The Court of Sovereign Right

It’s obvious to me that when the Highest Courts of our Government are corrupt that I can’t expect much out of their citizens neither..  So is the reason that revolution must start with the “Out-lawed” who are Gods righteous and just..

How do we change the law, when those who are taken into arrest for the laws we want to change, actually carry the penalty of not being able to vote anymore..??

This is how it is in Florida law.. those arrested for felony possession of cannabis are not allowed to vote to change the laws.. constantly creating a system wherein they are purging their political arena’s of specific political involvements before the vote is counted.. eventually setting the stage that the elected are elected only by those who don’t accept the Lords marriage supper invite, in the entheogenic process of the Tree of life.

Those same people are persecuted and spiritually violated for carrying and sharing their sacrament with those who ask for it by name, denying us employment while forcing their way into our own alms closet to discover what we have done with our God in our own privacy.

Under the guise of our representing, “In God we Trust”, the only way we share our Gods sacramental medicine is through the shared economy of our own agreements in Christ.(Where does the IRS come into a Religious economy which is tax exempt?  And can we religious profess our sacrament without being indicted on criminal charges for possessing and sharing the sacrament as according to our Gods own unction, without having our fifth amendment denied us and we become incriminated for professing our religious faith through the exercises of our Gods own invite and acceptance?
See.. to me.. having “In God we Trust” on the dollar bill, makes sharing the money that we hold up to God..a religious exercise!.. So.. how can I be held accountable as though I’m a drug dealer.. if what I do is the will of God? Has anyone ever thought that maybe it is the Government that is truly against God, and who is simply exploiting “God” by adding a reference to God while yet not allowing God to use the money for Gods religious purposes?  Are not the federal reserve to be held accountable to God being they can either be only for or against God; while yet they are playing both sides by their profession of “In God we Trust”.

I pray God you make a way for us (Florida + the Rest) that we may not be contained by fears created by our legislation and the militant enforcements they evolve, I pray that our Cognitive freedom and liberty are recognized and upheld as the most integral principalities of our lives.
We must defend ourselves from having our Cognitive Freedoms and rights denied us in our Sovereign intellectual properties (Our own temple selves), our cognitively functioning minds as we enhance and evolve in them through our obedient acceptance of our Gods holy entheogenic sacraments.

I pray that we may be free to be employed as entheogenists and not denied simply for our choosing to be obedient unto our God’s own conscience leading our lives.

As legitimate entheogenists we are  being constantly caught up in the drug war as though we are somehow “criminal militants” for being obedient to our God by our choosing a much less harmful substance then alcohol or tobacco to praise our God with; slandering You Father God! Slandering your Sovereign will, living within us who accept your willingness to exercise your religious fervor and faith by our acceptance of entheogens; which our own self governing Church organ has adopted within our by-laws, goals and mission objectives as an established faith by confession of multiple members who have agreed upon Our Charter.

Where two or three are gathered in my name and agree.. it is!  So.. if I and Jake and Sarah get together and we all agree that a quarter ounce of cannabis is X amount.. then trade green energies in that trust (God’s) then why are we considered Criminal? I still don’t get the true reason for this total misuse of our legal enforcement agencies by our Prosecutors to destroy free enterprise while also arresting people who are simply trying to use either their sacrament or the only medicine they have found they need for whatever ails they carry.

blah.. blah..blah…. blah..blah.. lol 🙂  anyways.. Jah Love..

I just needed to rant a bit more .. I guess.. I’m so heart sick from being in my own country a lover of God who has been slandered unto the reputation of a criminal..   I can no longer pray forgiveness for the ignorant.. I pray strength to those who are educators of freedom, truth and victory in Christ Jesus.

In fact, I no longer seek for their repentence, I seek for our Gods wrath to draw them unto their death that those who have accepted the Truth and who have accepted their lives as given unto God, may have a secure place upon this earth wherein no provision is provided that they may continue to sin.


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