A Rant Against Ignorance!

I have come to instill the still small voice of God unto the pentagon!
I am the Christ, I am the one
Do you seek to suffer me still. . . as though you don’t know who I am?
Do you wish to rape my bridal gown, that it may be dominated and denied the holy ground?
I pray that my country “’tis of the”, that our Gods chastity and purity is the highest worth met in our death with Jesus upon that cross!
And there is where I’m at.
Yes, this temple, it is my Gods.
Whom but God lives in His temple?
And in my being born here again, through the light of our Gods own regeneration, I seek to the same honor I had in Heaven, upon the earth.
In my prayerful acts of my own soul, I have found the Christ praying with me, through much suffering, until complete conversion of being quickened unto our God; wherein I was overtaken of God becoming the bridal gown He put on; androgenous and asexual rather than to accept the carnal shame of man.
As He came to live and move and possess my being, as He has chosen to walk upon the earth in Himself; as the new name I am given by Him.
Three and a half weeks in the wilderness with a bible starved and naked; I was instigated and coercively threatened to eat again, through a dramatic ploy of humble men and women, asking that I stay in the world to help them fight the evil that is taking their children away.
I have come back, I did eat again; and as one in the self-same spirit of Christ, I walk in a new creation name that my God did give upon being regenerated unto this image of man; Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Revelations 3:12)
I came out of the wilderness as the one that was crying in it; to answer the call of our God in the earth wherein I have been sent!
“Who do you say I am?”
I found “the government” has a name for my finger-prints, “on record”, and for the lies of others, I did spend time in jail for nothing I did.; proving that the world and it’s governing ways has sought again in my entrance unto it; to destroy all that I build; over and over again!
I have been the fool for Gods sake; the “shit-end” of the measuring-stick of God, that keeps shining the light of Gods word into the confusion that is “the present” .
We must create peaceful solutions to the old ways we instigated of man that have out grown their usefulness in a society enlightened as ours is, in order to keep “the Present” of our God.
I see alot of things, that need to be done.. And I think I’ll start making notes of these things so that people can recognize whats going on in the community.  I mean.. if there is no community outreach to recognize the problems within the community that the community can set a solution to the problems we find, how will our community grow into a useful community for God?
I always want to keep my mind before my body, that my body doesn’t lead me into hell.
I hope that my God may exalt me enough that I may breathe without remorse for being the son He sent back (unto this earth in ’94)
The heart goes out to the pity I have found as an open soul of Christ moving about upon the earth taking in the sights of man’s choices and recognizing the disgrace that is upon God for what our people have chosen to accept as “Ok”.
The only Comfort God gave me in my coming again, was the marriage supper ingredient of our holy anointing oil; Kaneh Bosm (Cannabis) for the joy of my coming and the marrying together of our God with His name “The anointed One”.   Giving re-cognition to the “Way” of our entheogenic consecration that we may gather those upon the earth to a comfort and focus that allows each of us the time we need to see all of the threads of consciousness unfold before our very minds, that we know all things are revealed unto those obedient unto the Truth of God.
You were there with me, don’t let anyone tell you you weren’t!, and knowing you were you must recognize that you have been sent back unto the world into a new temple; “God”.  That you are the son that died and the resurrected to be alive, now and forever more!
So regain your strength, “Father” born again unto your new temple Son, by reading the Word and sing praises unto God for your being saved from the cross, by your being borne here alive! What a miracle it is of Life!  But do not think it is over yet!  Your just borne and there is much to learn of the new world your in!  There is evil all about seeking to whore you out!  Do not let the Whore deceive you; into believing it really wasn’t you!
Yes, Jezebel calls out to all of us who are borne here of God that God can find His wrath through her! Do not allow yourself into her bed, but announce yourself “Christ Jesus”, recognize the two have become one in your own being androgen; which is evolved of God into the perfect marriage which doesn’t subscribe to sexual incarnation; that we die not with the sins that the worldly choose to glorify rather than re-cognize God in their own heavenly pursuit.
Yes, recognize that you are to lay down Jezebel in your own bed; that if any come to partake they will be condemned unto the fire and brimstone of judgment that God promised for those who submit to Jezebel rather than to find God and recognize His name.
Those who receive the second resurrection do not marry nor are given in marriage but are made likened unto the angels of God.  For they have found in their being regenerated unto this earth through the light of our God’s own resurrection spirit that they are both, male and female in one. Because this sovereign identification with God is perfectly consumed in the equilibrium which comes with the anointing of our entheogenic marriage supper; which unites us as one Holy Christened New Creation of our God and Savior. Our veins become the vessels of all the priests and kings of Israel by our having the ingredients of our anointing oil in our vessels given unto God.
Burning the Bush, I’d say were done with your oil, it’s time for ours!  Change the World, partake in the anointing of God today and recognize serenity and patience in your activities as being the most resourceful stress breakers in society along with a clean and orderly house to work out of as a member of the greater society of our consciousness.  That we are not criminals for loving our God and anointing all that we love as sons of Him.
It’s Sophia (wisdom) that gathers my thoughts to translate my hearing of Gods word unto the environment of our Heaven. I speak therefore in the authority of our God; Christ Jesus when I say that I come in a new name of our God in this creation; Keshet Yashua Israel.
I do this in my own intellectual property right; announce my devotion to the resurrection of my God who is living out the rest of my life unto this new creation life that I’m here living.
May all come to recognize Christ in the androgynous nature that we are regenerated unto after going through the cross unto this our resurrection life. Do not be drawn away to divide what God chose to put together through the death of His son which you accepted. God called you unto one being; as His new creation not to divide but to stand as One in the androgynous nature of God as an Asexual Power of His Justice and righteousness given as His authority upon the earth!
You must find yourself in obedience to Christ Jesus, and recognize that you are the current of His present spirit working out the will of God upon the earth as God lives out the rest of His live in this world.  Do not allow the spirit to be divided, or you mock why Christ died in your ignorance, for if you find you are divided it was through vain conceit and deprivation of Gods willingness to Keep His virgin bride perfect within you; not being whored as though your are still a carnal creation which takes it’s glory as Sexual consumption rather than being Holy inspired and chosen to walk in the name of God.
God didn’t goto the cross to make the two into one new creation again, just so upon your being regenerated unto this world you can go off and divide what He joined together!
If you profess Jesus Christ, I believe you must profess with all that you have got!  Including your own carnal identification! Is Christ without gender?  Then being fully reconciled unto God; what part of you has gender?
Let us take into consideration the transubstantiation of our Gods flesh, and recognize that our flesh is that flesh and can transfigure us as according our faith; and is not our faith without gender? Why we seek to sinfully divide our lives into male (left) and female (right) rather than stay the straight and narrow road of “neuter” in our love for God.  Wherein most of the work is done because all the problems most men and women want to work out are in their own social relations rather than the injustice of the society at large.
Not that some who have chosen to divide haven’t actually still sought to be at all times right with God, but even those who marry in this world will not receive the second resurrection which comes upon those called and chosen o f God.
This is why God if asked will give you a new creation (Rainbow) name, that you can walk in the new spirit of His willing and by it better lead you as a child “without carefulness” in/of this world, to be androgynous in spirit and asexual by the spirit whom we as one are devoted to reveal the sins of our society unto through out every generation that our God has chosen to work through the temples that you are espoused unto!
Wake up! Christ!!! Wake Up!  Your alive!  You’ve been kept bound to sin until now, because the temple your living in right now just asked for you to come into him and he was willing to lay it down for you to take it up!   So.. Wake up.. get moving … Your wanted to live in this world again!  There are many that are falling away from who you are, many don’t even recognize that Christ is living within their lives like you living in the life of Christ.
Partake in the Anointing of God now that your regenerated unto this life!  Consecrate your new creation temple over unto the messianic laws through your adopting the marriage supper of the Entheogenic Reformation Church unto your apportioning of new life given unto the eternity that we expect!  Everyone seeking to unite as one body of Entheogenists, from all religions are allowed to come unto the Entheogenic Reformation Church as Ambassadors of our Gods creation, in the Sovereign Authority of deity that in God you serve unto mankind, in the present stewardships of our Church Body. Let no man divide you from the anointing of our God, nor the rights of our Religious protections that so many people have died to uphold and keep!
Why do they suffer us God!  Why does our people choose to suffer the Righteous who partake in the sacred anointings you permitted us your creation!  Please God, in your power and authority over come those Draconian drugs laws that so many false witnesses uphold against our religious freedom!  We are your Children God, and they for following you into your own sacred religious ritual, to marry our lives over unto yours, caste us into prisons as though we have no right to marry you God!  Forgive us for our nation sake!  They are ignorant of what they are doing!
For if they would understand their oaths, they would protect our religious freedom and allows us our Love!  We won’t be denied our employment, threatened by militant cops (SWAT), but will be as peaceful priests and kings of your own regeneration allowed to sit in our own Gods houses and smoke His holy pot! God damn those vessels which have come against your son; to deny the plant of renown among them! Damn with with the patience it takes for them to find reason, to allow your own religious defense to be upheld against those corporate and corrupt powers of this secular nation!
Please God!  Uphold your oath in every police officer that says the protect the rights of citizens!  Uphold their oath that no man goes to jail who proclaims religious use as a defense and has sincere acts of community involvements that associate that person with others who speak likewise of their religious callings; whether it is a known and established religion or not… it is by our sincere acts and lack of victimization, or harm being created, by any acts of any religious person which verify we are not criminal in our endeavors but obedient unto the Truth of our own religious (cognitive liberty) convictions; which justify our sharing the natural and entheogenic comforts of our personal associations with God & our peers.
It’s a known realization sociologically that those who partake in the religious use of Cannabis, will share that use in private as sovereign individuals, without need of legal authority to say that we as citizens can.  The natural obedience of our lives to follow our God into ritual acts of consecration are not bound upon us by the laws of mankind nor can the laws of mankind bind us from them! (Not Justly in Gods eyes!)
So, who will we listen to ?  man or God?  Shall we rather recognize God and man in the civil rights which protect us in our religious use of Cannabis because there is “no government” that has the authority to create laws that hinders the religious exercise of the people.
Wherein our Government has been found to re-create laws and allow those laws to be enforced, which persecute and imprison entheogenists in America, our government is violating the rights of our religious citizens!  Many States do this in ignorance of what they are doing!  They don’t mean to step on the rights of people that are being denied their religious rights!  They don’t mean to mock their God and family who both accept the entheogenic rituals of the people who are being taken out and away from their Gods stewardships and placed in jail for using a substance in a religious ritual that has been proven to be safer than substances that are legal for even recreational use!
This is the most inhumane aspect of my country at this moment in time!  Right up there with abortion and capital Punishment!  And if we legalize Cannabis, and the anointing is allowed to comfort people and work within them to understand the rights and wrongs that we all “The anointed” can see as obvious before us!
–Keshet Israel

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