Entheogenists Of America

We as a government are premeditating crime, by allowing our legislation draw the conclusion that an individual with Cannabis in their possession or in their temple body is actively initiated in some criminal act.

There is no act however, there is only a state of being.

The Sovereign State of our Being, which is the active spiritual property of our God, evolving our consciounsess and it’s Governing in our temples upon this earth.  This Sovereignty is the Highest Authority over our lives, and it is each of our lives unto it’s self that qualify us to act with it’s authority, not by anything we can do, but by what God is always working out unto us.

We are Sovereign citizen’s because God gave us all His full authority when Jesus Died to partake in the Tree of life.  As a stewards over this earthly authority therefore we accept the Tree of Life and as we have found it to be the plant of renown for the healing of all nations, Kaneh Bosm (Cannabis) originally used in the original and authentic anointing of God (Exodus 30:23), therefore we thank our God for it as entheogenists in His/Her Church body.

We by default of course, must promote the legal use of Cannabis for religious use and medicinal use. Recreational use if allowed we can’t promote because we believe God deserves all the Glory.

For this cause we  must be spurred to promote our religious convictions unto our Political confessions and fervor! As we seek to draw unto our establishment a religious conviction which motivates our Country to stand up for our Bill of Rights and those rights we are being denied simply because our States don’t recognize our Church establishments as they are “Real Religions”.

When the Government was given the power to judge as to what is “Sinere” and not “Sincere” we gave complete glory to the word “Facism!”  We must take our country back from those who made the very Hemp paper the Bill of Rights and Constitution were founded upon, have been removed from legality!

Yes, the foundation has been taken out from below us by our own Country and so it’s only by joining a Church that is self governed, that we find relief in the restraint the secular authorities are seeking to dictate from within our churches!  We as sovereign People, must be allowed to fellowship and not be rebuked for it, but here our Government won’t allow us to build the churches we need to draw out the Truth among our people who have been religiously using so called “illegal substances” since time began for sacred means.

The sacred means which are the intellectual property right of Sovereign people who have the right to their own privacy, and to not incriminate themselves!  We recognize that it is our right to join what church we hold our lives up to, not only those that our government can tell us are “Established” or not.

We are Entheogenists of America and we demand our right to our Sovereignty!  Quit taking our children and our Brothers, sisters, mothers and dads off into jails and institutions showing and telling us how “Evil” they are for simply making a more rational health choice, or for being obedient to the unction of our God who draws these entheogens upon us by His own will.

We know that cannabis is not as harmful as the world made it out to be.. we heard the Shaffer commission from the beginning when they said it wasn’t harmful enough in their opinion to deem it right to invade the privacy of people to forbid it.  So.. why have we allowed our country to draw so much suffering in and unto our people by our criminally throwing our people into jail for things that are not crimes!

How can we stop the persecutions coming against the whole religious organ of our body, while those that are carrying out entheogenic religious ritual process’s without even realizing the significants of their obedience!

Many people haven’t heard about “Entheogens” as a religious path.  Many if they did would question it, and seek to it’s possibilities so as to fulfill our call to use all our strength to seek to enter into the Kingdom of  Heaven.  Many would enter, and find the understandings of life that God has waiting for them just beyond the veil of consciousness that we live within.

To tell those who are involved in religious affairs without their knowing, that they are going to be criminalized and thrown into jail for accepting a substance that is less harmful then already knowing recreational drugs, is not the easiest Job. The fact that were unable to build churches so that we can take and guide these people who have found their comforts in entheogens, into being one body of entheogenists who can then supply their associative powers and unction as one body toward helping the community that we all live within.

That these Psychological threats and persecutions, as well as the arrests of people who everyone knows are not “criminals” continue to play out through our police officer’s own ignorance and unwantonness to recognize Cannabis and other Entheogens as they are sacred religious substances which by their nature cannot be seculary ruled out of religious use.  Our Church has it’s own By-laws and we adhere to our laws and rituals, while the government cannot hinder our rights. These secular (Nonreligious) laws have been put into place and as a result the collateral damage that has been applied against good american people who harming neither themselves nor anyone else find it in their own sovereign authority, rational and reasonable to accept entheogens as a divine and sacred substance gifted to us by our God.  To not accept it we deny our God, to accept it we show our acceptence of our God.

We must as stewards of God re-collect our selves to the evidences we have been given and change the current earthly administrations to reflect the evidences we have.  Cannabis is no more harmful then substances already accepted!

Alcohol and Tobacco are criminal Drugs in reality, they steal peoples lives from them. While Cannabis has always been used religiously and has been proven in 14 States to have needed medicinal value!   And proven to be less harmful then Alcohol and Tobacco! So What harm constitutes our being inhumane towards those entheogenists who responsibly use them in their religious sovereignty, by defrauding them from the protections that our God promised us and which are found extrapolated upon in the 1st Amendment.

We as a People move Way To Slow when it comes to Justice, and way to fast when giving opportunity for grievances!  We are to be always the Sovereign Steward above all that we are, possess (either materially or intellectually), Speak and Act as we are to be secure in our possessions, nor hindered in our religious observations, evidences or witness.

So,  Keep your conduct among .. [everyone] .. honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation.

Enjoy your knowledge, that you know God has provided entheogens for you to better understand your life, by understanding Gods entheogenic process.

The process of The Entheogenic Reformation Church which announces, initiates and invites our God unto our full conscious reflection of the World from the precipice of our own Cognitive function, as we are an entheogenist living in the World to better our relationships and therefore our people (Governments) while in our pursuit of happiness.

I as an asexual regeneration of the Christ and every known ideology of human pursuit, stand as an entheogenist in the Authority of Our God calling all both bad and good to gather together for the Marriage supper of the Lord.  The alchemical Marriage Supper which I give in my new creation name; Keshet Yashua Israel.

Partake and know God!     Entheogenists Unite!  Protect our Children from the War on Drugs, cement the foundation that you have found to work out your life problems by joining a church that recognizes your sovereign right to accept entheogens as your divine path unto Godly behavior.

You can start from where you are.. just by claiming to be an Entheogenist, whenever someone asks you what religion you are.  Say, I’m an Entheogenist and 9 times out of 10 those who wonder what your talking about will ask..

Write me and I’ll send you some information on Entheogenists and all about the Entheogenic Reformation Church.  Or you can visit and bookmark zionstation.com and the links I have under there.

*Note; Though I may use words which coincide most often with Christianity because of the personal context I have learned of all of Christ’s affairs, the Church is to be commonly regarded through the council precepts that we evolve into and through as we gather our people unto participation with our Embassy within our Church as well as the missions of Our church.

Right now.. at 420 on Thursdays.. meet me at Little Israel .. to make peanut butter and Jellies and hand them out at Crest Lake Park.  I don’t suggest bringing any entheogens with you, being our Church is still being persecuted and more than likely it is under investigation not just by you but our common enemy!


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