A Declaration of Sovereign Principle

A Declaration of Sovereign Principles

I am beyond the violence factor, I adhere to a higher order of thought process’ then those who contend to believe that Violence should always have a place within our social adaptivity.  We are not to commit violence in my belief for one reason only, but from a human perspective there are thousands of reasons, emotionally charged reasons. And this is what has convicted many of us that we need to pre-ordain the future by and for our direction. Our want for direction, the need to have something to do everyday. These are what cause our lives to inter-react daily, giving reason for the positions we fill in our “jobs”.
Our needs personally in the nuances we seek to share in by our evolving our embodiements to be flowing governmental associations of the divine Godhead of our Creation is then being administered in the sublime reality of corporate agenda, while we are personally transported in our lives as individuals to live out spiritual existences that are beyond the rational that our working lives would permit.
The disparity between the two roles we have been marked to live out while in this world do not but contend to cause us to have double minds and so at some instance we must recognize that we must take a side or lay down and die, but what if it’s that death that Jesus Christ did take, so that you didn’t have to?  If you knew this was an option before choosing a side or to lay down in any perversion of this concept, would you like the option?
What if you could accept the marriage supper invite and you can come unto the light of our Gods holy anointing. Would you then recognize our religious rights are Gods right given, and that by persecuting us within the Entheogenic Church of our God is denying God, not just the rights you swore to uphold and protect as ministers of our laws recreated in our Government.
We recognize that we must stop our own arrogance, unlike our generations before us who have drawn us unto mishappened legislation requiring our own body parts to act militantly against people who are not harming anybody!
We must wake up as a nation and stop the violence we are causing our own people, and now how many other nations? We must get back to the proper legislation that will allow us all to redirect our frustrations and rebuild before the fall happens.  We must repent of our prior generations lack of enlightenment by gaining in our understanding and tackeling the hard issues that are being misdirected by false principalities and powers of a force Christ dealt with, but that were still allowing to take us astray and denounce even now the anointing orgin of our savior!  Our legislation has carried us further away from where even our forefathers were heading; who put the highest words of our nation upon the glory of our God’s holy anointing; lifting them up unto God for our furtherence and yet, here we are slaves again!.
This is why I have sought cause to create a legitimate Church order. An order which allows each personage to contain themselves as they are sovereign individual beings, with complete and utter sovereign ambassadage unto the new creation Church of our New creation body.
“There is no Inequality sought nor any equality to be forsaken!”  -Kesh
We must protect our divine right to evolve in life, even as we are the intellectual property of our Sovereign consciousness, that we may be allowed to evolve (Quicken) unto our Gods awareness of (celestial) being, through our entheogenic gifts of God’s holy garden; wherein we have been allowed since Christ died!
I speak this as a xian regenerated unto the intelligent being of this entheogenic temple, that I’m living in, as an entheogenist who is the spirit and the body of Christ living out the rest of my life in this world as our God does lead me, his fool unto every generation!
In my new name,   Keshet Yashua Israel   (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)

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