Memorial Day Blog

Today is Monday.. the 31st of May. Memorial Day weekend is over and today is the day!

We are to remember the veteran, the P.O.W, the M.I.A., we as the 420 Friendly should smoke one for the Vets and the Military men that are over in the War right now unable to share in the anointing of our God; because of the “militant wall of ignorance” that has risen against our Gods own will; declaring their right to fight to defend Him! And I say to them, just as I said to Peter when he chose to cut off the ear of Malchus; put away thy swords and take up my word, as it is yours; to feed Our Father’s Children!

Caste them out and away from us who seek to bite and chew upon the flesh of our carnal being.
Let us not be caste with those who bethink themselves to be free thinking beings, rather than chosen and centered unto the Host of our God and Lord, our King!

Let no man design your life, nor allow a women to design your wardrobe, for God does not allow a women to lead nor a man to will, in order to get into Heaven. In fact, it is the will of God that attracts us to Justice and Mercy found in our gentleness; which shows us that we can have confidence in being a person without sexual affluence or tendency, to the joyful equivalent of say, a person who has finally kicked heroine addiction, or been freed from prison!

The person who recognizes God purely discovers that at anytime sexual thoughts come, it’s when Satan seeks to draw you from the pure ‘Neuter’ position of our God to divide unto either a sexually male or sexually female creation position.

God is Androgynous and eternal. This is the original image that we ourselves were created in before we divided as Adam in the Garden. This is why the fall occurred; Adam and Eve divided.

A Kingdom divided cannot stand. Jesus came back; incarnate as Adam through the womb of a women to have fully been born of the Water and the Spirit; to show the lamb for the sacrifice. The repentant heart of God killing His own son, while at the same time His own son was killing to himself the whole world! All to win back the original image of Adam; unto each and every man that would believe upon His fall. That image of Adam is the promise of our God. The reward of our celestial creation. Our new celestial identities in God are far gone beyond the sins of mankind. But now our own Government in the world is demeaning people unto ignorance through legislation not led of the Lord our God.

We must bind ourselves together, not as militant or terroristic (like our enemies) but as the children of God living in fear and trembling we should work to support the disciplines of martial arts after the normal support of Christian revival with the constant renewal of our hearts and our minds upon the word of God.

Reflection>Right Action> Reformation> Restoration

The way I Reflect is through Entheogen Use, Drum meditation, walking, exercise, bicycling and last but not least, “fellowshipping with like minded individuals” (People who seek to Reflect Socially on Christ, living in their own lives). I do not seek to talk with people about getting married, I am married in my own mind unto the Lord our God and I cannot seek a wife lest I choose to depart for even an instant from all the work my Lord has to accomplish in this evil world! I honestly feel it would be blasphemous fornication for me to seek to partake in the earthly formation of a women, after having just watched myself be terrorized and mutilated into death on a cross so that our God could re-unite Adam and Eve unto my new creation vessel; as one Spirit married unto the Lord.

How did this plant, cannabis get thrown into all of this?

Well.. cannabis was the anointing that the man shared with me before I went to the cross, and it just happened to be one of the ingredients of the Holy Anointing oil, hence the word “The Christ” meaning; “The Anointed One”.

The foolish things of this world are used by God to confound the wise… are they not? That a man, whom God is willing to save by the death of His own son, in allowed enlightenment by a substance, unto the authority of comfort which was given to consecrate one unto “Holiness”; as according to His word. (Exodus 30:23)

How holy a man are we, that as priests and kings we are to humble ourselves to God through our acceptance of a specific substance given unto us out of all of those that are in the world. In fact, it is said that there are 12 Fruits from the Tree of Life and I do believe that there are 12 entheogens in this world that are the Keys to the rising of our God’s own consciousness within one of His temples in this world.

Whom can unlock the mysteries of the Keys to the Garden of Eden. Wherein we all know, whom have been saved, that we have been called to enter through gardens east gate; unto the Kingdom that awaits!

Whom has the ears to hear, what the spirit is saying to the Churches? Who has the heart to follow wherein the secular law will seek to keep you from ascertaining unto? Who is willing to give all of their strength, their mind, and their body to the willing of the Lord. That all of the mysteries may in your own body as whole; (Of the Second resurrection) be made known unto those who seek to be restored unto the highest authority of our God; to sit with him who comes; the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

The victor over the queen of Heaven whom survived through the whoredom of Babylon, and drew wrath upon mankind; by the tempting ‘Jezebel’ whom christ has laid down in my own bed, carrying out man’s sinful souls to the lake of fire and brimstone by their choice to suffer me unto sin. (sexual intercourse!)

Please God.. save us all from this “discourse” that uses crude oil for fuel rather than holy water!

–Keshet Israel


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