The Word of God

To whom shall I go as the vanity of our God, the Lost prodigle King?

I am what I have not sought, and become accursed to walk in the new creation name of our God. I have traveled as one whored of babylon, being desecrated in my blindness as the Justice of God who’s been in my temple walking since ’94, when I was born.

Sharing the sacrament of my God, I have called and invited all I could draw unto the Gathering of the Tribes and then I made my way into the state of “In God we Trust” by the will of our God, to build the “Little Isreal” that my Father did build.

I found it quite difficult to believe that after being regenerated unto the flesh of this new creation temple that I had to goto something called “The Department of Agriculture” in order to file to get tax exempt status. The irony that I came all the way from my Father unto this new creation vessel to have to jump through the hoops of a government that tells me they can’t have anything to do with me is the most hipocrytic thing I believe my people have sought to control me unto and even then I did succeed in incorporating the Church of our Gods entheogenic Reformation, and what happens but my own government, the one I just registered my articles of incorporation with come and deceive me into thinking they recognize that my sacrament is the Holy substance of Exodus 30:23 by telling me they believe that it is and asking for it as an undercover police officer sent to act like a new member volunteer, when in actuality they just wanted to bust me as the Priest of the Entheogenic Church.

They in that instance abominated the sacrament of our Gods church and desecrated the temple house of our Gods “Little Israel” by calling her priest a criminal.

Throwing me into jail as a common criminal for upholding my Gods will and work as articled and given in the Charter and creed of the Church I incorporated.

To further desecrate the temple my own Public Defender chose to deny me my right to a Habeaus Corpus which I asked him to file.

Because of prior dealings with “the Courts” and the Public Defenders office “Bob Dillinger”, I knew they didn’t do a very well job at protecting Gods mission in my life.  I did two years in 2001 for a crime I didn’t commit.  Then they changed the laws to reflect that I had a right to protect myself in a public arena, but because it wasn’t back then I have a criminal violent record as though I actually did something outside of the will of my God. Which brings slander unto my God and His name.

Then they visting next door came over and lieing too my face told me they needed to talk to me about the neighbor and then once inside my house began using fear tactics to seduce me into incriminating myself because of my religious beliefs. So having to explain the Religious freedom and restoration act but still being taken off to jail for possessing the holy marriage supper ingrediant that my God has raised me up with in His conviction knowing and sharing it as the holy anointing and fire baptism of my salvation. (The plant of renown, for the healing of all nations.)

The Judge then slanders me and my peers by telling me I can’t make sure they are my peers on the jury panel, and even then jests in the court calling my peers “Potheads” as though they have no emotional drive nor compassion to love or know justice nor God.

I pray that my Court find it’s repentence and recognize they are not just in their ways. That they have denied their God in the temple that I reside in and that they will be held accountable for every temple of God they have whored into their prison system for choosing to accept the marriage supper of the Lord that I have shared as I have walked and called people unto the way of my anointing reception; As “The Anointed”.

How long will I be suffered to know that I’ve been whored unto Babylon in the new creation name of my God, unable to receive my people because they cannot accept the humble vagabond of their own creation.

They would rather that I be the “Grandioso Delusion” of some grand imagination, then to know their God has come again!

And have to humble themselves unto me..

Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2 , Rev 3:12)

I come in my Gods new creation name, not for my people or for my nation but because my God wills to stand in my place and speak unto all of creation.


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