An Invitation to Full Disclosure

Shalom and Namaste!

I’m Keshet Yashua Israel.  Yeah.. WOW!!  What a Vain Name to have huh?  Well.. I’ve walked into this name since 1994 by the power and will of the Lord my God, which is the year I was born of God unto this new creation vessel and I have vagabonded for 14 years across America going from Church to Church, Library to Law Library, Rainbow Gathering to Gathering and from Concerts to Festivals inviting everyone that my God has drawn, to Re-gather with the 12 tribes of Israel at the Gathering of the Tribes and I have invited people to the marriage supper of the Lord.

“He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him.He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him. Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God — children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.” –John 1:10-13

“See, my servant will act wisely;
he will be raised and lifted up and highly exalted.
Just as there were many who were appalled at him —
his appearance was so disfigured beyond that of any man
and his form marred beyond human likeness—

so will he sprinkle many nations,
and kings will shut their mouths because of him.
For what they were not told, they will see,
and what they have not heard, they will understand.”  – Isaiah 52:13-15

I pray in the name my God has raised me in since the day of my resurrection.
I hold no regard for sin nor for the unrepentant sinner!  I have been fully filled by the Lord our God and I no longer walk in the way of the world but as the Way which my God wills.

In all my travels since I came back unto this world in 1994, I have shared with people the anointing plant sacraments of our God and I have traveled all over America, into Canada and Mexico.  I did spend most of all my time alone with my God learning from the spirit of the Lord our God through all the travails of my life since I was born again.

I don’t have anything to hide from anyone. I am an asexual creation of the Lord our God and as one fasting from the world I have found fasting from sexuality to be the greatest of my prayers against the evils of this world.  Being brought unto control by Christ Jesus I have been married unto the Lord our God through my acceptance of certain entheogens while in obedience to my God’s plan of redemption. For this, my God has sought to draw me unto the making of a new church called The Entheogenic Reformation Church.

I Chartered this Church back in 2000, the year I was ordained through the Universal Life Church and for about 5 years me and few elect met through Yahoo Groups as Church members.  I ended up hitting the road again after that and I lost contact with some of them but I have regrouped and redrafted the Charter and still seek to persist in my Gods will to build up this new creation Church.

In 2008, in the State of Florida (The “In God We Trust” State), I incorporated the Church with 4 other members and with about 10 other local members we began to meet in person for the first time.  We held council about 5 different times and we began a couple community services in the area of Clearwater Florida.  Feeding the Homeless and Cleaning up streets, as well as telling police officer’s about the religious use of Cannabis as a sacrament and letting them in on other agencies that seek to defend the constitution from their illegal arrests of Sovereign people under God who choose to put it into their bodies as according to their own pursuits of happiness, as well as turning them to Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (L.E.A.P.), hoping they take the LEAP of faith to uphold their oaths!

In 2009, the Clearwater Police Task Force initiated an infiltration of the Entheogenic Reformation Church by sending one of their members to join my Church so as to receive the anointing of God.  My neighbor had told me that she knew someone at work that wanted to get an ounce from me, but I told my neighbor I don’t sell Cannabis, I only carry the cost to my Church members.  And I explained to her that Cannabis is the Tree of Life from the Garden that was given to us to glorify and to be glorified by, God.

She asked how someone could become a member of my Church and I told her that each member had to sincerely believe that Cannabis was the original anointing of our God and that it is a sacred religious substance as the marriage sacrament of our Lord used as the meat (Herb: Genesis 1:29) of His marriage supper.

Well, about a week went by and she came to me again and said, the guy from work says he totally believes that it’s the anointing of God from Exodus and said he would join your church!

Well, I asked where she knew the guy from and she said from work. I know she works at The Natures Food Patch in Clearwater and I know there are a lot of vegan’s and vegetarians that are really spiritual people so I assumed she was telling me the Truth and so I invited her to bring him by after I finished my membership classes.

A couple more days went by and I was almost done with my membership classes when she asked again telling me he didn’t have anywhere to receive the sacrament and that he was in dire straits for it.  I being of a compassionate nature know the ills of this earth and the depressions that come with living in our society heard this man was hurting and so I told my neighbor to call him and tell him to come over, but that I needed to hear from his own mouth that he believed this was the anointing of God before I carried the cost to him.  She said okay and called him over.

Well, he came over and I went to meet him at my neighbors in their back room.  I walked in and I asked the officer (unknowingly) do you believe Cannabis is the anointing of God from the book of Exodus?   He said.. totally!!  I have believed for a long time and still do.  Upon hearing this I gave him the anointing he asked for and he received it with thanks giving, providing the cost; “In God we Trust”.

I told this man that I had membership classes that he would have to take them all as soon as they were done if he wanted to continue to receive the anointing of God from me.  He promised he would and again thanked me and left.

Another week or so went by and He called me again hoping to receive the anointing from me.  I explained that I was like 2 days out from finishing the classes and reminded him he need to take these classes and I in fact told him I had one of those done already.  He said no problem and he came over again to receive the anointing sacrament from my as the Chairman of his church.  I provided “At Cost” of the Church and he again thanked me.

Well another couple weeks went by and I had finally finished the membership classes and the officer called me again.  I was sitting with an ambassador of an Indian Reservation from Arizona in my living room when someone knocked on the door. I said come in expecting the new church member, but it was 3 officers with masks on telling me they had a warrant for my arrest.

I was charged with distribution of Cannabis to a police officer on two occasions and 3 occasions of possession.
I asked my Public Defender to defend my religious rights as a priest and minister of God. He said “NO! I will not do that! Because it was tried already in the Supreme Court of Florida and it didn’t go!”  I cried in the court house seeing my nation was denying me my Civil Rights.

My Public Defender quit my case and another Public Defender came to me and I asked him to defend my religious rights by filing immediately a Habeaus Corpus, being I was placed under arrest for doing exactly what my Articles of Incorporation told the State i would be doing, out of the place I would be doing it as the chairman of the Entheogenic Reformation Church.  My Public Defender said he would not file it, because he knew the judge and that he would be laughed out of the Court room. I demanded he do it and he said he would not, claiming he had to work there even when I’m not there and that he would loose status with the Judge if he filed it.

Well, I had a Public Defender before who simply not liking me, caused me to receive 9 months more than I should have had to by his telling the Judge he thought I had mental problems that I shouldn’t be allowed to Go pro se, when I was trying to fire him.  Because of this I was fearful that if I said anything to this new Public defender that I again would be screwed and placed into jail for longer.  So I was coerced by my own Public Defender to accept a plea bargain even having to sign a piece of paper saying I was not being coerced! This is the nature of our Criminal Justice System.

Well, I spent 7 months in jail for running my Church and while in there I preached to all the captives about the anointing of God making brochures and explaining the relationship of cannabis, religion and the Constitution to everyone, inmates and incoming ministers alike. Once I even had to stand up against one of the incoming ministers of God who was trying to proclaim Cannabis was an evil substance and that taking it was a violation of Gods will.
Standing up against that false prophet many people in jail started to come to me and they named me, “Pastor Pot”.

I made brochures by hand and passed them around giving out my website to everyone (
I have continued since I got out to build my Church as my God has directed me to in the same monastic house I have lived in now for 7 years minus those 7 months; “Little Israel” in Clearwater Florida hoping for the rise of my Church Creed to cause a revival upon this nation and those who seek to know the Lord in the new creation name that I come in with the plant of renown for the healing of all the nations.  I have sought and tried to draw more members to the Church as sleepers until we have a letter of assurance from the Governor of Florida, stating that no police officer’s will seek to arrest, persecute or violate the civil rights of my Church members for simply seeking to uphold the Church Charter, Creed and By laws which we hold together as religious people called “Entheogenists”.

I have sent a request to the Governor “Charlie Crist” and I have received some responses from his constituents claiming they don’t hold jurisdiction over how we as a Church rule our members.  I responded to that letter also and now await the Governor’s answer.

In the mean time, I do still gather the tribes to meet with me as a priest to share with me the spiritual words that can help us as a church to evolve our dialect with those members of the state and society who choose to simply ignore the fact that we have the right to partake in our religious sacraments without hindrance from any Government!

I invite people still to do this and extend this invite to you (The reader) that you may help us be recognized as sincere members of our God and body in The Entheogenic Reformation Church.  I am almost done with the Classes that were lost when I went to jail, being my laptop and computer was stolen while I was in and I lost all the classes I had already created along with an 1100 page book I wrote called, “The vanity of God: our lost prodigal King”.

I hope to write books and poems still and to fight for the rights of our civil church assembly to be allowed all the rights of an established church and the sovereignty that each member holds over their God’s temple body and to invite all to gather with the Gathering of the Tribes wherein they can and to share the anointing sacrament cannabis and those other entheogens that we as Entheogenists have accepted as sovereign vehicles of our God.

If you are interested in hearing more about this church, I pray that you look into these following documents which have founded our Church and join our FACEBOOK GROUP:

1. The Charter
2. Articles of Incorp. (2008)
3. The Entheogenic Process
4. The Alchemical Marriage Supper
5. The Embassy
6. Letter of Assurance
7. Church Thread to Governor
8. On Account of Cannabis
9. Creation Process of The ERC
10.Membership Affirmation


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