Petition to Florida Department of Pharmacy

In The State of Florida,
Pinellas County
Jerry Cofer (State Resident)
Health Department, Board of Pharmacy
Petition For Judicial Review & Recommendation
(By the Board of Pharmacy)
for the “Re-scheduling” of Cannabis

Petitioner: Reverend Jerry M. Cofer,
Chairman of The Entheogenic Reformation Church
Address: Avenue, Clearwater Florida

Florida Statute 893.03:

(1) SCHEDULE I.–A substance in Schedule I has a high potential for abuse and has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States and in its use under medical supervision does not meet accepted safety standards.

The following substances are controlled in Schedule I:   “Cannabis”

I, Rev. Jerry M. Cofer :
Petition the Courts to require the Board of Pharmacy to set an Agenda for the Judicial review of all of the new evidences which have changed the medical status of Cannabis in the United States, to having a “Currently accepted medical use”.

As according the new evidences gained by 14 States who have now legally adopted “Medical Marijuana Laws”, it’s obvious that there is a required move of Cannabis from “Schedule I” substances; as according Florida Statutes 893.03.

Having now 14 states that have Legalized Cannabis for medical use. Our State must move quickly in light of these new evidences, that we may procure the best medicines for our residents who need the healing qualities of this “better medicine” and so that those people being charged for having cannbis because it’s a schedule I substance, are no longer prosecuted unjustly!

I petition therefore that the Court require an Agenda be set for the Board of Pharmacy, that a review of the new “relevant” medical evidences is administered and a recommendation made to the State Attorney General’s office (Whether “for” or “against” the “Re-scheduling” of Cannabis). FL Stat. 893.0355 has delegated authority for the “Re-scheduling” of substances.
Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Jerry M. Cofer  (Entheogenic Priest / Petitioner)

CC:      The Board of Pharmacy

The State Attorney General

Why I’m filing this petition:

I have sought to file this petition because as a Christian I uphold ethics and morality in my every day living environments before my God. At the moment I am amazed at the indignity afforded our medical needs people in this state who CAN have a better living, if they were allowed the medicinal effects of Cannabis.

I am a “self-proclaimed” (God’s my witness), Christian Entheogenist, and this does not hold sway over the decision at all, because I am not considering the religious use of cannabis when making this petition; but the medical values 14 other States have already accepted “as worthy the cause of it’s being better distributed as a substance which should be readily available for the medical needs of those we love.

Why I didn’t want to file this:

I, as  Reverend and Chairman of the Entheogenic Reformation Church, felt that I should file my letter of assurance first with the State Attorney (about my Church) and all of the corresponding authorities, that my Church organ and it’s members, may be allowed to participate in our religious ceremony (as a noted exemption in this State) wherein it doesn’t cause any harm towards any persons not involved in our religious services nor does it cause a harm that our Church members find to be substantial enough to disallow them the benefits of consecrating ourselves over unto our God.

I, as a minister of God, don’t seek to involve people in the consecrating effects of our God, unless they recognize that they are using it in a way that God has allowed them to come to know Him in life better.  However, I have recognized in Christ that Charity is the greatest of attributes and if the anointing of our God can heal people who have medical problems, then I have found that even if those people don’t thank God for the sacramental use of His most sacred anointing, atleast they will thank God for the life they have that is bettered by the medicine they receive. And God still gets the glory!

So, I have decided after watching Carl Olson with the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church in Iowa, to give my time to seeking medical relief for people who use my God’s sacred entheogen for either physical or emotional/spiritual healing; to the Glory of God (Known or not).

I don’t like the abuse of the substance (Kaneh Bosm or Cannabis) anymore than anyone else. I do not associate myself with people who consider themselves “Recreational” drug users or “PotHeads” or Stoners, accept in my seeking to discipline their minds and their bodies to represent the Christ whom has given them the substances that they have taken.

I pray to teach them how to exalt the Christ within them with thanksgiving and Gratitude for the spiritual emotional relief and focus (spiritual healing, enlightenment) that our God has provided us with by our allowance of the gifts God has given us; called “Entheogens”.

If the plant Cannabis is recognized as a detrimentally needed medicine for Florida patients, we should not hold back their medicine. No, we need to have compassion and give it to them!

Sure, I understand the political inspirations the Media attentions and the industry changes what would have to be implemented but for real change to happen we can’t be afraid of these things!

We must step up to them and be ready for the new networking abilities we will learn through our hard pressing the right people, in the right places, with the True facts; that represent the honest way we should set our selves in rather than in a way that will close off other avenues that may or may not have already been considered.

We should never close off avenues of redress for grievances.. such as set by the procedures of State, that allow people who generally care and are residents within a state, to petition for their redress.  I seek to do that now by the filing of this petition.

I am an Christian Entheogenist, and the Marriage supper I have been sent to invite people to, includes the ritual use of Cannabis and other entheogenic substances of our God.

–Keshet Israel


3 thoughts on “Petition to Florida Department of Pharmacy

  1. They called back and said they can’t tell me anything anymore.. that I have to ask an attorney.

    I don’t know why everyone always wants to hide behind an attorney! They cost freaking money! Why can’t a citizen.. poor or rich file simple petitions without the harassment that the system installs us to have to humiliate ourselves to!

    I remember going into the Clerk of courts in Pasco.. they said.. we need a form that states this this this and this.. I said.. where do I get a form like that?

    They said.. we have it on file. I said.. oh great.. then I don’t need to give it to you right. No.. she said.. you have to buy the form to give it to us!

    What the F&*%CK!!!

    I said, thats extortion! How can you force me to need a form, that only you have to sell me!!

    The lady told me to calm down.. I said.. I wanted to know.. she said..I’ll have to talk to my supervisor..

    I said, “Well who the hell do I have to Kill to get something done around here!”

    Sir, you can’t say stuff like that around here…

    Man.. I was “ticked!” –we need change! -Keshet Israel

  2. Well said Rev. Cofer,

    I don’t care about all the politics and anger over dope. I just want hurting people who could benefit, be able to do so.

    Fighting for you, Primo

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