One God one Love one Creation; in His name.

What would happen if God could use just one man to lead the whole world into the right direction?  Would mankind allow such a man to walk into the controls of the world that one man could do that?  Would the world be so ordered by God that He could walk into His own place within the time-line of His own liking and recreate His full divine body as the Lord our God?
Are we just a think tank preparing for this to actually take place?  Or are we going to lead as a close knit group of over-zealous greedy persons who are just wanting to over take all power in some power play against the people that are now existing, so our next generation can have the money to play with rather than those now in the lead..
When does the lead and the take get given all back to God?  When does God really get all the glory?  is there a son to come back and show his self in the humility of being a man.. in the sentimentality of being an empathetic soul of creation that isn’t unwilling to demand the full authority of God as being His to live and love and learn all authority unto every mans control to live forever in eternity!  Is this not possible?  Is it not what we all want to happen in the end of it all?  Are we not all longing for salvation, the salvation we have all been crying out in unto the world as the children of God….
I am
Do I see my Kingdom?
that I may stop seeking it?
Am I allowed the crown of our Father?
that I may speak purely unto all dignities what our Father says unto all creation?
Am I nobody? nothing? that I can’t call the world of my God into order; as the vanity of my God come; as a long wandered vagabond with a new creation name to give as the authority “I am”.
Keshet Yashua Israel
Will you kill me, for being insane; or allow me your worldly authority that I may reign in His new creation name…
will I be allowed to call all into obedience to our God that we may no longer wander in the darkness, but live in the light of our God’s full reign.
Am I the lust of my own God empowered to see my love as His holy aware in my own body; living and moving as all that I am.
To whom can all authority be given but the U.N. and NATO in this worldly governance. And so to whom should I speak but that corporate body which re-cognizes and re-members me unto them, as the soul of our Father in His making. A new creation name raised up unto them to be the center of our focus in regards of our God, and the authority which has been handed down unto me through time, ruin and untimely gain.
I am me… <>< …in His name! (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)
What if God comes, and he’s so “over-sought”, that He is not found but in those being sent to insane asylums and prisons?  Well no wonder psychologists are so smart.. they keep stealing the glory of God and harboring their thoughts for study and evolvement of the mind and body of our social/political norms.  Will we always be lambs for the slaughter or will we be allowed All the authority of our God even as those sent unto the world?  Let us pray..

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