Entheogens, Legal or No.. for Religious use?

Shalom and Namaste,

First things First… Please Recognize and Read the Following:

[B]First Amendment:[/B] Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

[I]Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. –[/I][URL=”http://www.usconstitution.net/constnotes.html#Am1″%5Dfurther review[/URL]

[URL=”http://religiousfreedom.lib.virginia.edu/sacred/RFRA1993.html”%5DThe Religious Freedom and Restoration Act[/URL]: (Please click this link and Read it)

Here in My State: [URL=”http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?Mode=Constitution&Submenu=3#A01S03″%5DFlorida [/URL]:

SECTION 3. Religious freedom.–There shall be no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting or penalizing the free exercise thereof. Religious freedom shall not justify practices inconsistent with public morals, peace or safety. No revenue of the state or any political subdivision or agency thereof shall ever be taken from the public treasury directly or indirectly in aid of any church, sect, or religious denomination or in aid of any sectarian institution.

My name is Keshet Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12). I have traveled as a vagabond for years across America going from Church to Church, Law Library to Library and Rainbow Gathering to Festival learning how to be what God has chosen to live out, since my being regenerated unto this new creation Gentile adoption.

[U][B]A Little Backgroiund[/B][/U]

Raised by divorced parents 3 apartments apart on base housing of the Air Force (Langley, Va)

Ran away from home at 13

Seduced and raped by 19 year old stripper who had my baby at 13

From 15-18 I was raised in Drug Rehab

By 21 I had 8 years of clean time in Narcotics Anonymous

I ran multiple NA meetings as a GSR

I Ran a young peoples meeting inside of a drug treatment center

I received all the marks I needed to become a CDC (Certified Drug and alcohol Counselor) in Texas

The Military said they would accept me if I went to school so they put me into the college I went to which got sued by The State Attorney General of Virginia. I had 32 Semester Credit hours.. a 4.0 GPA, I was on the college softball team, a college newspaper volunteer, started the Poetry club, was on the Presidents List and asked to join a Fraternity, when I found out it was all worth nothing. The school lied about their accreditations and I lost it all.. and on top of it.. because I left and went to Texas.. I was never included on the Class Action Lawsuit and so I still owe about 4 thousand dollars to chase Manhattan..

then the Military said they wouldn’t take me.. because they found that they (The Air force) had paid for my treatment in Drug Rehab and that they didn’t accept anyone that went to drug rehab. So… I called my Fiancee and my ex-best friend answered… the wedding was off.. I wanted to kill myself..

So..having been told by psychologists that if I ever smoked Cannabis again, I could die… Well.. I wanted to die.. so I smoked some of my Step-dads herb in the garage.. and man.. I was blown away.. not only did I not die.. but I started talking to God for the first time! Really.. I actually knew there had to be a God in Heaven, because of the substance Cannabis.

I smoked and forgot all of those things and I was able to re-assert myself as though I had a new hope! I was reinvigorated! Blessed and set upon my way.. Praise God.. I thought for Cannabis..

So.. I went back to Texas and what happened.. I started ministering to everyone! At first I was scared.. of course.. I didn’t want to goto jail.. I just wanted everyone to have the feel good they wanted.

at first there was no more than a half ounce allowed in my car.. why that much.. I don’t know.. just wasn’t alot.. but.. by the end of that year.. I was driving around with 10lb blocks of cannabis in my car and not scared a bit.. I was never stopped.. I always made the drop.. and that was 10lbs a week of just cannabis..I started studying deeper into the subjects of Psychology and Quantum mechanics as well as psychopedogagy and criminology while also taking LSD, Mushrooms quiet a bit.. I was the guy reading the algebra book at the trip party.. while everyone else is making invisible walls and watching their cigarette burn..

Anyways.. I opened up a Head shop first thru mail order.. called the Flying Eyeball.. it was my favorite blotter name.. back when I was 13.. anyways.. I was into computers already and the internet with the flying eyeball for a little bit but then I was set up by some guys and I was taken down..

I was beaten pretty badly in the back of the head.. 3 guys in my house pulled a gun out and pointed it at my head.. as the guy preceded to tell me that he was going to take all of my shit.. I preceded to pick up and throw the table at him.. and hit the guy across from me.. as the table went up.. the glass hit the candles in the fake candle lights on the chandelier above the table.. the candles all fell out.. the guy to my right ran.. when it started for the front door..

After hitting the one guy.. I turned to meet the guy coming out from behind the table.. but the guy I had just hit, who was falling backwards reached out in the darkness and grabbed my shirt.. I went down..

As I turned over.. I hit the guy about 3 or 4 more times and then did a push up to get off the ground when I was hit in the back of the head..I got up 4 more times and was hit back to the ground before I started yelling.. “You better fucking kill me! YOU BETTER FUCKING KILL ME!”

The guy ran for the light at the front of the trailer, where his friends had already ran out and left the door open..

I gut up one more time.. and found my gun laying on the ground… I went to shoot out the back window where I knew they had come up.. but then thought about my neighbors trailer being right next to me..

The phone was ringing.. it was my friend mike.. he had stopped by earlier while the guys were there.. and I told him it was cool that he could leave.. I had my gun.. if anything went down I had enough bullets..
I answered.. and he said.. You alright.. I said.. no.. call an ambulance.. and hung up..

I had to run and grab the rest of my shit.. just in case the cops came.. I had about 3 lbs of herb and some X and LSD in my room along with a couple other guns I kept.. I started selling them too from the cops who were selling them to me out the back door of a burn shop they were contracting..

anyways.. after 17 Staples being put into the back of my head.. alot of blood and want for revenge.. I hid out for about a year.. at which time I had a spiritual awakening in the woods meditating and alone after smoking a little cannabis. I began to realize that there is a light within me, my body.. during these meditations I would go on after playing hacky sack for a long time..

I began to work as a manager of a Gas Station, as a telemarketer and I gave up on my headshop…
I stopped doing all drugs.. and began to just sell them, a couple lbs here or there..
Then one night while working as a suit and tie guy, a telemarketer.. I had met a hare krishna at work.. and we were going to go back to my place late after work on X-mas eve when I saw two people vagabonding in the rain like right at midnight on X-mas..

I looked at the Krishna and said.. I hope you don’t mind.. I pick up hitchikers…

He said.. “It’s your car!”

I pulled over and let them in out of the rain..” Hey.. I’m Silver bear” and “Hey, I’m sparrow”

I said.. hey.. how far yall going?

SilverBear : “As far as you will take us..”

Well.. I said.. I’m heading back to my apartment with this brother here and were going to get beer first.. if you want to come with us you can stay over at my place and have some drinks with us for christmas..

They agreed and so we went and got beer and went back to my place.. I had my own apartment then.. really nice one.. my fourth apartment on my own now.. and it was paid for.. I always sold enough cannabis to pay my bills in Texas and never had a problem, though at the time I was doing all I could to go completely “Legit” but the money I could make was never enough for the all the bills I racked up..

Anyways.. this night.. the Krishna was suppose to share with me all about Hare Krishna..

He passed out drunk on my couch.. so here comes Silver bear.. telling me really he walks in the name of Jesus..

Sparrow was sleepy so I let her lay down in my bed.. while I went to talk to silverbear (Aka Jesus)..

He got it backpack out after we shared a peace pipe together and he handed me about 10 hits of blotter and then ate about 10.. and exactly as he was handing it to me.. in the name of Jesus.. (My name was already JesusFish) he said.. here.. have faith…

He ate about 15 more and said.. it’s just paper…and smiled..

He handed me more and I took and ate it.. and he handed me more and I took it and.. I was going to eat it..
but.. I just kinda let it sit in my hand.. and I began to think about it..lol

I was like.. hmmm.. I’ve never ate this much acid in my life! This is Nuts! Uh.. Well.. I had started tripping on the stuff I had eaten.. and I was still holding the other stuff.. in fact.. I was holding on to the other stuff for the next hour atleast..at which point I realized it had all soaked through my pours in my sweaty hand.

For the next 16 hours..I was talking to Jesus Himself in my living room.. though some aportionings of that time.. I had literally left my apartment and was living out portions of the life of Christ in his time as Jesus going to the cross.

I literally lived out the life of Christ.. as he (I) was being beaten by a Roman Centurion and even nailed to the cross! That is where I died..and at which point I came directly into this body back into the apartment I had left.. and saw the man Jesus in my apartment again..

He stood on the other side of a Red Beam of Light that was shooting through the center of my Apartment..
As he stood there and I looked at him.. i felt my heart beat once for every time the beam swinging between us would make a full pass.. on it’s way back.. I would find myself looking at me on the other side of the beam.. and he was saying..”Look.. your me.. and I’m you.. were one in Christ!”

I was seeing every word He was speaking.. and comprehending all of the religiosity of God in and through the holographic paradigm of reality that we are living within I received a firm grasp of how reality is all inter-related; even unto the very marks of my body being fully historically ideally predestined to exist within the the macrocosm of our divine lives upon this earth.

Now, even after 16 hours of speaking in divine parables with God incarnate as Jesus in the man of Silverbear.. I had a light coming out of my body in a 8 foot diameter.. anyone stepping within that light I could automatically know everything about them.. all their hates and likes.. I just soaked up their whole life in an instant and looking at one another I could tell they recognized that and would move weary about me..

I had to go and take the Hare Krishna back to His place.. so he could get to work.. where I was suppose to be.. but I wasn’t going that morning.. I decided I needed to get to church actually.. right after we left the gas station wherein I wrote a Check using the JesusFish..not truly “remembering” my identity in this world as of yet.. though I had really just been Borne unto the same embodiment of whom I once was; as the resurrected spirit of the Lord our God did incarnate unto my new creation body in fulfillment of His words, “Making the two into one again”.

Now… As to what all of this has to do with Entheogens being Legal? Well, This was back in 1994. It’s 2010 now… I’ve been here for 16 years now.. vagabonding the country in the Lords new creation name..

–Keshet Yashua Israel

Sharing the marriage sacraments for our supper invite with Entheogenists who are seeking it, that they may prepare their gowns for the ascension we have coming….God prepared no other way.. the the way of the Christ and I do find in my life as one with God; that entheogens are the sacred tools of our Kingdom building that have been misused and abused for far too long! We must stop the War in Heaven; The Kingdom we now stand in; which is the war that broke out concerning the articles of our Gods creation which are given by God to all of His creation for their furtherance of joy in evolution must be stopped!

Those who side with the war must find repentance! Humble Yourselves! Lay down all of your sins and take up the mantle of your Lord and God.. no longer look to you or your own life principles but always give your life to studying the scriptures and recognizing the full root of the Word “Christ” for example. Simply seen.. Christ means.. “One Anointed or The Anointed One” So.. what should be our next question? How about.. “Anointed with What?” .. Well.. then we find that there was an Anointing Oil that our God gave to Moses which was the only substance upon the whole earth that God gave for priests, prophets and Kings to married unto those roles within Gods body. The ingredients are actually written into the book of Exodus in Chapter 30 verse 23.

Come to find out.. Kaneh Bosm is translated by many authorities as being Cannabis, yet the Government still consistently denies people the right to a religious defense when they are brought up on charges of caring (possessing) an “Illegal” recreational Drug, when in actuality we are carrying a legally protected entheogenic substance.

yes, it seems our Government willingly and publicly denies any existence of cannabis being a religious substance in our Courts, so that it can continue to throw our religious peoples into their jails to make money off of them for their own pursuits. While at the same time our Government publicly guarantees our right to possess and use our entheogens on basis that we are voluntarily (Sovereignly) accepting these substances upon the unction of our own personal God, through the public assertion of the 1st Amendment and the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act. Even the right to the pursuit of our own happiness, “in-all-common sense”, leads us to recognize that cannabis; having been proven to be less harmful then already legal recreational substances is a protected religious sacrament such as peyote, ayhuasca (Dmt), and psylocibin.

Simple common sense…. Cannabis less harmful then Alcohol and Tobacco

Cannabis.. can never kill you by doses like Alcohol and Nicotine can..

Cannabis users tend to be those more calm and good natured.. never on edge (but inside), always patient and content; unlike those who choose hard line narcotics such as meth, cocaine, crack and pills to kill their devils away; only to find the need for the substance is stronger than their need to be seen in the light of their God or in the dignity that our war veterans died to claim stake to; and so they choose to act out criminal intents in the heaven we preside in, all as one being.

Entheogens are Gods dignified response to the suffering we have in this world and men and governments should not stand in the way of our God’s allowances; when they are helping our society gain access with our spiritual existence through these substances that no other substances can draw us unto or through.

It is my suggestion to America and to the American Government, that we protect Entheogenists just as our God seeks to. That we should allow them the sight of their dignity in their acceptence of their religious sacraments; rather than to criminalize what we as a government and as americans maybe don’t completely understand. But this should not forbid us from allowing people the right to have their own sovereign choice as to what will or will not enter into their body, as according to their religious choice first, their medical choice second and of course their recreational choice

It’s obvious that criminal intents are wrong to act out and Illegal. So,as soon as you hear “God” telling you how easy it will be to get away with the crime, you should begin to realize that your not talking to God anymore… and that “Toto” isn’t in this story!

The abstract of this is, that police who don’t accept the reality of entheogens, don’t comprehend their involvement in the lives of those who do accept them as they are sacred spiritual deities of God. The dignity that God gives us by our acceptence is greater than the dignity that law enforcement can register, because they don’t recognize the religion of those who they are arresting as a religion, simply because they have not been taught on the subject.

So.. This is what I plan.. I would like to start a Ministry mission within the Church I have chartered ([URL=”www.zionstation.com”]zionstationdotcom[/URL]) that teaches police officer’s what entheogens are and explains to them about shamans and the tribal assumptions of the spirit and how God is working through out our States communicating through those who are sharing these entheogens in their marriage supper initiations with God. They are not criminals.. they are enjoying their lives without harming others. They are sharing their lives with their God through entheogens. God is sharing with His or Her own temple body the divine consecrations of His/Her own pleasurable awakening, revelation and enlightenment.

I figure.. once you explain to the police how, through all of History.. we have been using Cannabis as a religious substance.. and how Cannabis was lobbied into exile by a bunch of rich greedy racist bigots, that the police will uphold their Oath, and protect our 1st amendment rights because they will recognize that the substances and the people that use them are Gods and that Sovereignty is the peoples right to choose their own religious paths without hinderence from Government; no matter who in the Government is telling them to defy those rights!

Yes, we want the officer’s to wake up and reason with us.. and recognize who the real criminals are!
The alcohol and Tobacco Companies.. the Big pharma companies and the Criminal Justice System which continues to hard press the law enforcement officer’s into the ignorance that they blind folded with in order to carry out the illegal captures and captivity of our religious peoples!

Entheogenists Unite! Educate the Police! Partake in God’s marriage supper anointing!

–sorry so long! 🙂 jesus Loves ya!

So what do you think? Right this very Second.. after Reading the 1st Amendment and the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (at the Top of this Page).. Look it over again and then Answer this Thread!

Are Entheogens Legal for religious Use, right this very moment as according our Rights and protections as they are layed out in the bill of Rights? If they aren’t How? If they are How?


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