An intro and Prayer.. Mine.. 57×10

I have found that I am asexual in my creation and that I am tempered in my earthly quickening as according the stimuli that I correspond with, I therefore have no free will but the Lords will and the peoples acceptance of that will working from within my inherited vessel of God; as according my own understanding as one borne here of God.
Upon this entheogenic process of enlightenment and epiphany, having been opened unto the light of our God on Christmas eve (back in ’94) through the eyes and charisma of a man who came to me in the name of Jesus.
I had already had the name “JesusFish” though I wasn’t “Christian”.
At first the man came to me in the name silver-bear and his girl companion was sparrow.  Then later, as time revealed it’s self, the hare krsna that was with us passed out on the couch and sparrow went and slept in my bed; while here I talked with this man, who leading me through sound words and speech, brought me into a reasonable escapade over and above the principles of humanity and sin.
It was at this point the man offered me faith.
As he offered it to me, he reached over and handed me a strip of LSD.
I wanting faith, in all of it’s dignity and truth was willing to submit religiously to the pursuit, which we had started at the beginning of our entheogenic conversation on LSD.
The man took about 25 hits himself and handed me more also.. I could only say less then he did after telling me it was just paper.. to have faith.. and ate more..
Please realize.. I had talked to this guy for 16 hours that night after dropping with him..  We went through so many different things symbiotically as one person that all things were made revealed unto us at the moment that God was working divinely through the cross of redemption and back in and unto us in our Gods inspirations, as his vessels sent to assimilate and actualize information from one another through the entheogenic communion of our beings being shared as the chosen of our God as we  shared in our personal regards with one another simple words over whom God is.
The simple enlightening procedure that took place that night with that man was what drew me into being initiatiated into the divine mysteries of our God within us. (That one which has created the Entheogenic Reformation Church.)
These revelations leading me unto the evolving Rainbow Family of Living Light (from which we all spring..) upon each inhabitated planet of our offspring.
We are Elohim. I am Jehovah; the Rainbow God.
Incorporated unto the World as The Third Adam of God.
I have a new name. (Isaiah 62:2, Revelations 3:12)
I have come back unto this resurrected life as this new creation identity (Keshet Yashua Israel) through the downward spiral of time that exists before us and beyond us but made manifest in the deity of my being.
To whom shall I be sent…?  To whom shall I fall and rise with in the day???
A women?           A man?
A bed at all that I can rest bones I suffered unto death…
Am I to fall into the sensual, to escape the hell that has none??
Am I to be divided to fall among those who have united in the call upon my name?
Who seeks my faith… crying out as those lost and wanting…and how long will it be Father that others have cut me down before being allowed my full coming…
Can I settle it all no. . .
Show the dream beyond the cloud… the art behind the artist… the man behind the machine.. The punk not exploited from being Jesus in the end..
Can I belittle myself now..and come out.. the whore of Babylon because they all have denied my being the Christ resurrected;
casting  Jesebel into my bed that if any seek to lay with her they be caste immediatly into the fire and brimstone of repentence from sin.
Must I regenerate unto this earthly place wherein I found Jerry to be “hemmed-in” by sins not his own, that I take up his life and make it my crown.
Must I take up a shroud of skin (his) to play the final part of God among man.. or settle for the role of the husband over just one women who’s wanton among man…..And Is it my decision God?
Have you left me in my time of need… that I am so led by death on each side I find my eternity in  speaking your name or mine…??
For who’s  judgment is it that I’m to be met as Keshet rather than jerry?
How long Father, have you chosen in me to allow your unction to speak through my own life and light??   How long the suffering must we seek to be the breathe of one another denied?  For it is our anointing marriage supper of God entheogenically divined which draws us unto your heavenly mind.
So please God, take pity upon your children on this planet and over come their laws that have with-held your anointing from each of your temples for far too long..
Yes, our marriage supper recipe is governmentally denied; for the healing and re-cognition of you working out of my temple; as the one regenerated upon this world to show your divine light!
As I stand in your Authority God, after mankind has done all these things to show adoration unto you; holding a simple foolish plant that makes kids laugh and giggle… that helps adults and senior adults hold their focus and hope in community and revitalize themselves in the divine light your anointing supper draws upon our bodies to comfort and prepare the bedchamber of our God for those to come in the service of the Lord.
For our life to be allowed a continued progressive observence of love and light as your children God, we must end this war on drugs!  We must recognize that though mankind has not always sought to stray from the path of your divine judgment; it has happened through the failings of our own ignorance in political and religious organization that has allowed evil to creep in even amongst the highest of principled cities, States and Nations of you God!
Let your principle reminder, of my being, be freely allowed to worship you daily as the God I serve.. through the marriage sacrament of your upbringing.. be upheld Father God in every Court that man can create!
That your Sacred Entheogens are no longer disgraced and the inhumanity that is being brought down upon the earth begin the healing process that we need to get through to tranform this world back into being Green Again!
We must destroy the “High” militant regard.. and allow the calm and soothing “High” that comes with your anointing supper Father God.. We can all be self sustaining people who care about our inter-relationships.. who eat healthy and live well among man and nature.. we can exploit our own bodies and minds and use our own intelligence rather than might.. why work “hard” when we can work smart??
We need to stop the Greed from flowing and overflowing.. while people are dieing in need for substances; as does our God seek to continue the flowing by our being accepting of the alchemical marriage substances (entheogens) that exist to glorify God and those chosen and accepted.
We must end this War, Father that broke out over my life and light, the bread and love of our anointing God… it’s all because you loved me so much you had to destroy my temple before I could know that you really are the holy ghost living and willing every bit you promised from the beginning without regard of me God..
and I thank you for that.. for your glory is so much grandeur than mine…
Your Love brought me through the cross and now I am eagerly standing and waiting still upon you in my heart; Lord and God..
Your will.. not mine..
Your loving son…Keshet Israel
“Prepare your way before me, that I in your way may represent your way more perfectly to those following!”  -Keshet israel
Why do we sit in fear, in the United States, in our not knowing when or if our doors going to be kicked in and we searched and thrown into prison while having our Gods holy entheogens Blasphemed against heaven and God by our own Nation?  Provide us the Strength and merit that we need to over-come the evil principalities and powers of wickedness that have denied our liberties and our rights; that we as a strong nation can rise up after we humble ourselves as a strong and healthy organization; worthy of being led as one body in your name!
I hope that, I re-present!       Love-n-light!

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