The Consumption

I am being consumed

My time is slipping away

My life is not mine

I am dead to the world

God is alive and suffering in me

My people leave my way

They mock me and shun me for my loving my God and the comfort of His anointing supper

I have wished to die for years now

but my God is willing to suffer to speak against the evil that hates me so much

But my people won’t hear me

They would rather I died and quit talking

My Country is the enemy of God by their hatred of me and my Gods anointing marriage

I pray that God relieve me from their anger and their hurt, caused by their denial of my Gods anointing

I wish I could find love and employement, but my God is hated in me for my acceptence of His anointing in strength and confidence

I am become the enemy of my people, for my love of God

and I can’t even get my people to hate me enough to help me escape this hell they have found me in

Please God.  Kill my soul that i may be free from the hell that exists between me and those I love

or Save me from this hell wherein you sent me unto after dieing upon the cross of my redemption path

Yes.. please!! Let me be quickly suffered to death, or be freed to act as according your religious fervor and function without being torn apart for what obedience I choose.

Save me your son.. Keshet Yashua Israel


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