From the Light of the Gospel

How I have longed to be in a place wherein My God can hear my name and not confuse me with anyone else. I can never look away from where I have come.. through the light of the Gospel of Christ; who drew me unto the faith of my resurrection spirit and adoption when I was manifest that day to die upon the cross wherein Jesus was me for the day.

I must have longed for such greatness, to fear the inefficiency potential of my success by coming back unto this new creation vessel after leaving that cross. Blank, in the grips of a man in my “New” apartment explaining to me who in this world I am as according the choosing of our God and savior the great “I am”.

Having been perfectly planted, I was perfectly watered and did perfectly take flight as our God only could have perfectly planned. Am I vain for what perfection I am? Where in this is my will to say “I am?” But in the new creation name that I have from that time been resurrected unto to play in this day and age. The world says I’m a vampire; so I have it’s name; Gehenna. The world says I am elephant and for awhile I was a democrat and yes even a republican; I was coming on the donkey just as in the beginning and I had one in my front yard for awhile also.. Are these symbolic enough to deduce what path our God could use in His coming unto man again; in this world?

Could all of the things that you see me doing; actually represent the One God and savior that moves and lives and has his being in all of what we are and what were doing? Let us speak in faith that those things which are evil are not our God’s willing; that though our God may have a portion of those humans; indwelling sin actively by their participating, however we the body must cleanse our own members just as a man does use his hands and arms to cleanse himself in his own bath or shower.

We do not mutilate our body, to cleanse it but at times we do use harsh materials against our own skin to cause the ingrained dirt to be set free from our own body; that we do not further provision for other disease.

Now, I know we can’t think of our members that we must cut off from our fellowship of freedom in this world, that they may apportion themselves to a repentant heart for what evil schemes or willings they had carried out to be cast into such prisons, as dirt. No.. they are no more dirt then we are. and we are those who accept that Christs death with our own; was enough blood to pay the ransom for all of mankind’s sins; and so likewise we are to fan the flame of those who get caught and thrown into these prisons. We must not destroy, but build. yes, sometimes men and women who have become blind unto the way of the Lord; need to find themselves alone in cell with a book that carries hope; but not in a cell that doesn’t change in accordance to obvious growth in mannerisms and character ambiance. They must have a mirror. a toilet, a sink and a bed that is comfortable. They must have right to hygiene, medical and dental. They must have right to their dignity as institutionalized persons in accordance to local custom and law as well as in perfect association with the religious dignity that each of Gods temples must need to supply the hope and the joy that other’s have not; for their lack of noticing the announcement of Gods redemption plan.

To whom must I be willing to suffer that I may be seen in the humility and honor of the Lord our God standing in the life that I am living? Must I cry more across this nation for my dignity to be “rationalized” sane! for what I am stating?

Must I be worse the man for the vagabonding I did? for the rejection I met upon coming back in to this adoption of my living; Keshet Yashua Israel

Am I to be met by a host of angels hell bent to make me homosexual rather than the Christ barer I am?

Do men seek to know that there is a Holy Ghost? Or can it manifest it’s self in my flesh for the moment? Am I unworthy? To accost the flesh of any? Being the Lord of Hosts… whom is it .. that I am not?

Am I then like “Legion”.. Many?

Or is it that legion had no life but that I was living within him….

yes.. devils are bread from not listening within.. therefore they take names leaving mine adding themselves to being the list of victims…

I give my name one last time…whom hears can come.. and those who are willing to know.. may enter to see that I am no liar.. that I have no desperate attempts to be flashy or over joyed to be in such a world as this .. having come from heaven.. I pray men may respect that I may not always be as happy as they may expect.. seeing the current of events that I have seen sense I have been back…regenerated unto this flesh; from which I type. How different am I now already hearing that? I type… who could think.. about Jesus… typing? Is this what we think of our “Savior”? What Christian are you to speak about allowing Christ to live in you but then not allowing Christ to live in the temple of your neighbor?

And how much are we to regulate God; in how much he can present himself in our neighbor?
Does our neighbor have the right to allow God to speak through him? Or can God only speak through “me”? How selfish are our values really becoming in our modern society? Have our grandparents and great grandparents before us really made some Awful decisions in our governing of this nation that we have yet to get over or thru…

We have many examples of many things that need to be deciphered and we need real plans and strategies to accomplish the greatness that we as a people deserve having such a great God!

We must not give up hope.. success is just around the corner! We must live as one member in God and we must unite as members for our God’s holy furtherance to be established in this world as they are in the Kingdom of our Heaven!

–Keshet Israel <


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