Androgynous Doesn’t have to mean Homosexual!

May Day Brainstorm.. Whats on my Mind
Homosexuality interferes with our children’s confident growth process unto God, confusing their moral duty to uphold the gender role that Christ has sent them unto. It is a sin against our people to allow Homosexual behavior as though it’s some spiritual liberty for our people, for our children being weak in their flesh will easily follow whatever false ethics men and women portray as “good” and wholesome or somehow moral behavior, especially when it affords them the pleasures of sin!
To allow Homosexuality a place in society, proves to Christian children that our nation is not a nation that loves God. Deterring our children from having a secure foundation in the process of their growth into adulthood.
I think the government would rather teach in our churches there own teachings so that they can allow the teaching of tolerance to overcome the fear and reverence we should have of our not being able to attain unto the providence of Gods own personage in our lives. This is why God doesn’t allow Government to have control over His Church government. Our God, upon judgment doesn’t tolerate sin! No, no one in Heaven can sin because they are so led by the Lord our God that they have no more opportunity for sin to take place. “Provide no Provision for sin to take place is not only our order while upon the earth, but a Kingdom rule of providence; which allows no sin to be committed.
Being Born of God, we know that homosexuality is a sin against Gods temple and Heaven.  The Bible says God will allow some to fall way into those delusions, but they have no way of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven, lest they repent of their acts & that means they must repent of the actual desires that they are being forced and deceived into by Satan (The False principles planting Gods authority over Hell) as a temptation; which has led many away and unto him, claiming to finally know God!
We must take our own bodies into control as confident Christed members of our God and recognize that God sent each of us, who find our salvation being worked out and unto our regenerated bodies. God did this not to pervert the temple from it’s natural course of intimacy, and in our understanding of God through the Words He has given shows us that there is no perversion that we are to be tempted unto in our flesh but that we are to love as God does love; without temptation nor hesitance. This does not mean we are to allow Satan to draw us into His homosexual sales pitch! No.. we must keep faith and know that God chose our body to be whole just as He is. So, if we are to marry in this world it will be to Gods glory; making male and female into one new creation.
It is an obvious imbalance of nature having male and male and female and female partners working together. The problem is that our society is a young society seeking to understand what it is.. what we are still.. people are still not understand why we have the desires that we have and many of us fear our own bodies. Many people have been bombarded by Satan, who never tires of forcing homosexual temptations upon people as routes for sinful pleasure, and have fallen into sin not recognizing the dividing line between man and women is God as well as their union.
See.. if one were to fully accept the position of God; that God has resurrected unto your life by your acceptance of Him, then you would be “made likened unto the angels of God” neither being married nor given into marriage but androgynous, but knowing it is a sin to allow homosexual activity in our lives we also find it is obviously just as sinful to fall to the other. For if we are to be given to one side; why would not God give us also to the other that we may be fully whole in our relations.  That is what binds us to the recognition that Christ is androgynous and whole. Married unto the Whole Church of God; yet God never divides from His perfect androgynous nature to allow one over and above the other to exist unjustly or un-equally.  This narrows us into the recognition that God seeks for us to follow His thread of consciousness unto the very position of His own soul; that He may be fully resurrected in and unto the temple of God that we are in time.
You are allowed to live the highest path of all religions which is pure chasteness of personage. A marriage vessel of God. A marriage like Gods does not divide us unto the world or into gender but unites us into one spirit into one church body.
If you cannot contain yourself and wonder to lust, then you should marry that you will at least be under oath to God to be a husband and Father in the world to vessels that God could come unto.
To stay in the world as a steward of God is the calling of us as His vessels, that we may prepare those who seek the Christ for the marriage supper of the Lord.
If this grace is enough for men and women, rather than to continue to seek full entrance into the Highest Heaven as a priest and son of God, then let them marry and Honor God by raising up a vessel that God can take full root within, while producing an environment as a good steward over the earth and the paths that He may come in..
Let us not be looked upon as effeminate for long, for in our earthly bodies we still have those lustful feelings. Though “dead” they are always screaming to get out; to be born again!
But we don’t want to unleash the whore of Babylon unto our own flesh, that she gain free reign in our Gods vessels. Then she will seek to worship the penis in our own Gods temple by allowing it into her own mouth, Satan convincing her it’s the way of Confessing our Love for God, through our own mouths acceptance! (The same sin we committed in the Garden!)
This is what has desecrated the temple of our God for too long!  Men accepting this position, as being “holy”, is the worst blasphemy of God under Heaven!
Being Born of God, we know that it is in our Carnal bodies natural want to lust for all the pleasures of carnal nature. Our bodies, Gods temple, is nothing but an abandoned whore wanting for all the pleasures of the world at all times; if we do not fan the flame of God, by reading the Word of God that we may find understanding.
The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Coming to know God is understanding. Without Understanding there is no compassion, nor love. In fact without God you are sub-human, though we exalt you to know God by seeking to fan the flame unto you; through the reading of the Word and the sharing of it intimately with you, that you may come to know God and have understanding.
I am all things but not all things are beneficial to me.. I am both masculine and feminine; yet I keep my bride chaste and Love my God with all my heart! I cannot want to lust after homosexual actions nor have regard for lustful attentions rather than restful longings for justice, after having spent my life evangelizing the earth. I may seek to produce another temple to do this from within, that I may continue on after I lay this flesh down for the greater cause of my people (where God lives).

Keshet Israel

I have been tempted and longed for sinful things in life and I have repented for having longed for them.. I pray God for strength that I may never fall into sinful longings anymore and that I may have the strength of a women in my life to help me keep the balance of Love in tow unto Him (that dividing line).

Lord be With you all..


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