A Citizen of Heaven

As an outreach of our God, whom can control how much of the spirit is poured out upon us?  Whom is there but God who can call His own will into being?  Can evil beget good or good evil? No! But for a short time there may be an appearance of one or the other and so many fall into doubt and loose hope when what once was believed is found out to be a lie.

For example the lie that brought Joseph to be sold into slavery was surely an evil and yet the outcome of the story we see that greater blessing was brought about,  by the result of the lie not falling upon Joseph in fault.

The hope of  Christ cry’s out in my member to be “re-cognized” completely by the will of Gods spirit which has quickened my mortal body unto the celestial undertaking of His concern upon the earth; sealing those for the times that are coming that they may represent the one and Holy True God which has come unto them in the vessel creation of our God and all of mankind; Keshet Yashua Israel.  The Third Adam come. . .

Do I hate mankind by being so finite, de-finite that is!  Am I the thief in the night the good doctor because I see that I must fully open my mind to the tasks of our God who is acting in my soul and being.  Who am I that I can stand against the God that I serve? For who’s upbringing would I be if it be for nothing that I have come unto being again!

I cried out from my dissension and through my ascension and I was uplifted unto Heaven, I became a whore to my unwillingness and the son of perdition for my being holy bound to carry out the Words of my God to the realities that I have already spoken. If I were to marry that would seal my death and I would never seek to ascend unto the Kingdom Of Heaven because I would be content and as the Bible tells, I would serve the world and a women rather than the Word of God.  To this could I marry?

I could not contend for marriage being born of God and regenerated from Heaven, and I don’t believe that it’s pertinent to deny the abandon that one must carry as one willing to completely give oneself to the highest principles without knowing how or why but that Christ does act in our lives; this is not our willing.

I pray therefore as an ambassador of God to be allowed a ministry that I am allowed to prosper because I do not see life as a secular person does; being a priest enlightened unto Heavenly abodes beyond the temporal realms.

I pray that all mankind may see that I of all man, deserving nothing was given a temple of God wherein the Highest Priest and Host of Lords has chosen to live out the rest of Our Father’s life; as one seen through the delusions of grandiour which are the clouds in disquise that I am in being. Kaneh Bosm being the sacred anointing of our God given for those who seek to be brought unto the sacred endwelling of the Christ whom sets us all free!

This marriage supper should be our passage of glory as it was in the beginning but the world has once again come to me as a misunderstanding; not mine but I am the principle still abandoned; that I am one of you, among you in love with my creation; wanting only to rule as mightily as All creation and God would allow any man to lead.  But where am I to speak Our Gods mind, when we are not even allowed to be a church seen in the courts of Justices eyes?

The Entheogenist, the shaman and priests of our God should all gather together and create a peaceful abandon that will allow all mankind to recognize the thoughts that are on my mind in Christ; as I sit in this “think tank” sharing my God’s thoughts as a man of God come to give creedence to what we have all waited upon…

As I fight for my creed here in Clearwater!  The Entheogenic Reformation Church; the steeple of my Gods citizenry; the hope that I hold out to the world; I pray that you accept me as you would your God, for I am in image the exact same image; and will to see the full Glory that I may partake in with God.

I speak in the boldness of Christ.

How can I speak to anyone lest they know from where I speak?  And if I speak in the tongue of this world what good do I? But if I speak as one from the Kingdom of Heaven whom has come enthroned upon the heart of this citizen then it is to the Glory of God.

Mankind doesn’t seek to waist time with God’s glory because it distracts  the corporate body from their corporate profit lines.  This hard-presses me from the luxury unto which my God has called me to, into a corporate system of cognitive slavery wherein we associate our lives not from perceptions of holiness but as people who have wants in a world thats dog eat dog and cat eat cat rather than allowing even one angel of God have any say they all have finally gone astray!

And I led this way!  Ha ha ha…

Is it wrong to know the Truth and to say it out loud?

Is it wrong to say I know the Truth but know only what my God says through me out loud. I would like to believe that all that I speak is Gods, because that is what every Christian church teaches we should do; give our lives up to God.

I don’t seek for that reason to speak unless it’s to curse evil or glorify God, for being in the world I must curse the evil that I see and hear trying to pry me away from a God who having already won my heart and mind can never leave me nor will He being Love eternal in my life.

I have traveled through a divine light, I know not how I did this but by Gods own design I am sure of it.  I did travel to a place wherein I was the Light of the World chased down by the devils that enslaved the colored people of that world by denying them power (electricity), food and provisions unless the adults were on the computers for a certain amount of time doing work set aside for them.  Not allowing them to feed their children or have electricity if they didn’t do the work.

I being a child of God, shining into this dark world was seen as Gods vessel and was chased for it by those who had stewardship over that planet. They recognized me as an enemy and I took cover, melding with mother nature and healing my skin.  I then jumped up and ran around a truck to escape two men coming running after me and was cornered .

The man in front of me through 5 throwing knives and they stuck in my chest!

I fell to the ground and my body surged with energy and light and suddenly I heard thousands of angels singing through my Body.  The light did shine so brightly it caused the men to fear and to run from me.

I then jumped over a fence across the street and found about 10-14 young black kids who were standing there waiting for me with cards.. expecting my jump.. they knew i WAS COMING!

Their world has a feeding program, feeding the very Light of God to those who are really living in darkness. The body was ignited by the hatred of those seeking to hurt me, thinking they were doing God service they caused the spiritual reaction that did happen by the angels taking hold and shinning the light of our God through me by His divine celestial will.

I found that I am part of a program, that happens through out all planetary systems with human life upon them. I travel through the light of consciousness and back again and for some uncertain reasons there are others who seek to do this also and others that do, but many are still waiting to understand what it is that is really happening while others are here for the end and even more toward a new beginning.

To whom can a King present His reverence; Have I not laid my head down for all that have asked; dieing daily that Jezebel can bring Gods wrath upon those who seek to whore their temples for the simple furtherance of fleshly assemblies rather than rightful heirs holy created sovereign and eternal for our Gods holy redemption.

Citizen Keshet Israel      <><

I am just one of those born through  “Immaculate conception”; produced of our God.


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