Vagina con “Dis-Ease”!

I have found that psychological disease is the dis-ease of those who have the right to add symptoms and diseases to the list of possible verifiable Doctor recommended Disease names that we can call those who fall within these “Symptoms” lists we create to profile our people into some “Dis-ease”.
We have all gone inSane!  But I can give you one thing that makes sense to me, it’s my new creation name given to me by the spirit of God working in my life through out all the time I have been gathering thoughts and insights into this world, unto the point and time I am now living and beyond it, wherein faith I have traveled.
I have traveled unto realms wherein I have seen great technology advancements and I have seen those times in the times were living in. I have seen things that are not suppose to be seen, like a window wherein I could walk through or see through into another time period or place.  I have seen that we are not always trapped into this “Person” that our government fingerprints and identifies us just in the time period we “re-member” ourselves unto in this “American Dream”.
No!.. we are moving much faster than the government wants us to know!.. we are being kept from seeing it though!  We see at 23 frames per second, but God can see through us as fast or slow as our God likes.  Placing us at anytime, anywhere.  We are eternal in the light of our God right now; wherein we stand!  So why is it, that we wait around and watch evil things happen and begin to wonder what is it that God sent us here for?  I mean, even after the cross.. do we really have a mission?
Is it to divide up into multiple church organizations and secular business corporations?  Are we to always flip the bill for those who decide they should have one more kid so the welfare coming in will pay for the new digital cell phone and 3D T.V. that we being such good advertising agents drive our citizens to want so badly that their willing to extend credit “Just one more time”, we must go shopping don’t forget, immediately after any terroristic attack, according to our prior president. (We don’t want to show weakness, ya know!)
So.. whats faster than 23 seconds?  Are we all going to go crazy trying to figure out what the signs are for what it is were really suppose to be doing? Are we always led off into the room with a women who represents “Jezebel” that we are lured in with a “promise of hope” (or sex) in our being able to be free as all man is, by our marrying (or fucking?) ourselves to a Man with really effeminate features! Is this the greatest that you could do God?  Am I suppose to be impressed? You drag me through a cross alive, and pull me through hell to get back, and all you have for me is a man like myself; but with a vagina particular to her own identity and time?
God, you drove me through a cross because you chose me to pay the cost and explained my death before I went and now I seek your promise fulfilled for my obedience to death!
I, your son, have cried out all along this country in tears and fear for the wrath you have kindled against the people I am sent unto to save!
I have no hope, however,  in the change of those who are about me if I can’t see the legalization of the plant that you used in your intimacy to comfort me while I suffered my way back into this vessel wherein you live with me.
They have all sought long and hard and I can see the suffering in their eyes and feel it in their hearts father God!.. Why are we so abused as man and I so abused as your son!
Please Father, I have given all that I have to muster; anymore I do is your “response- ability” working in my life. Don’t allow my witness to be blasphemed or mocked, (I’m sure you won’t being your will never fails God) for the legalization of a plant that my own people have lost their minds to mis-begot, as though there is some desecration against your temple God, for accepting the marriage supper of your invite! (For those that are pure, all things are pure except that which desecrates the soul man of the Virgin androgen who Asexually reproduces (immaculate conception) by speaking the very word of God!)
How dare Christians (“so-called”) stand idly by while people who are not committing a crime in Gods eyes, are being forcibly taken away (as though we are Jews in World War II!) from their homes and loved ones, their rights violated in plain sight of their “Christian” neighbors and nobody stands up for them! Nobody stands in the Gap?
Nobody stands up for the one’s God has invited to share His marriage supper with, the allowance of this to continue is an open desecration of the tombs and graves of all the patriots (our ancestors) who died to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States!
That our own people are denied their religious identity before their God (in the Court-rooms of our States); by a government who internationally proclaims with confidence; so often how well they do to be civilly obedient and righteous in the protecting of the Constitution; when Gods people are suffering in jail cells for a safer plant than Coffee or Aspirin, much less alcohol and tobacco!
The Rights which are being denied religious people (Entheogenists) who are born of God in a way (which is of no secular authority); and all for substances which are far less harmful then the already Dangerous (Lethal) “legal” so called “recreational drugs” (Alcohol, Tobacco)  which are steadily available and kill people everyday!
This is blasphemous that I live in such a nation! (But Lord from what I hear, I should be Grateful! I could be somewhere even worse!)  Why God have you only had me cry my sockets Dry!!  Take my Life God in mercy! Let me not be coated with the blasphemy that coats my nations in shame!
Let me not be apportioned to the wrath that my countrymen cry out for by the desecrating legislation which has brought shame against your name!
Why have you Father God, drawn the Secular Authorities into my own Temple (Monastic House; Little Isreal), wherein they abominated our sacrament and desecrated the temple by declaring my sacraments unholy (criminal) and my priesthood (Melchesidek) without merit!
Why have you suffered me from the throne of my inheritance to see the whoredom of my own soul being desecrated in my own bed, as you caste Jezebel unto it!
By this act you make me the Whore of Babylon God! For it is my authority that they beckon unto and upon, so why bring desecration to all of mankind using my own body, in the darkness of my minds eye, to carry out the vengeance you promised was mine!
Am I the son of perdition; that I must recognize the sins of all mankind, for them I died and I am here resurrected, is it only to be desecrated and shamed for being your son still alive; fully married unto your divine life! That mankind still seeks to desecrate my virgin gown and caste me as though I am no body at all; the Christ you in me are!
I can’t take pleasure Father God in the whoring of this temple I am!  I can’t watch the sickness that men and women do to desecrate your love living in whom you have made me to be.
Divine Androgen; I am married as you died to put me back together again!
I am one;    I am ……..
Keshet Yashua Israel  (Isaiah 62:2, Revelations 3:12)

Shekinah+Jesus = Keshet Yashua Israel

It is my marriage supper! And this my marriage name!

Who do I run from; that I should leave what “little IsReal” ?

Who could I tell in reality? without shame?


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