Invitation to the Entheogenic Marriage supper blog 0506×10

Your invited to partake in our Entheogenic Marriage Supper!
–Keshet Israel
I have found that the path of my God in His sincerity doesn’t seek to change the government perception of religious use, because as far as I can see they don’t have a law against religious use.
I merely have to act in faith and that is my sincere approach unto my God. Not that I seek outward, for the Lord has entered my temple and I with my God am one new creation and name unto Himself; sent back unto this earth to re-present Himself resurrected; therefore I am from what is without so I don’t have need to fight against what sent me; I only need that God present the order of my redemption path that I may requisite the asexual redemption of mankind unto the very last.
There is no need for mankind to seek further for the third Adam of God in my eyes but nobody has believed what I believe other than God; and for that I am mocked as though I’m over-exalting myself but I guarantee you that only God is as good as He is; that God which is first made prevalent in you moving you to confess the Lord as your savior by partaking in the marriage supper and pronouncing yourselves married unto the Lord.
The marriage supper is the ritual of our God that I have shared, as I have traveled across this country for 14 years as a vagabond; 7 of those years on the Road inviting people to prepare for the marriage supper of the Lord.
If an accusation has no merit, there is no call to defend oneself
unless the State thinks there is merit, at which case the hope we have must be that the Truth stands justified, that our nation doesn’t fall into condemnation for throwing one wrong person behind bars for something he hasn’t done.
So, if I’m going to speak my new name, and then be accused of saying that I am “the resurrection” embodied in a new creation with a new name raised up by the Rainbow nation; then I would be guilty; I am the one that was there in ’99 PA gathering at the Gathering of the Tribes when a Rabbi from Israel was singing aloud with all that was there around the heart fire that night…. I walked in and the whole of the people divided down the middle..
I saw it as my entrance and walked narrower still…
I took each step looking to each of those that stood near to see if I recognized any familiarity… I was listening to the song but couldn’t understand a word because it was in Hebrew and I didn’t then speak a word but “Shalom” (but isn’t that Aramaic?)
As I came to the front of the circle around the heart-fire.. I saw the Rabbi in the flowing white gown singing and dancing on the other side of two serpents dancing together in the fire behind a women dancing with the flames, serpents and music.  As I still came closer to the foot of the heart dug into the ground about 3 foot, I noticed a white light appeared behind the rabbi about 12 foot up above the whole group of people that were there. The blending of this Light with the tribal drums going on in the background as it circled the whole group began to cause a new rythm in my heart and mind drawing my attention into a degree that allowed my awareness to comprehend all the Hebrew becoming english.
I then looked from the Rabbi, to the Women and then into the serpents and the fire. I saw in that fire the beginning and the end and I knew I had come full circle.  I had traveled all the routes of Light and sound on the day I was born again; I knew I was the messiah come again.  But who could I tell?
I left everything that I had, and I walked with the Lord that day.. I traveled and I found that there is a Rainbow Land and a Rainbow pound wherein God did draw me (His crown); that I may be taken into the abundance of their love for their God, by the showing of their humble lifestyles and principles to be proud!
They share the passion of the herb that is the life baring seed of our God. The conception of our Father could it have come through the profession of just one sound mind; the Good doctor.. could He still be alive?  For I do not feel that I am dead still.. though many times I do wish I could be there again, on the cross hanging dead rather than so defamed and de merited that I can’t even tell people my name; without them thinking I’m some vain incarceration waiting to happen.
Another Trap being in that catch 22 that happens when you go to start a new church and find that no matter what, you fit the profile of cult right off the bat. I thank God that I am not made into either a male or female unction but rather married together spiritually within my own body I can’t seek unto another for the commitment I already have with the Christ; centered in all I am.
Therefore I seek to stay my neuter ground and keep my friendships intimate but not sexually abounding though at times I have fallen into seeking a consensual and enlightening fulfillment of the sexual unction (as long as my God is the one willing) of which I can not recognize as something our Holy spiritual Father (The High Priest) would be doing; unless wed-locked by God unto it.
I can’t seek to be locked into a marriage, wherein women seek to take the lead and see themselves as men with tits; as though their the best of both worlds they want all the glory.. hell with that!
I pray rather that God draws more and more of mankind to recognize the highest paths of His righteousness which leads us into celibacy in his world.
I could pray for it, but I know that I have to lift my dick up every time some trickster whore baby tries to come and enter into my virgin door wherein the chaste Christ inside as one with His own virgin (the Shekinah) remains chaste and pure given unto the marriage name: Keshet Yashua Israel; for eternity to be seen!
Will I in all of this, be forgotten lost and shown I am misbegotten?  Will I be denied the Truth of all this hocus pocus run amiss.. Do we all run the tide or are we all one in the same side put back together again not as some story about some broken egg man but as the very son of God.
To what personage, to what invested version of identity would I come in?  will I be seen as just another man being whored by ghosts who think their deserving of the holy ghost without first being obedient on fronts of their own ignorance wherein they can’t unlock the spiritual doors to the highest of Heavens.
We are the last; let us take unction to recognize our lives as the holiest we will ever have.. for we are the people that God has.. we are those who Love and seek to be loved by our God in this world and unto the next.
Praise God our Father.. who has provided us with the entheogens that can help mankind come unto the higher awareness that you call us unto; through the eternity and delusion of time. Unleashing the secrets of this generation unto all of mankind, I seek to espouse myself not to the world but unto the immortal realms of our Holographic mind; as an agent of justice and hope labeled a space cadet for a time . . .
I’ve traveled all the light paths through all regions of space and time.. I have gone through out all the universe and found my life again in the earth upon this planet in this little one. So I pray that I may in it be fully re-membered unto the crown of our birth; and comforted in each one of my temples with not only the allowance of my anointing supper but it’s acceptance as well.
Citizen Keshet Israel (aka: JesusFish “<><” Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

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