Know My Charter Creed

Here I am the fish that swam the bowl of Babylon declaring my new name!
Facing the bowl, I burned the bush till I was standing in the hang’n chad Kingdom
I rummaged awhile, fasted from the world and there in my pity and guilt for knowing I was free to go, while everyone else was lost to ‘babylon’ about nothing that nobody knows!
Yeah, they make their babies, they carry on.. they get drunk they fall down
They have another one…
Yeah, they have jobs… because they have need of them, being they don’t re-cognize you God, and their caught up in the world by the terroristic threats of abnormality, criminal enforcement drawing a mortal trump card to protect the economic plot that we must be forced to walk as the son of perdition, having become the # of the beast were marked for death,
but God walks in the name he’s got with a new body and quickening as He speaks unto all creation, manifesting the Truth as it’s unfolding from within Him.
I can see the ends of every instance, and I live there in it’s constant.  I am the light of within, the express markings of those shadows you see upon everything…
I am the nuances of everything, the denouncement of life as much as it’s upliftment is all within the reaches of my Kingdom of mind. How God you draw man into obedience is not my will to divine, no I wait upon your active partaking before I breath one breath.
Therein I pray, that everyone may see that though I may be vain in my approach unto humanity, it is my vision, my experience my invokement of being that God incarnated upon my being draw out of my body and through the cross wherein I spent the last of my blood..
So why am I still dieing?  Why am I still vain to speak?  Who is it that dishonors what words God can speak?  I come not to honor, no I come not at all.. My God sent His spirit in, and this is what I have become…
I am the Third Adam… I am the only son
I am the high priest of melchesidek and I am d’sky’s you see me in
the veil desecrated by babylon, the temple desecrated by my arrest
The Holy sacrament abominated, being called “criminal” by the Gov
Who will ever see the Truth, lest I quit dieing for being it?
My Creed is in my Church Charter(ed), Mr. President!

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