The Divine Androgen of “I am” -Keshet Israel

As one Born of God unto this Earth in ’94.. I did “finish” with the Christ, what Jesus laid to rest upon the cross when He said, “I go to the cross to make the two into one again.” In my regeneration; God showed me what He was speaking about, was the division that caused the fall in the beginning; between Adam and Eve. ”

A kingdom (Adam) divided cannot stand!”

Adam was given opportunity by God to come back into the world as the messiah (Christ: The Second (Last) Adam) through the womb of a women (through the water); to repent for the sin provision he placed in the garden by being divided into Adam and Eve.

For by dividing from One into Two; God found he had fallen away into something uncontrollable of Himself (androgen); and so being forgivable unto Himself (in His parts) he provided grace to His creation in the hopes that the fruit didn’t fall far from the tree.

Casting them out of the Garden… they went out and created even worse sin; so God flooded the earth in repentance of His creation and Noah started new.. Again Gods people went astray and they were taken into bondage in Egypt so God called on Moses and still through time men and women kept on sinning, so God sent His own spirit through the womb of a women; by the hearing of the word held faithfully unto full conception of being; Jesus (The anointed One; Exodus 30:23). Jesus came into life and found after being baptized that he was the fullness of the divine Godhead; as are each of us who are born of God. Androgynous in creation. Jesus could recognize that he was both and rather than divide again, like he did in the garden as Adam, he learned to draw both sides of His identity into a useful co-creation of divinity that could speak in the full authority of God, and show the androgynous divinity unto the point of transfiguration. The ground of God cannot be different then it’s source; for the ground is just the perfect imitation of all it’s other attributes recognized in who we are as individuals.

What we are doesn’t rely upon ourselves alone however, no matter how moral or ethical “Individualism” may appear to us therefore, as an anchored principle in our society; the will of our God is grander then our own,  and will always conquer our activities; because God will not pull the wool over his own eyes… (since that one time on the cross)

It is only mankind who falls to the left or to the right.. into roles of male or female by what sexual act or urinary track one uses. The feminine and Masculine particularities of character are only an imagined rule created out of social projections and reactions which are being adopted and or actualized into our “Normative” social characteristics.

These distinctions of “Normal” behaviorisms are created out of the context of our own social conditionings; chosen, advertised and adopted; as being “Moral” on some scale within each of our own characterizations (whether or not Masculinity and femininity are taken into consideration when being acted upon, spoken or imagined being within) to the point of a majority rule (usually mastered through cry’s for “Tolerence” and “Diversity”).

As to what a person is; in my being reborn (generated unto the earth from Heaven);

I see each of us as whole new creations of the divine feminine and masculine who are not ashamed of one another being apportioned to one divine new creation body.

This however, doesn’t mean that homosexuality or bisexuality holds any favor with our God nor among any society which seeks to glorify God.

Actually, if you can see that spiritually you are both (masculine & Feminine, Yin and Yang) & recognize the power and authority that God did choose to provide in you, by regenerating you into the gender that you are specifically, then you by that same ability will also recognize that God gave procreation to mankind; to continue building temple bodies that God (androgen) can live within.

So, in this confidence we should, when God puts the calling upon us, accept whom the world sends to astage whom our spouse is in God; that has like you wanted to further realize the full glory of our Gender’s in God working out together what only God in our opposing Genders can.

God being worked out from both masculine and feminine spiritual proportions of the same Godhead, equally yoked and perfect in our proportions as two relating individuals of two opposing genders creates the “two in one flesh” perception of marriage instituted in the world that the equality of God may be fully equivalent on every ground of our Gods identity, working out in our marriage life as the completeness of our Gods character.

Allowing us to begin working out the bodily perfections that lead unto the Conception of Gods government upon the earth; which is being fully actualized (even on the biological level) into the Love unction which draws us into the full divinity of being our God’s vessel (incarnation).

Homosexuals do not have Gods authority to ascertain to this divine glory (to procreate) because it’s simply against Gods divine image for God to act outside the pure witness of life that comes through the apportioning of equal gender roles in Gods divine love making.

I don’t say this to show hate towards Homosexuals.. they are as masculine and feminine as I am.. and I can be as intimate as they.. they aren’t more intimate in any portion of God than any heterosexual; but they do lack the intimate authority that can only come between tow opposing genders; the full divine incarnating of God, unto a new temple creation.

Showing the true Glory of God can only be revealed through the love attributes of two opposing gender biologies; working together as equals.

I pray homosexuals quit allowing the opposing side of our androgynous nature to win over their temples; because by allowing this to happen they are directly standing opposed to Gods decision which created them in God’s gender, their own.

In fact, I believe it is this “Opposing” of God’s incarnated nature (Homosexual acts) which is being used as a weapon by the Whore of Babylon; to create her own inner circle of people who have gained control over many of the incarnated “social” (temporal) authorities within our own time; which is bringing about the end of our social arrangements and the full divine and celestial transfiguration to come; upon those who do not allow their divine feminine and divine masculine to fall apart from one another; unless they seek in time to procreate.

Wherein they draw upon the energies of the opposing nature, of ones-self, to make matrimony in the world and put forth in the confidence of planting new temples of our God within time, that God may utilize them for His good pleasure in temple building and recreating justice in life.

Just as when God regenerated you from the cross, becoming with you one new creation; so does putting forth the seed of your love unction, bring about the child that you seek to provide unto the Lord; as a balanced androgynous nature; who lives in you.

God is gendered biased in this. And everyone knows the Bible says homosexuality is a sin (1 Corinth 6:9-10).  So, whoever the Christ centered are, they will not sponsor the ignorance that deceives our weak minds into accepting all the pleasures of sin which is being provided as a provision for sin by our allowance of it’s “legality”; which has come about by our accepting the delusions of sensuality (ie.. Homosexuality, or Bi-sexuality) and by it given power and authority to the whore of Babylon, who seeks to draw us into an equilibrium upon this planet that allows for peace to be created among all of the Heads of the Beast; those we provide the world by giving her our own glory in assumption of her being God.

This whoredom has drawn Gods children into death, persecution, threat and provisions;  which have led our own temples (weak) into the “Whoring” of Gods temple; allowing for the desecration of Gods temple in our own lives by our choosing to lay down with Jezebel (deluded into using our Gods gender; against the nature God centered it to be in the world) in the end of time; in the bed that Jesus throws her within (Our bed is our Temple and it is Jesus’ Bed by His own blood given!) to have judgment reaped of it’s own pursuits and all mankind found justified or condemned.

Saved from Judgement,   Keshet Israel

(Isaiah 62:2, Revelations 3:12)

I am all things that I might win one!


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