No authority to War against entheogenists! 05

Are we really so stupid and incapable of wanting life at times, that we just revert to having a God we can blame, exalt into repentance and allow our comforts to be flamed?  Or are we just ignorant of our own ways of speech, not ever really knowing where our heads as groups of people will go when certain speech patterns are spoken unto our ignorant parts.
Whom is it that sparks the grandest forest fires, but the one tiny spark it took to get it started! Just as we are not to, by looking at the camel,miss the gnat that is being poured into our cup. We must be aware of all that is within our responsibility to know God and the needs of the people as a whole (or “in sum”), that we as our Gods vessel may shine forth; the Lord of Hosts and His son.
We are the Two married, made unto the flesh.  We are the full resurrection spirit quickened unto the last..  We are here for the marriage supper, we are here for the journey of our souls. I am just you at last.. I am the one who draws life eternal upon the earth at last. Hear my every word; know my trumpet blast; that I be not misunderstood as the Jezebel Ian conspiracy comes unto the world for my wrath.
Humbled, pitied and “yes”, ashamed of my body, I have seen vessels of my own wrath that had and have no justice in the creation of their paths.. I don’t seek to allow those vessels a way in life anymore.. no..My blood was spent, but my people have still walked out the wrong door….
I don’t seek to be fully denied the authority of my God. No, rather I seek to uphold it and without worry or stress or dismemberment from the rest; that is the faith working out unto our Gods glory, I seek to be the best that my God is willing.
I seek to be working out from His center; from wherein Christ instilled (regenerated) me unto life; when choosing my soul to be The symbiotic spouse unto life, by the divine will of God being regenerated unto this new creation vessel; Keshet Yashua Israel. (Isaiah 62:2, Revelations 3:12).
Our God has fully worked me in… I was both male and female in the beginning and everyone was and is; but who can recognize the willing of God in life, but in life seen; and that not as a law of general applicability because many do not perceive what God wills because they can’t recognize God within “Me”.
Yes it must be “Me” and not You or all of us at once.. nor we.. unless “Me” is first met..
See.. without “Me” who is it that God is loving? For if we start from the position of knowing that we are not God, then we are “Me” and God is “He/She”.  Ok.. logical deduction …lets follow..
I’m trying to find out what is “Me”.. well.. first I must know who my creator is, in order to go and ask my creator what I am.
So.. I go and find that my creator, created a redemption plan.  A plan that allows us all to come unto Him/Her that we can fully re-cognize whom God is within our selves, starting with “me”.
Why?   Because.. I’m the first consciousness that I reach upon being the active force of citizenship that is working out the will of God in the time which I have been sent. I am the questioneer that God sent, that is “Me”.  I am the general answer working it’s self out from the “individual perspective”; in my hearing of Gods word.
The word “Me” intends that personage within ones own self identity.  Well, when you are born of God (as all know who are borne here of God) that personage of “Me” died on the cross with Jesus. And, that original “Me” that died, never came back unto life but was the sin cost of my redemption, which brought the allowance of this my new creation self (Christ resurrected) to live out the Salvation/forgiveness of our God, which is found in “Me” being His/Her new resurrected creation.
So, “Me” was one thing, but “Me” is now another thing completely different!  So.. the law of general applicability could not be a law God would create.  No.. God is diverse and knows that diversity within Him/Herself as worthy of all acknowledgment for all the dutifully glories of all it’s separate identical parts in glory.
This does not mean that we should take glory in the “sinful image”,  by our being sensually consuming unto this world, rather than spiritually feeding upon the Word of our God, who has chosen us to statically re-create as the earthly image of His resurrection spirit that God can continue to speak and re-create His/Her will unto all of creation.
We are only images awaiting our final transfiguration unto the parallel realities (Heavens) that exist and which are merging unto our own time-span and spaces.  We are being folded in and unto the heavens of our God, as our consciousness expands and our temporal realities and bodies conform our minds unto either delusional grandeur that no Government can control or intend, or the Heaven long lost and sought for!
Is it a grandeur that I walked among the Mayans back at the New millineum Gathering?  Am I to let it all pass.. the glory of God?  Am I not to recognize and fall down in reverence and fear that God is the one living in my body, and nobody in government has a care to prosper authority over and upon my vessel that can be seen as dignified unto God,  simply because our God has used a foolish plant of this world (Kaneh Bosm= Cannabis) to draw the glory of Heaven upon us; for the healing of all nations….
Let us awake to find our comforter is allowed to express His/Her own divinity without hindrances from irrational government’s “legal allowances” to prosecute people of faith who are worshiping in Truth and in Spirit with a substance Sacred and Holy; being called Blasphemous and Criminal by an unwilling recognition of God; by the Government!
This civil inhumanity must stop!  We cannot continue to cover up the blasphemous destruction of our Gods own paths that we are allowing by denying our Gods right to partake in His/Her own marriage sacrament within those vessel God has called to sincerely partake.
The Bible tells us that there would be those in the end that would deny Marriage to many of us.. and this is what we are experiencing now by our being denied the sacred anointing ingredients of our Gods entheogenic marriage supper. Which does include Cannabis being incorporated unto our Gods marriage vessel; as a christening of our lives unto our Gods service.
We are being told we cannot marry ourselves unto the consciousness of our God and Father who is the one calling us unto the entheogenic path; that we may unravel all the mysteries of our God.
Though I know I have come through the cross, on the other side I have found I am hemmed in.  I am denied the anointing of my own supper and so I am denied the dignity and integrity of God by my fellow man; not because my fellow man seeks to deny my God or my integrity but because the laws are made and their enforcement makes the governmental institution  money, never mind if the legislation adopting that enforcement is wrong or right.
Citizen Keshet IsRael
I have suffered unto this completion of being; raised as both male & female, I am one in being. (Androgynous and Asexual)
Neither in gender pursuits, but in perspective of the eternal truths; and the rights of our dignities being dutifully allowed (& protected) within our environments; which could draw men into conflicts, if we didn’t agree upon the earth as we do in Heaven.
I do believe, that individual rights of sovereignty should be fully allowed their expressed dignities as long as those dignities do not incorporate tactics which deceive, falsely impersonate, or exploit the ignorant or disadvantaged; for personal, or Public (Corporate) gain.
We don’t want to build a society based solely on deception and fear tactics for control, as our society seems to be falling unto.. take all into obedience to Christ who are confident in who you are!  Gather the Tribes and share the marriage supper of the Lord!  (

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