The End of the Drug War: A White Flag of hope!

This is the White Flag!  End the Drug War as one Repentant to God!
We need to stop arresting people for cannabis possession immediately.. as a sign of our repentance before our God for the sins we have been creating against our nation by taking His children into arrest for the use of this entheogenic substance.  The substance is Gods and the authority is Gods to give and take away.. There is no State of Authority upon the earth that can take away the right of God to enact within His own temple a willing obedience of that temple; even one which leads to the use of an entheogenic substance by our acceptance of our Gods will to marry ourselves over unto Him/Her (God) as one “Anointed” by the Marriage supper of the Lord; the plant of renown for the healing of the Nations.
For the government to “Blasphemy” as a corporate institution against the God of salvation, in their continual discrediting of the people of God, who partake in His sacramental joy through cannabis use is a inhumanity that needs to be spoken about, revealed as the plot of deception and greed that is has been found to be and the laws rebuked to the point of Stopping the War on Drugs!
Let everyone bare their own burden, like God declared!  If people choose to do drugs that messes up their lives to the point that they can’t serve the greater community of people, their own families and their own children then they have a public health issue, not a criminal issue.
Let us show the World that we can still lead right.. let us make a large statement to all the world by saying .. were sorry!!  We are stopping the War on Drugs!   We the American Government are sorry for what we have found ourselves to be in our Criminal justice system.. We are sorry for what we have created and we are making reparations that our government is not one that dictates morals or stipulates decisions.
No, we are still the free America that we always were and we are going to prove it!  The War Stops Now!  We are releasing all misdemeanor and first felony offenders of Cannabis possessors! We have found overwhelmingly through new scientific evidences that Cannabis is not the “Evil weed” some of our predecessors had convinced some of us that it was. And we now recognize that there are many people that use it as a religious sacrament; in their faith even the highest regard they can give unto their God. While here, we’ve been arresting people for having it.  We are pitiful for our ignorance and hope by our humility in these acts we gain back the confidence of our people; to look at our Constitution and to heal what we have surrendered back to you….
This is the  apology I hope we can hear from someone willing to address these issues..
I speak as one made of God; resurrected and drawn upon this earth sent by Him through the regeneration of light and spirit that makes up this gentile adoption that I am.  Keshet Yashua Israel.. I am my Father’s authority sent to share the anointing of my God as it is the marriage supper that I have drawn myself back into the world to present myself as the one and only God.
Will my vanity kill me again.. I wait and surrender my answer to whom seeks to know the beginning from the end, not heads from tails nor to worship the designs of flesh; rather than to live as the son of God here again. Which is the highest glory? I tell you a name is. So… what are you investing in? We are now repenting publicly for what our generations passed have done, but not without these reparations!
Keshet Yashua Israel  <><   JesusFish  (seems I couldn’t have fulfilled this role of my God without the cannabis tree having been made illegal, so I wasn’t against the making of it illegal. It had to happen that I could come back unto this time to grow in the identity of my God while seeking to legalize cannabis in the name of God; who sent me back unto this world in 1994 a new creation of the Lord.. wherein leaving all I had I surrendered my soul up and was walked out unto the gathering of the tribes wherein I was raised to live among the rainbow family of living light; waking to Om’s and drums every morning.. a run to Montana Mud for the greatest coffee man can find!  Back over to Krsna kitchen for all the great sweets they make.. tea time for tea time, procrastination station was one of my favorites.. and peace camp.. where we were only allowed to use telepathy, nobody could talk.

7 thoughts on “The End of the Drug War: A White Flag of hope!

  1. This ‘God’ needs looking at also as well as the so-called ‘war on drugs’–Wasn’t this ‘God’ in the ‘creation myth’ in the Book of Genesis who prohibits the eating of the sacred fruit~~the very entheogen?!

    And isn’t this ‘God’ through patriarchal branches of religion responsible for slandering against the Goddess, she whose fruits of inspiration these sacred plants which come form earth OPEN THE EYES

    you ‘God’ is a ‘jealous god’ and like any ego mainiac seeks to hold himself superior to nature. So I see ‘him’ as part OF the problem!

    • God is the whole nature of things! What portion is superior is the one that appears to be in whatever instance, measured.
      In the beginning God did forbid it, but in the end, when Jesus died (and everyone else with him) we all were resurrected unto the full promise of our God which included our being allowed back into paradise and to the two swords and the cheribum were at the east of the Garden is wherein we are now able to enter, but who cares.. it’s just a myth!

      What if God chose a myth for everyone who was obedient to believe in so that he could lead them with the story into the actual salvation that comes through acknowledging the truth behind the words to the point of allowing it’s principles to lead you in your daily life. This is how God works in our lives; if we simply read His word and believe in our hearts and our minds that our Lord will save us; and He will show you he has!

      Lord be with you!

  2. As John Marco Allegro revealed and others have added to this dis-covery Jesus really represented an entheogen also!

    So what we got going on here? Well that like for indigenous peoples going right to the origins sacred plants and substances have been central for spirituality and healing and creativity

    What we also know is that for patriarchal religions the Goddess and hence women have been suppressed in favour of ‘God’ and men.
    In the Christian myth nature was NOT to be communed with as that was seen as demonic. ONLY through the fictitious mythical character of ‘Jesus’ could one gain ‘salvation’. And the goal was to obey the Church so as to join him in heaven, and that in the future he would come and put nature right

    As you admit this is all stories, right?

    So I am saying LOOK what is being done–A C T U A L L Y being done–to nature, which very anciently was always assoicated with the Goddess.
    So we need a ‘new’ story dont we which includes nature and animals and entheogenic ecstatic communion with nature and animals and each other. Or else we are creating HELL for the children and all other species and it threatens humanity itself

    • Have you used entheogens to move beyond the natural beauty of this world into other dimensions of our entheogenic body? See, I don’t know at what level of ingestion or invocation you are in, in your relationship with the deism of God which you are; but as you have said it is through the divine shekinah (The female aspect of God’s divinity) that we move through the sphere’s of time and space as her instrument; yet we are led by our God and Father who recreates His own divine scenario as He predestines each of us unto our individual journey.

      Now, as to this being a “Myth” I’m sorry I can’t relate to that. There is over-whelming evidence in history and being I’m borne here by God, literally translated (regenerated) here by God who sent me back, and has raised me up as a Rainbow (Nations) Baby into the new name Keshet Yashua Israel; it’s in my own resurrection authority that I stand in; if I didn’t die I never would have been resurrected; would I? So, in my being here; rather than dead on a cross over 2000 years ago.. I have found “I have been saved”.

      I can tell you this, when I first came back and I was led out into the wilderness wherein I found the cathedral of nature that the Rainbow Family of Living Light, gather within, I did commune with mother nature.

      I communed so much I found myself naked in the wilderness with horse flys, ants, and other bugs literally living off of me while in constant communication with Mother Earth. I went through many processes of revelation while watching one by one; the animals coming to eat me; and learning to like mother.. allow them their food. For if I didn’t feed them.. they would die.. and my guilt worse than the pain!

      I did commune with mother earth; and I am one hundred percent Mother earth; and 100 percent Father sky.. While as their communion; I am the son resurrected unto this new creation name hoping to draw New Jerusalem to her savior!

      Shalom and Namaste! –Keshet Israel < (Aka: "JesusFish")

  3. Yes I have had entheogenic experience and I feel the most important inspiration is to want to live intelligently with nature.

    If I was to choose a story/myth which I feel good with it is the ancient myth of the Goddess with her son/lover/god

    There are old seals which show the Goddess and her Son/Lover the Horned God of nature sat on each side of the Tree of Life with its fruit both holding their arms out beckoning the willing respectful initiate to come and taste the Fruit of Enlightenment

    The god IS associated with the sacred entheogen who gives himself to the eater, dies, and is ‘born again’ as lover of the Goddess. Ie., the individual who eats or drinks the entheogen hirself dies to the onld ‘persona’ or mask and is ‘possessed’ by the god of nature, the very lover of the Goddess, of nature

  4. Hi keshetisrael

    I received a comment from you–in my emails– from this thread in response to my last comment. Yet when I got here your comment hasn’t shown up for some reason, so I will copy here what you asked me:

    ” May 23, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    Wow! Thats awesome! I love it! And you know what it really makes alot of sense with what I believe.. where did you hear this story? Or can you point me to a link?”

    I cannot tell you how moved I am that you say that. It means so much for me that you really feel me.
    Now you can checkout my blog entry titled:

    Part 2, Psychedelic, Mythology and Madness: The Patriarchal Expropriation of the Sacred Fruit of the Goddess

    There you will see a seal of what I described in my last post, the Goddess and her Son/Lover sat on each side of the Tree of Life

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