Our “God-consuming” [my-]Self — Keshet Israel

What happens when we have to learn to live as a networked soul of heaven and hell… working both from the top and the bottom to both tare down the evil and build up the good?  Do we find a plateau of paradise wherein we can work with God as His one dimension.  Wherein we can travel the love and light of our God through parallel realities that are right now existing!
What all do we need to do in co-ordination of these high views gained through the entrances of our submissions without perversions entering in so much that we can’t contain our selves unto our Gods divine unction?  what ambassadage do I commit to, knowing I’m newly created of the cross through our redemption process and re-created as the last Adam of God.
No more martyrs need die for our Gods redemption plan to be sufficient, none have to die from here on out if everyone could just shut up and listen…
God lives in each of our own hearts fully committed unto the heavenly realms of our submission.  We are predestined to accept our direction; as it is the orders of our great director before us; causing our movements by the ultimate causation of life being God in actions upon and through us. We are Gods children, the unfocused included among us.. we must help our nations people come to understand what doors are laying there before us..
We must recognize that our God can draw comfort down upon us, but it’s our acceptance of it that we must be allowed as religious people, even if the government doesn’t say we have the right; it’s in our sovereign authority given only by God that we know our religious rights are real and “guaranteed” as promised; that mankind can know the promise of God.
We must recognize the sacred religious articles of religious peoples even unto this modern day and age when so many people have so many different religious beliefs.  We can’t allow the government (our government) to get so out of control that we fall into the argument over what is a true religion or not…this is the whole point of denying any authority the ability to hinder any religious observation (which of course isn’t killing or otherwise harming anyone) while they are worshiping and or thanking their God with their observances (such as entheogen use).
I myself can’t think of the sins that mankind has chosen to accept in their mentalities conditioned, nor do I seek to provoke them to question my senti mentalities without their first grasping the way in which I came unto them; being sent of the father through the regeneration of our Gods resurrection spirit in and unto my life. Gained of consciousness and learned in psychology and the sciences, I studied religion and world philosophy for many years as well as sociological aspects derived from my interests in the foundation series of Isaac Asimov.  I suppose I could be a defunct, or defamed at least, linguist of my God. Alien upon this earth by the way in which I have come here from Heaven; regenerated unto this earth through the light of life.
I am in no way the old carnal self that was hemmed in by social disregard for the dignities of our human brother/sister hoods.. No, I have come to see that man and women are one creation suffering under God for a nation that isn’t standing up to help the citizenry that is being emotionally persecuted beyond reason! The continual disgrace that our legislation places our police officer’s in and the utter disgrace that is being brought upon our states and nation from all sources is that we are allowing a failed war on drugs to continue against our own people!
There is no excuse! Yes.. so we have been ignorant!  Quit yelling at those who are telling you that we need to have Cannabis first protected as a religious substance and second legalized for medical, industrial and recreational venues.  We are putting our own citizens in jail, and glorifying the plant more by saying the plant is worth more than just the street value.. but it’s now worth a whole persons time away from the freedoms (and loved ones) our people have died to protect and uphold!
Denied of the Religious Freedom and the Sovereignty that our God has given, how can any man who takes that person into arrest say they are an American!  God damn that man’s soul!
I speak in the name of all creation!!
Keshet Yashua Israel (isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

Our God consuming [my]Self    — Keshet Israel

It is my authority given me by God which gives me the power to breathe and speak and move with my God in my Gods obedience.  This is my sovereignty. This is my life and light shining out from within Heaven upon this place we have inherited through divine stewardships of love and light which has brought us here..

I can hear and I seek to listen, but sometimes I hear and I don’t seek to listen because I hear sinful things misleading man and seeking to mislead me unto destruction through allowing the divine feminine the same control I gave her in the Garden. To partake of that would destroy all of that which God has built in our lives through his indwelling spirit. Showing that all women having sexual relations are the jezebelian conspiracy I’ve been having, for this is what gives me power over the whoredom that exists as my love lost but gained in this end.

That I am the divine feminine who has by God found herself chaste and married unto the Divine union of the resurrected Christ borne unto this Gentile adoption, whom had my child and is my child gained through the resurrection power and union of spirit that God has crafted upon my soul from the beginning.

I am both in one flesh; the two made whole again. Just as was said by our God through me before the cross; I am.

In this authority I come with the foolishness of a plant and the dialect of our God praying consistently that we all wave the white flag of hope for those being persecuted for having the entheogens of our Gods sacred plan.


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