government to stop, is a sin against our God and our People!  We must tell people when we see them on the way to Hell; what it is that we see acting in their lives to draw them into Hell (A False State based on & upheld by illogical principles) that we may as friends draw them back into understanding Gods mission in the lamb of God and  now in the Temple of God that you are working out Salvation from within; as His authority upon the earth. (Sovereign!)
Keshet IsReal  <><  Aka: JesusFish

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