petition to Board of Pharmacy (Florida)

I’m working on a petition to have judicial review of the evidences that are used to Re-schedule substances in this state. I’m almost done with the petition and will share it when done.. I’m also working on membership classes for the Church, I also have new Petitions made for Medical Marijuana in the State of Florida that I’m getting for PUFMM.. I’m trying to get to a point where I can start having a Saturday meeting every week and i’m going to start a once a month showing of a politically charged documentary film so activists can be well informed of the political landscapes of our Country beyond the Major corporate Media conglomerations are willing to show!

Anyone out there that wants to volunteer time to help co-create the Entheogenic Reformation Church is always welcome!

We need someone wanting to spend some time really working on the website I’d like to make it into a full forums site like facebook and twitter but for Entheogenists, Activists and the Like the world over!

In Jesus Name.. keshet Yashua Israel


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