On Account of Cannabis; A Christian Charge To the GAP!

On Account of Cannabis,  A Christian Charge To the GAP!

by: Keshet Yashua Israel
I, Jerry Michael Cofer am a regeneration of the resurrection of the living Christ.  I have been growing as a child of God and evolving as a nations baby of the Lord brought up by the Rainbow Family of Living Light, as well as the psychological and legal constructs of the world that I have been living in since 1994 when I was regenerated unto this new creation vessel of mine.
I have come and gone many times from this evolution of time and I have been transported back to continue to build in and thru my presence the Entheogenic Reformation Church of God.  A Church which I pray I may be allowed to reveal unto my people by my first being allowed to secure the religious rights which protects our church members from persecution for our religiously possessing and consecrating ourselves with the entheogenic sacraments that are adopted through the council of our God.
I, Jerry Michael Cofer having evolved through my Gods choosing has become Keshet Yashua Israel after all the years of Gathering the Tribes. This name has come to be Our Gods new creation name as He has walked in me since 1994, living and moving and having His being in me the Gentile adopted and shown unto Israel in 1999.
After many years of vagabonding from church to church, gathering to gathering and library to law library as well as other festivals and gatherings I have come to clearwater florida to get read for the building of my Gods church; The Entheogenic Reformation Church in St. Petersburg Florida.
Let me tell you first thing. I am not a “Pot Head”!  Sure, I have inhaled and I know the unction of my God and when and where it is my Gods unction to choose to partake with Him in the comforting anointing of our God’s entheogenic substance.  I am a person though, and this should be much more important than what our Government is making us into by taking and arresting us for possessing something God has given us to glorify His son with.
This is the PERFECT example of a Civil Rights violation against every entheogenist in the world today!  Yes, Every Entheogenist in the world right now is by our Laws and our Law enforcement officers and criminal justice pursuiants criminally violating our citizens rights daily for possessing a substance that is God given and therefore a religious substance.
God doesn’t give us anything that isn’t religious.  sure All things are to be available to us, but not all things are beneficial.  Well, in the United States right now, not all things are available to us (evidence were not a christian nation) and what God has called Holy is being abominated while the vessels our God has called to be Holy, are being desecrated by their being thrown into jail for accepting our Gods marriage supper anointing.
I have come to free the captives and to share the plant of renown for the healing of all nations, through my marriage supper invite to the Kaneh bosm tree of Exodus 30:23. (Cannabis)
I pray for the right of my members to have the tree of life and I have written the governor to ask for the lenacy to build my Church based upon this being my calling.
I pray that every person who proclaims to know and do the will of the Christ, that they take notice of my Church for I have come not to lay it down in a prison forever, but to shine as bright as my God may be accepted in the new name of our Creation; Keshet Yashua Israel
And to do this as an Entheogenist who recognizes the need for a centralized faith and government in the building of a Church for eternity and so I have chartered it and not wait in tears most days for an answer to these prayers but I do still call all people to recognize that Cannabis is not a harmful substance like the Government has told us it was.
That Alcohol and Tobacco are much worse drugs for the human system an the illegality of Cannabis is Greedy residue of prior administrations who were to ignorant and to unwilling to stand against the bogus claims that were being created by Harry Anslinger and all his goonies including Nixon!
Shaffer Commission
Our Country because of this disobedience to God, has become corrupted more and more thru the years giving head to the Federal Reserve system, the Rise of huge Pharmacy Corps and Medical Mafia as well as the eventual scams that have made our country into the economic collapse that it is today.
Yes, I believe if we would have kept Hemp and Cannabis legal, our world would be a much different and much better place already, and I hope that by our repentance for having left this substance out for so long, we will finally take recognition of the religious, medicinal and psychological values of this entheogen and start protecting our people in their rights to use them in these ways.
I pray other people may not hate me for standing in the gap as a christian for these people who have been wholly oppressed for far too long!  I as a Christian born of God in 1994 do stand full heartedly in His new creation name as I pledge my allegiance to my God and His people; in the hopes of being allowed the comfort of our God which one can only find in the holy cannabis tree.
Anyone wishing to discuss this please find me on Face book and message me!

Or email me at  IamJehovah@yahoo.com

Sincerely,                            Jerry Michael Cofer

AKA: Keshet Yashua Israel  (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)



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