Over the Edge | CBC News: the fifth estate

Over the Edge | CBC News: the fifth estate.


I know this will spark some controversy! I pray to be a citizen; that I may have a voice to speak against the tyranny that exists in the way we arrest, prosecute, and jail our citizens and how they get classified into prison population.

I understand that what this man (kid) did was against the law; but so should it be against the Law for a law enforcement agency to run a sting that includes the use of placing a suspect in danger of death by giving coordinates over Canadian Lines in a snow storm to a “suspected” drug dealer!

The way the narrator said that the federal government scared him to death…  this is whats so sad about the drug war and prison.  The emotional person that exists in a person is worth far greater than the United States psychological makeup allows for in the courts of any district!

No, our Cognitive liberty doesn’t have a scale system created like the terror “alert” system the federal government has employed.

I guess this means we can’t ever have control over what alert level we as the citizens of America feel it needs to be set at, for our being terrorized by the War on Drugs happening in our own states who in their ignorance have been terrorizing their own citizens who as entheogenists have viable religious reasons to partake in their sacred entheogenic ventures with God that we may have the enlightenment brought back from them into the expressed parables and anlogies we are able to share with one another after our actualizing with God through our entheogenic process the evolving dialect we are to use as Gods members given unto the day and time.

Hmm.. maybe we should create a website that monitors the peoples voice on how much the Drug war terrorizes us!   Any volunteers?

Anyways.. back to Sam Brown (This documentary), this is just one story about a tragic outcome from the fear factor that comes with having a modern prison system. I believe stand firmly for change in the prison system and the way in which prisoner’s are held psychologically in stasis while they are imprisoned rather than prospered with information that could help them motivate to want to live as a citizen in the communities that we all represent.

I guess you could say I don’t believe in Punishment as much as a time period for repentance and reprisal of self confidence in consideration of one’s own conscious motivations to be an intentional community builder.

I believe courses should be given to enlighten our citizens; and that we shouldn’t criminalize them into such stigma that they can’t over-come the obstacles that drew them down the wrong path to begin with; that got them into trouble with the law.

I think our system needs to recognize that this is happening to people in our jails, they are being forgiven by God and they are inspired to want to change but the system doesn’t forgive them enough because when they get out, they can’t get jobs, their aren’t any more intelligent about community and because they didn’t have projects to take up their time, they have created even more criminalized societies within subcultures of our society.  Our own government seems to be doing this, so they can sustain a yearly population of people who will continue the drug culture, so as to continue to have the reasonable call for asking for so much money from tax payers, for police officer’s and so on and so forth..

I believe the government needs to be looked into, to find out if they are just supporting the prison industry as a capitalistic venture more then recognizing the needs of people in their communities. What are the legislatures actually legislating rather than the drug and alcohol corporate executives and the banks lobbyists?  Do we really have legislatures any more that stand opposed to the corporate greed that is taken over the drug controls of our American culture; has the Criminal Justice System actually become the major mafioso family in the Unite d States?  Are the Prosecutors the Dons? What are we breeding here in the United States?  Have we in our dream become the criminals; and raised everyone in the world to the terror level of our Nightmare superiority complex!

Who do we say we are!!??

–Keshet Israel


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