The Jezebel-Ian Conspiracy 0501×10 (May Day!)

The Jezebel-Ian Conspiracy is a divine program incorporated into time by God through divine light and life; since the cross.. anyone having come through it; can find that they are the Christ living in a new creation vessel; looking out into space and time from a different individual perspective then that one we were in when we died on the cross in the beginning.
No, we are now living after the cross. We no longer look to live as lambs for the sacrifice because God’s son was sufficient for all wages!  We no longer need be humbled and fearful as adults like we were as children; but like God in His confidence and pride we are to be confident and to take pride in our Gods ability to prove us faithful; as His good stewards!
We must not boast to the point of jesting; nor adventure to be so proudful that our God must seek to settle our own hearts more, before being able to find the righteous words that need be prospered unto the world for our evolving salvation.
We are the Word of God; born again and again through time, taking recognition of “the current of reason” and “facility”, reforming and recreating a new Kingdom out of the old consistently.
In the end of time however, there comes one of us in the name of Christ who comes back into the world as the original lamb born again, to bring about the end of all time!  The Christ will return with a Plant (called “the plant of reknown”) for the healing of all Nations!
Sharing this plant as the long awaited for “Marriage supper” in the end of all time. This plant is the “Kaneh Bosm” tree listed in Exodus 30:23 which is where the Word, “Christ” got His name. Christ literally means “The Anointed One” and so to be “Christed” (anointed) means that one has received the Holy anointing of our God through the only route of our being consecrated unto the Father.(Exodus 30:23)
There is no other route given by God for us to be “Anointed” and so fully associated with the original and authentic Judaic root of our religion, we accept “The Christ” (The anointing of our God) through the entheogenic acceptance (Grafting- in) recognized as the entheogenic process; the route we are called to in the “Marriage Supper” invite; which prepares our hearts and minds for the quickening of our God to be revealed in our own lives.
The Sacrament Divinely cleanses our soul of false logic, while comforting, healing and aligning our body and mind unto the divine unction of our Lord and God. That unction which in a twinkling of an eye will call us out of the world unto a new creation; can and will call us unto His resurrection spirit and ascension. So we must prepare our selves while were here for the journey, therefore we feed upon the anointing of our God and allow His holy substance to infuse with the Kingdom of Heaven and God who is within us; marrying us unto our fullness as He uncovers His own expressions within our own lives working out His will while in the world.
In fact, I can see a time ahead of us when Cannabis is finally made legal. Once that happens it will be recognized that Cannabis, being used both for Good and Evil; has accomplished being the one substance that has literally evolved our communities and our minds and bodies all together through the history of our Country. This shows how God can use the most foolish of all things, to exalt the greatest of all mankind unto the Glory of God.
We will have created a huge police force of people, and now put the actual anointing of God back into their hand so that they can come back into the focus of humanity that God has always had in the Heart of His making; “America”.
We who are oppressed from Free Enterprise and “Criminalized” for our worship and preparation for God’s ascension, will one day be free to go and apply for a job where we won’t be religiously persecuted out of the job by their invading our private lives wherein we use in our private alms giving with God the Kaneh Bosm that allows us to (w)rest our Head upon His “bosm.”
What a moment it will be. . . To see Freedom in America!  What a blessing it will be from God to know that we no longer have to fear growing our holy sacrament for medicine, food, clothing and textiles.. that we won’t have to fall into the commercial trap of High retail costs.
This is why Capitalists have hated cannabis up unto this day; those given to money and the ways of this world don’t care about the joys and comforts people require in order to be fully emotional compassionate entities under Gods stewardships. No, they care about profit lines, debts created by men and how they can store up their “things” for as far as two to three generations ahead.
While people die right now, children that are unborn and unplanned are gaining great wealth is this what Christ would do?  Local first has always been my rule. God, after regenerating me unto this new creation life, took me and showed me many of the inner kingdoms of this nation, by walking me across the country and showing me all things. I have studied as a vagabond across the nation, going from Library to Law Library, Gathering to Gathering, and Church to Church finding awesome concerts and mountains upon the way.
I was led by the Lord our God since 1994 and in that time I did find the worst parts of our society are those parts which force themselves into position of immediate authority over your actions and words. I am a person with Cognitive Liberty and my own intellectual property rights. If I choose to give my whole soul over unto my God, I will not (because of some sublime moral decree) deny God that property by denying the name of my God walking in me. This is the marriage body of my God; that I now living after the cross walk in with my God. Two in one flesh.
This dynamic is much more than just two positions of authority however, as are those who become married in this world. Let us also take into recognition that the temporal government outside of us is always without human compassion when God is not involved. This is the failure of our system being “secular”. Even the secular Humanist is not truly Humanist, because we know that those who don’t know God; don’t know what they themselves are.  What human is; is not something recognizable by anyone. No, it is God who created us all that knows what His creation is and those who allow Him to stand within them as the Host of Hosts is the One that recognizes human compassion in it’s fullness.
Let us all recognize today whom Christ is in our actively working the entheogenic marriage supper of our Lord; the consecrating anointing of our God, unto our Gods blood stream that our Joy be anointed with Him through this baptism accepted.  — Citizen Keshet IsReal



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