You in Peace = U.N. Peace

I’ve been using this resource to help me draft a project with the U.N. I pray that my voice may be heard as I am dried of my tears and wanting of peace to be found; that all our fears may be demerited and our Joys united with our Gods and our “being”, able to ascertain unto the happiness of our Gods celestial pursuits. Peace upon the earth represents the peace that is in Heaven. I believe it is the States that must stand up in their sovereignty to act as nation states within each country generating peace for their local communities by staying in agreements that help in the equilibrium of dignity and freedom that we as individual members of God are deserving… And for this to work; each person has to recognize and stand up for the Truth that they are presented with, that no secretes can harbor provision for evil. I see that this line of moral reasoning could in fact lead to character fascism; and that it has in times past. However, I don’t believe that at the rate of population growth and scientific discovery a Fascist Governing system can be dismissed from the militancy that is being wielded.

In Revelations 17:17 “God put it into the hearts of men to give their kingdom over unto the beast, until His words are fulfilled.”

I recognize myself as one of those “words” that has come fully filled. I am filled with the spirit of the resurrection. I come in a new creation name. I am a vagabond. I have nobody but all creation to preach this unto.. and whom are you? I pick nobody!
Nobody.. I don’t seek one soul of man! No.. I don’t believe there are men left upon this earth who wouldn’t seek for their own benefit in hording the Christ away unto their own fleshly desires or wants.

I don’t seek to have the Christ exploited.. I don’t seek to have my soul dismissed from the experience of my dieing upon the cross by death or any other means because I remember myself dieing there! 1+1=2 I remember dieing there + I remember coming back unto here = I grew up here since ’94 when I was borne here by the light of our Gods regeneration spirit… I vagabonded across this country going to every church I was invited unto.. and raised among a group of “The Rejected” and caste out of this society.. the Rainbow Family of Living Light.. I was raised a new man.. and in my being raised I became a new creation of Our God, my Father.. and I have a new name that has come with that growth.

I studied psychology from the age of 13.. psychopedagogy became my favorite study and then criminology and horticulture… I was well versed in the psychology and cognitive functions of criminal behavior as well as child psychopathology. I prided myself in the Lords travels in being able to continue my studies as a vagabond by my going into Libraries and Law Libraries across the country and meeting with other enlightened Entheogenic Shamans and priests who have studied beyond just this world’s elements and experiences. I have fully revitalized the body of our Gods temple by the spirit of our God’s own submission. It is my Father.. our God who lives fully within this body of mine and I do not assume my sovereign right to partake in the plants that invoke my religious assertion unto God that I am willing to Go beyond Natural means of cognitive relationships to seek with all of my mind, my strength and my soul to focus upon and draw the powers of our Gods salvation; back unto mankind’s pursuit of happiness; “As it is Heaven, so it shall be upon the earth!”

Whomever controls the ideal inner workings of our governing upon this earth are directly influencing the depths of Heaven and Hell we find in our pursuits upon this earth.. We must take it into obedience to Christ Jesus.. we must bring our people into submission not to an economic sustainability.. but to being compassionate and gentle ambassadors engineering of a social welfare that protects the individual human right to be cognitively free from “Illegal Arrests” which are sometimes placed upon our identities through purposefully indirect (subliminally created) “psychological attacks”!

To tell us that we have the Bill of Rights and the Constitution but to purposefully deny those rights to citizens who everyone with common sense can see deserve those rights to be protected, is treason against the United States People.. and it’s being committed by people who proclaim an oath to protect those same rights! This is an atrocity in our Gods eyes and our peoples! This War against religious people who use entheogens across this globe to “tap in” to God for whatever reason God may have in their obedience; must end! Or God shall damn all of mankind for the continued sinful reproach of His Children!

These Governmental Enforcements violate our Cognitive Freedoms, and by their militancy as well as the Legal indoctrinations of justice which take and scrutinize the legislated laws into anal violations of human dignity will ruin us if we don’t stop and seek to higher reason!

Mankind is precious; each individual is Gods creation. We must not live and learn to live with the mentality that allows another one of Gods temples to be lead unto their death or provisions provided for Gods loss to occur! The one Death.. that we all died.. That was enough.. it is sufficient! So.. why do we suffer ourselves still continually!!

Why do we deny the seriousness of life; and ever think we have time for a reward.. cannot the reward be the end drawn without our seeking it? Did not our God in Isaiah say that He went to those who didn’t seek Him? Whom can I now seek? Having been regenerated unto this Flesh from the Cross I see I am the end.. and this life is the means.. I must make a difference.. I must save my people from the sin that still attacks! We must have peace! Pray God that we all may see the day that our God may stand upon the mount (which is Christ) and make our way unto the fullness of His (Our) Kingdom!


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