The Entheogenic Reformation Body

The Body that you are, is multi-dimensional. You are living out multiple life sequences all at the same instance of time and non-time. The deductions of linear time and authority are not what is governing our nation but the very evolution of our laws being created through the wordings of cognitive freedom, which are being brought into deductions and stipulations of legal creedence for our people to live according not because they are unreasonable but because these allow us all to live within reason of each other’s personal sovereign acts of faith.

I have tried for years to get the U.N.’s Attention, in the hopes of creating a psycho-theological program of intellectual referendum, which draws those who believe they themselves are either the Christ or one of the the 144,001 come to rule over the earth as God’s prophecy is told to occur.

I have come in a new creation name out of the ’99 Millineum Gathering of the Tribes wherein I saw my God was accepted by the Jews, by their reprenstatives feeding me when I was hungered and coming back unto the world to save my people from the continual suffering and death that we see happening not just to our people, but to our planet.

I have come from the Rock behind Jerusalem Kitchen, wherein I did commune and identify my origin within and without as I am the shamanic entheogenic substance which produces by my own words divine attribute from within the hearer, showing that the peresonhood of Christ in substance as the flesh of our creation is it’self an entheogenic temple of God recreated to receive the Holy anointing of our God in the marriage supper of our redemption path which I in my coming again am to give; the Third Adam.

How long will I be the one told I must have lost my mind, knowing it is I who have just found it to be fully Gods upon my asking for Him to come unto me, and my acceptance as the fullness of whom He wills to be in my intellectual property as a conscious and enduring citizen of the nation I have been sent by my God unto; to preach His word and to redeem the time for His coming; calling all both bad and good to gather for the Marriage supper of the Lord, at the Gathering of the Tribes.

If you can only see 23 frames per second, what in the outer space of our bodies or inner space, is happening in all the other frames we can’t see?

What if you can tap into those frames by accepting an entheogen unto your own blood stream?  Is that too personal of a sacrifice to take, to get to know God through the obedients it proclaims unto Him by your acceptence of the marriage supper?

Not because it’s a mandate (mind you), but simply because you want what God is offering in faith, to draw unto you and you unto Him, the comfort that people pure in their temple can find to endure through it, but those who partake unworthily take upon them condemnation.

No, Entheogens are not for those who are seeking to be stabilized by the worldly economy, but for those who are seeking to be stabilized spiritually and emotionally in the morality of one’s own sovereignty.

Being allowed the confidence that God produces in us as entheogenists because we partake and face the horrors  of our own mind and spirit; as well as the greatest glories that Christ or any other God could ever be compared unto us in the image that we are in and seeing when “Entheogenicly Tripping”.  Know ye not that ye are all gods?

To whom would any man defer, giving up his own name but Christ Jesus; that he may find salvation not just as a far off object, but as it is the very flesh of one’s own Godly image speaking the truth unto all Gods creation.

We all are the body of our God’s bridal gown, and we are in our rapture with God when we find that we love our God within us more then the flesh that we are, and so allow our God to walk in our lives as He chooses rather than in the law of our own minds.

No longer are we under the control of the evil principalities and powers, but our God’s spirit takes control of our lives and quickens us through the words of our God into the identity of celestial creation that we are, holding us up to the confidence that we are allowed in faith to enjoy the glory that the entheogen draws upon us as the children of God.

Entheogens allow us to recognize God is stable in all the multi-verse, that we are capable of “Vibing” into our own awareness of other multi-verses which exist in parallel dimensions of our spatial environments; the Kingdom Of Heaven which is at hand, and which we discover from within not just as the Holy substance of our God, but through our partaking with our God in what actions He chooses to take while in this world born again; living out the rest of our lives in our flesh, by His faith.

I speak not to gender’s sake!  For the words of our own creation are even tainted by the denial of the divine neuter being able in the English language to be truly represented in a pronoun that dignifies God in the one committed to the path of chastity (Purity) in every instance seeking to reproof beyond even the limitations that most all cities or nations tend to seek to insunate upon mankind to keep them pushed into the competition that men must stand in, in order to push their lives into the positions that draw capital upon them for their works committed.

If I had not had the catholic priests gone astray and leaven put unto the Church of the Roman Catholic, I would have already been committed to such a great majesty as it once was in it’s committence,  but the sins which have stained my bridal dress with the martyr’s blood of my own temple body have kept me from entering unto my own called and elect.

No, I was chased and drawn by God into the appearance of Gods love, but let us not just judge according to appearance but through righteous judgment, that I may be strictly upheld to the divine unction which is our Gods; never able to be persuaded against Gods willing to speak other than what Words our God wills to have heard through His own temple body; since the cross on which I with Him died.

Having become centered through the humility that my God has used to exalt me in my acceptence of such a divine substance as an entheogen. The foolishness of our God is given to confound the wise!  We must honor the gifts our God have given, and not be unthankful for any of those gifts.

By suffering our people, for choosing to accept our Gods sovereign authority to partake in a substance which draws a comfort, which we glorify God to have provided with gratitude and thanksgiving, is blasphemous and sacriligious not to mention a civil rights violation!

I pray that all the orders of our God, recreated within this world begin to act not in accordance to any will but that will which is the One and only True God; living and moving and having His/Her being in our temple body.  Who will stand up in the name of Christ Jesus and stand in the Gap for all who suffer unjustly for what we all know is no more harmful then Alcohol or tobacco? It is God’s comfort sent, and mediated unto our consciousness as it is meant for each of us in our reception of it, that we live free in our cognitive liberty and sovereignty.

All for now.. peace  Keshet Israel


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