State Denies God’s Right

shalom and Namaste!
I am Keshet Yashua Israel, I have received this name as one born of God and adopted in as the Gentile adoption of God. My God is my life and I am His vessel. In this incarnation of my God, I have found that God is willing to entheogenically adopt into His temple, certain entheogenic substances that my God exalts unto us by drawing them unto His temple bodies and consecrating them over unto Him through their sacred possession and use.
I have written the Governor of the State after being arrested and tried Illegally in the courts of Florida.  They found me guilty twice of things I have not done and I have spent over 2 years in jails here in the State of Florida for carrying out my Gods will.
I have written the Governor begging for my God to be allowed the Rights that the Constitution of Florida has given me for a religious defense as well as for the security of my possessions and for my sovereign right to put what my God wills into my Gods temple.  The state has refused to see that this is an issue that the State has any accountability for, yet when I carry out my Gods will they psychologically seek to deny me my Gods influence and will, by declaring I must have my own free will and be convicted of it!   My God denies me my will, and I do not seek my own will but my Gods and pray that my God carry out my life that no man may have power over it, especially my own will which did die with Christ upon the Cross.
The entheogen of Cannabis was used as an ingredient in the original anointing oil (Kaneh Bosm – Exodus 30:23) and as I have been brought back into this world in the new creation name of my God (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12) I have called upon my State which exists by my authority (being one with God) to quit fighting against the oaths that every acting member of the state must take to be a participating member in the State government, by allowing me and those within the self-governing organ of my Church; The Entheogenic Reformation Church to be protected by default of the Constitution and my religious rights not as a by product of my having to be arrested in my Gods development of His Church!
I pray that people will take recognition of the Fight I have against any state that denies anyone their religious dignity and freedom to inact their Gods will, wherein it does not harm any other and those who volunteer for the acceptance of their Gods sacrament who know the health risks and yet still wish to fullfill their Gods unction and witness; by their acceptence.
I pray all mankind come to know this name that I give as a soldier and child of my God standing in His new creation name; Keshet Yashua Israel (Isaiah 62:2, Rev 3:12)
I standing in this name, am my Gods unction sent to the tribes of Israel and into this nation to proclaim freedom for those taken captive for accepting the unction of our God in their acceptance of Cannabis or any other known entheogen that God has given or created thru the confidences of His people!
Those who want to call a war against God’s people by declaring a War against Drugs must surrender their will and their lives over unto God immediately or be damned for what injustices they further by it’s continuance!
In the new name of our Lord and God,   Keshet Yashua Israel
It’s is my Gods authority; which I am!  God damn those who defy the Lord our God by denying me my religious right to protect my Church and it’s members in this “In God we Trust” State as they accept the marriage supper I invite them too!

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